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Driving without a licence

Oct 12, 2011
i got out my car outside my home and a police car roared up to me from nowhere.the policeman saked me if my name was douglas seddon , i said yes.he then asked me to get in the back of the car , i did .
he said to me do you only have a provisional license, i said yes , he said we have had information that you have been driving around on one .
he then had my car removed to a compound and said i would have to pay £150 to have it back outside my home the next day which didnt make sense to take it then me pay that amount to put it back in the same spot.
my point is why did they not call to my home as soon as they got the information and warn me not to drive the car on a provisional. it seemed to me he waited for me to commit the offence as it now goes to court. is there a way of finding out when they received the information on me and if they should of called on me prompt and warned me rether than waiting for me to commit the offence. its like saying i know that mans got a knife so lets wait till he uses it rather than prevent it.
Mar 7, 2011
driving otherwise in accordance with a licence
Your road traffic offence question: hi, im having great difficultly getting any support with a situation im in, im due to go on trial in court on the xth for the above offence. i passed my test in x but was wrongly accused of not having insurance in 2000. i live in london but was unable to attend court in x, and was never made aware that the case proceeded in my absence. it wasn't until sometime in 2005/06 that i was stopped by police and this came to light, i attended court with all my documents. licence and insurance (inc) which covered me for the x period i was wrongly accused of. the court at the time found me innocent of driving while on a revoked licence, but i have been having great difficulty getting the dvla to talk to me regarding the matter, the keep telling me the record says revoked and thats that. to make it worst x magestrates court say they have no record of their involvement so im not sure how else this could have accured.
Feb 10, 2011
Hi i was caught speeding in a 30mph dual carriageway. i didnt have my licence at the time and received a fixed penalty notice. i was asked to surrender my licence to police station within 7 days. i did same night of the offence, i had my international permit, international licence and provisional which i have had for a few years. the officer at the station took the provisional, confirmed i wasnt being supervised and explained that i am being cautioned for that. he filled the form in said he will send it off, pay the fine, nothing may or may not come of the licence bit but i need to sort it out. im worried that they may overturn the fixed penalty notcie and i may be summoned to court.
Nov 30, 2010
hi i am an hgv lorry driver and have recently been in hospital with blood clot on lung now on warfarin and been told that not suppose to drive and could cancell my insurance if have accident not at work at moment but would like to clear this up many thanks
Nov 1, 2010
Your road traffic offence question: On x/2010 I was stopped for the alleged offence. But I had a valid International Licence for 12 months issued in x in x 2010 and also
a UK provisional Licence issued in 1999. My husband who holds a valid uk Licence was sitting next to me in the front passenger seat. My son and my daughter were sitting in the back seat. I was stopped because the police did not have the registered keepers details as the company I bought my car from did not send it to the DVLA. Admittedly I did not have an L plate displayed. But I was driving on my international licence.
The police slip given to me shows I was alone and not supervised, yet my husband , a qualified driver ( 7 years clean licence) was with me together with my two grown up children. I produced my papers at x Police Station on Monday morning, I was told that no consideration will be given to my International Licence and only my provisional licence will be taken into account and that both myself and my husband may be prosecuted. Please advise where me and my husband stand with regard to this alleged offence and of the way forward.
Oct 22, 2010
Alleged Offence: driving with provisional and no insurance
Your road traffic offence question: my insuarnce was due for renewal on the 26th , i got letter on the 10th stating i had not renewed i called them up to renew, they said i had to speak with collections first as i had an old debt on a caravan policy , i set up a standing order for this nand they said i could noe go back to renewals to renew , however when i spoke to renewals they stated collections hadnt put a note on the file and they had to speak to renewals before they could renew, i stated i couldnt hold on any longer and that everthing was ok with collections and i definatley wanted to renew , they said ok they would sort it and give me a call back ,i never got a call back so presumed everything was sorted as i have been with the same company for a few years and my policy renews automatically , however i got stopped on the 28th for no insurance on our car , i phoned the insurance company the next morning and they stated because they never spoke to me after they went back to renewals ( they said they called but coudnt leave a message.) they didnt renew it ? i complained etc butr they would not backdate stating they said they would call me back ? they also had 14 day from the 10th wen i called them to the 26th to send me a letter which they admit they didnt and they never tried to contact me except the once they rekon they got no answer and didnt leave a message.i was stupid and drove just around the corner without a supervisor driver , it was a spur of the moment thing to drop something off.
Oct 4, 2010
I have paid for all the conviction fines for the above offences. I have served a 2 year ban, which has now finished.
I have been directed by the DVLA to fill in a form and send a fee to acquire my license back.
My first thought was that I have already paid for my license and that I should not have to repay. They have responded in saying that they need to reprint the card with the offences printed on. I strongly disagree that I should have to pay the DVLA a fee when I have already fully paid the fines occurred for my convictions. This information was not clear to me at the time.
I am wondering where someone would legally in my position if they were to drive again. They have no active ban but have passed their license. Does a person HAVE to have a card or paper license in their possession. I am sure you would agree that a person could easily lose their licence in the morning and be pulled over for an incident or a routine check later in the day. What would happen to this person?

It was made very clear to me that I could not drive until my ban was over. Even if I applied for my license before the ban ended. It was not made clear if I could drive once the ban was over, even without a piece of paper to say that I have passed and hold a full UK driving license.

My girlfriend recently moved house and had to have her driving license re-printed with the new address on for less then £30. The DVLA over the phone have asked for £65. I have this phone conversation recorded. Are the DVLA right to do this?

Any help or clarification in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
Oct 1, 2010
Your road traffic offence question: GOOD AFTERNOON
Aug 27, 2010
Good afternoon to you,i was given your emial to write my complain and i get a response back.....I was pulled over by the police last week for not waiting on the line looking rightbut to be very fair,he hadnt gotten to te junction but never the less,he inpounded my car that day because he claimed i didnt have a valid licence to drive,i tendered my international drivers licence thats valid for 12months and its only about 6months old,says because i have a provisional drivers licence,my international licence becomes invalid once i have applied for a provisional licence but i told him i have found this in the law and before i begun to drive on the road that with an international driver licence,you are allowed to drive on the uk roads for 12months in which in between,you can apply for a provisional and full before thetime perios of 12months if you wish to continue to drive after the 12months expiry of the internationall drivers licence......my car was taken
off me and i got it out now but since then been restricted and use of public transport when i got a car......it has cause me so much inconviniences but decided to take the test in regardless but today decided to call dvlla to ask if i was really wrong and i hadtwo different correspondantss from the office stating to me that i am on the right side of the law and to call the police station to tell them this but though i should get advice fisrt before doing this,can i sue?because he was wrong and he used the law against me wh3en i actually told him what i saw in the law and he proved to me that i was wrong and impounded my car...i have paid the fee and released my car,would my money be refundable now that the police was wrong in taking my car off me saying i had an invalid licence and with my provisional licence,i didnt put an L plate and a full licence holder in the passengers seat...i have found out today that i was right and he was on the wrong side of
the law...i tried to ring them but the person i was suppose to speak to wasnt on sit.do i ring the police station and tell them this?can i be refunded,can i have a case?please advice me on what to do....thanks alot
Aug 24, 2010
Your road traffic offence question: Hi,
This may sound a bit vague.
My brother was stopped by the police yesterday, no particular reason, but when they checked his details, he wasn't registered with dvla as having a valid uk license. He has admitted to me that he did get a twelve month ban about two years ago but he didn't apply for his license back, he's now been given a seven day ticket to produce his license, any advice would be much appreciated. thanks in advance,
Aug 3, 2010
Alleged Offence: driving not in accordance with licence
Your road traffic offence question: i recieved a summon 4d abov offence. but it was not an intentional act, i drove cos of my partners and babies health. although i have pleaded guilty by post, am still awaiting decision.is there any way the matter can be resovled out of court.
Jul 19, 2010
On Saturday x in my home town x, I was caught speeding at 41mph in a 30 mph road by a police officer using a speed gun. I accepted the fine of £60.00 and the 3 points. The officer asked me if I had any offences and I replied I was banned in x for three years for being over the drink drive limit. He asked me for my licence and I explained I didn't have it on me, as I just decided to go out to the museum on a whim. I have sciatica and rarely drive nowadays. I've also been off work for 12 months. He asked me to produce my licence within 7 days to my local police station and I thought nothing of it.
It was only when I got home and told my wife the story that I realised my offence was more serious, as I have never had my licence returned. I applied for one online in x, mainly for ID purposes, but haven't yet filled out the form, as in my ignorance, I never attached much importance to the matter. Now I'm petrified of the outcome. I'm planning to visit the police station on Wednesday to explain my stupidity.
I hope you can advise me on my best course of action.
Jul 16, 2010
I had jus parked my car in front on my house on the road. Then a police car was coming from the opposite direction then suddenly stopped and he came over to where I was standing, he asked the type driving licence, I told him I had a provisional driving licence and previously had a foreign driving licence. I am a registered keeper, the car has MOT and comprehensive insurance cover which he confirmed with the Police HQ database. He asked me to show the drivers licence which I did. He then told that he was impounding my car because I was using a provisional licence and did not display the ''L'' plates Which I normally, and that I should go to the police station with my licence and insurance and pay £150 to the motor vehicle removal company for me to get the card back.
What I do not understand is why he took the car away when :
1. I had parked the vehicle in front of my house, I was away from home.

2. He checked the all the necessary information about the car.
I think this is day light robbery by the Police for them to take the car away and then ask me to pay £150, even after I agreed to pay a fixed paenalty for not displaying the 'L' plate.
My question is was the police officer in order to impound my car just because I am a provisional Drivers licence holder and did not display the 'L' plate ?
Jul 14, 2010
riding a motorbike with too much power
Your road traffic offence question: just a question about riding a motorbike with insurance and L plates without a full liscence but will soon take the test and the bike is a higher power than 125cc engine?
what is the law on a higher power bike been used?
Jul 13, 2010
I was issued with a Fixed penalty notice (endorsable) for driving without insurance.
When I went to surrender my licence (paper and photo) at my local police station, I was told
that my licence had expired. Until then I wasn't aware of this, I thought that once I passed my test, that was it.
The PC kept my licence but suggested I pay the no insuarnce fixed penalty notice and wait for a separte summons for
driving with an expired licence.
My questions are:
1. Can I pay the no insurance fixed penatly notice as the PC suggested?
2. Does the driving with an expired licence summons offer the chance to pay it as a fixed penalty notice without going to court?
Jul 6, 2010
I was stopped by a wpc, (she said for speeding 33 in a 30)I am a provisional driver
she gave me a yellow slip ( producer) which said I was unaccompanied but I was not unaccompanied.
In her statement to the court she says that "the passenger was niether over 21 not held a full licence so was not a suitable supervisor" Yet she never spoke to the passenger, she has no idea who he was ,how old or whether he held a licence or not and her producer says there was no passenger. She wrote down everything in her notebook but will have no note of speaking to the passenger
She is being completely inconsistent It is true that I did not have L plates ( iforgot to put them on) I do not want to have to plead guilty can you advise as to what is the best thing to do
Jul 6, 2010
i, i was stopped last month as a random stop by the police and he done the normal police checks and then he informed me that i had no valid license as it had been revoked last year due to me being charged for driving without insurance which i knew nothing about either no license or insurance. in 2008 December i was given 3 points for stopping in a pelican controlled area then i was informed the system said i had no insurance so i was told to produce in 7 days, i went and said to my knowledge i was insured my mom and dad paid it for me and to my knowledge i was informed, i was told by person on reception if the case was to be taken forward you will be informed, i never heard nothing i moved out of my then house in july 2009 and still hadnt received and correspondence of anybody from police or court, i was then stopped in june 2010 and told by the police officer the system shows u have no license as it had been revoked due to me being charged for driving without insurance which i was charged with 6 points which meant under the new drivers act my license had been revoked, i knew nothing of any of this. so i have been charged for driving without a license even though i knew nothing about it. i have received a summons to go to court over this matter can you help me?
Jun 28, 2010
hello there, i was told to email you to get a rough idea on what could happen with my court case?
it is a road traffic offense.
my offenses were:
riding without L plates.
riding without rear number plate.
riding without insurance.
and there was one other but i have sent of the papaer work so i do not have to go to court, althou im not sure that was a good idea?
anyway i would love a reply, please give me the best and worse news.
thank you very much
Jun 25, 2010
I was convicted of a D/D offence about 13 years ago. I recieved a 1 year ban and 100 pound fine. Close to when the ban was up had letter from DVLA inviting me to apply to get my Licence back after taking a medical. Never took them up on the offer and never replied to them. So i havent driven for a number of years. A couple of years beforehand i was driving with a friend in Glasgow and was stopped driving a hire car in the early hours in the morning. Usual roadside check with a car search. Upon which 2 grams of cannabis was found. On giving my details to the Police, the month of my date of birth didnt match what they had, so to avoid charge i agreed what they had was mine. So far fine. Released on on my way with a HORT1 to produce in 7 days. Problem was the DOB of my bonifide licence didnt match with what was on the HORT1, so after consideration about charges from drugs and possible I.D i sent my Licence off to DVLA stating it had the wrong DOB. To my amazement they actually changed it and i had it back with in 10 days and produced the stuff for HORT1 and that was that. So how do i go about sorting this out and getting a Licence back.
Jun 16, 2010
Jun 2, 2010
I had an accident in december and at the time i had sent my licence off to be updated with marital stauts / change of address.
THe licence came back provisional!!! I have held a full uk licence since april 1990. But now have a court summons - what can I do when DVLA have apparently downgraded me to provisional?
Urgent help required
Kind regards
May 25, 2010
i was pulled over by a marked traffic officer for a random spot check. while being questioned one officer looked over the car. the car was insured and taxed in my name and i was the owner of the vehicle. when the officer radio'd in to check my liecence it came back mine had been revoked in 2006 due to the dvla not receiving paper work to issue me with points back in 2006.
my car was then impounded.
the next day i went to the dvla and they explained that i would need to fill out a form and a new liecence would be issued (without having to resit a test etc).
i now wish to know how do i plead in this case as i thought i had a full uk liecence.
thanks in advance
May 25, 2010
Hi there, I was caught driving without 'L' plates, which I accept, when I was pulled over. However, the officer filled in a form which stated that I was also driving unsupervised which is false, I was being supervised by a driver who has held a full licence for over 10 years.Rather stupidly I did not check this,and signed it.
How do I challenge this unsupervised charge, and what penalties am I facing, really worried, hoping to take some driving lessons, and don't want anything on my criminal record, I'm a medical student, and really don't want this to hurt my chances.
Advice is much appreciated.
May 6, 2010
my mother turned 70 last July and we know that she had the form to fill in to get her licence reviewed but we realised recently that she might not have completed the application...
if not and she rectifies this now, what would the potential consequences be of the DVLA discovering she has been driving without a licence for 9 months?
Apr 23, 2010
Can you tell me what the fines/Endorsements will be for Driving under age,without a licence. And also with an adult in the car who has a full driving licence and insurance for the car involved, and does the youth need legal representation when interviewed by the police
Mar 9, 2010
What would happen if i only had my module 1 motorbike test and not yet done module 2 and was caught riding the bike?
Mar 8, 2010

Hello, I was pulled over by the police for driving on a revoked licencse and when he checked my insurance cover there was some convictionsthat i didnt declare to the insurers. He couldnt get the full details at the time but the officer said he will get back to me wednesday and if it all is confirmed he will come to arrest me forthe offence. I am extremely worried about it as i could obiously face a jail sentence. what is the normal precdedure and what would likely happen?thank you

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