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Mar 9, 2011
hi,in x 2010 i recieved a fixed penalty notice for speeding by a traffic officer. i did not produce my lisense within seven days, in x 2011 i was given a court summons to a magistrates court and recieved 6 points by the magistrates and a £160 fine. 6 points meant that my lisense was revoked under the new drivers act. my question is that does this contitute disqualification? and a criminal offence? and will it show up on the police national computer (PNC) and my CRB.
Feb 25, 2011
A few years ago I stupidly drove without insurance on a provisional licence and got 6 points.
A few months ago I started taking driving lessons, and bought a car.
Stupidly I drove the car to work and was stopped by the police. (november 2010) He said if I passed my test before I went to court I should be ok.
I past my test on x January 2011, so I currently have a full licence with 6 points.
Today I was informed my case had been to court, and I was fined £110 and given 3 points.
I have a letter telling me to send my licence to the dvla to get the points added.
Is there any way I can get the 3 points dropped? I passed a test only a few weeks ago, and informed the court of that, and told them I made a stupid mistake, but I had put that right straight away.
It fell on death ears.
If my licence is revoked Im going to be out of a job.
Please, if you can help, I would be very greatful.
Jan 24, 2011
Driving without insurance
Your road traffic offence question: I had a BMW with insurance, which covered me to drive other peoples cars 3rd party, I then exchanged BMW for a Honda civic, but before I got round to changing over the insurance, I got stopped and had to go to court. I tried to explain to the clerk, but she just said plead guilty they will go easier on you. So I did and lost my license under new drivers act and got £270 fine... Could I have won my case, have to go back to court as did not pay fine..
Nov 15, 2010
My son passed his full motorcycle test in May 2008.
He passed his car test in January 2009.
He had 3 points in August 2006 for motorcycle offence.
Has just received 6 points in March 2010 for car offence.
Why has he had his licence revoked if he has had a full licence for over 2 years?
Oct 18, 2010
Offence: permitting the use of a vehicle (moped) to an unlicensed / uninsured person
Question: My stepson has commited the above offence however he is only 17 with a provisional licence which is already edorsed with 3 points for failure to stop at a red light. We are wondering what punishment this offence carries and how that will affect him regarding attaining his full licence as 6 points is the limit for a young driver. Will being banned from driving be a possibility as we are not sure whether to allow him to continue with driving lessons whilst his case is pending.
Sep 23, 2010
Hello I'm hoping to get quick expert advice in regards to a driving offense.. I was caught speeding, and received a summon to attend court. Went to court Wednesday of last week x, I pleaded guilty to the offense and explained to the judge that I can't survive without a license because as a support worker having a license, and a car is essential.. He assured me that I would not lose my license, and that I'm still able to drive, but I will receive 6 points on my license and pay x.. And should avoid getting anymore points for a further 3yrs, as 6 points more I would lose my license.. (they took the paper part of my license and hand me back the photo part)..
Imagine my whole world falling apart when I got this letter from dvla.. How am I suppose to support myself and my little girl without a job???? I know I messed up and done something wrong, but is it fair for me to lose everything? I've got so much outstanding loans and bills... Please, please, please, give me some advice on what to do
Sep 7, 2010
I am 29 years old and work as a x consultant, i recently (x) passed my driving test and was given a car by my boss. brand new x.
rented through x.

I currently drive about 1500 miles a week and am essential to the company i work for as it is a small companyand i am very sucsessfull.

I have recently recieved several driving offences.
Have not yet replied to any of them

first was on a A road, travelling 71 mph in a 60mph limit

second was on a A road in x 62mph inb a 50mph limit
(i genuinlly thought the limit there was 60mph)

Third was skipped a red light by accident they have issued a notice of prosecution (i am 100% sure it was amber when i passed and just changed as i passed over it..the letter does not state anything about "time in the red")

I am obviously now in a situation where i can loose my license and would like some advice please.

I have been advized so far to accept all the charges in my name

but ask for Calibration certificates and photographic evidence.

Then take it to court and let a judge decide

anything else you can suggest please do !?

If i loose my driving license i will loose my job
Jul 21, 2010
I was stopped by the police at 10am on the morning of my insurance renewal, the insurance expired at 9am, my insurance claim to have sent me a renewal notice which I have never received. I was paying my insurance on a monthly direct debit account, and as such assumed that the insurance would be renewed automatically if I did not change any of the details of the insurance, the insurance company did not renew, they say they have evidence that they sent the renewal, and that I had to respond to continue the insurance, the company DirectLine, now want nothing to do with me, I have had to pay £2500 to reinsure the vehicle, I am 19 years old and this was my first years insurance. I have had no claims and no problems, the car has been taxed. MOT, and serviced, I have had not accidents or incidients and was hoping to be able to buy a new car this year as my job gave me the opportunity to do so, but as a result of this, my job is now in jeopardy, I am now doing a different job within the company, the offer of the car has gone. I know I am guilty of the offence under the circumstances if I go to court to plead my case what are my chances of not losing my licence, not getting the 6 points confirmed?
I don't want to lose my job.
Looking for advice.
Jul 15, 2010
hi emma my name is x and im writtin to you regardin a drivin offence i hv 3 points on my licence which i got in june and 2days ago i gt caught driving using mobile and the police gave me anotha 3 point n i hv to prduce my licence for that within 28 days i havent been passed over 2years n if i get these point i wil lose my licence and because im related to drivin job i will loose my job ive got 3kids and it will be very hard 4 me to survive as im oready in debit is there anychance i can pay fine and dnt get points or some othaway the only prove police has is my bill and if i pleed guilty can i still apeal to them to not to put points on my licence and can you tell me how much will this cost
Jul 15, 2010
I have a provisional license on which I have 6 points for driving uninsured. The points expire x 2011 but I am due to take my practical drving test in August '10. I have been told that if I pass then or before x'11, I will loose my license because I have the 6 points, and have to re take my theory and practical again! Is this true?? Thank you for your help.
Jul 6, 2010
i was taking my friends car into work (i am a macanic) and instead of going straight to work which i wouuld have been covered by work insurance i parked up for a short time i got done for no seat belt but paid the fine it was only a very short distance i had traveled how ever i had not passed my test 2 years at the time but have now i need my licence for work and regreat the situation what can i do to avoid having to retake my test i have over come dislexic and problems that come with it and quolified as a macanic in under 3 years so my job is important to me as is my licence please help
Jul 2, 2010
I had been given a courtesy car from the garage as my car was being fixed. I took my sister down to a road which I thought was private (The police told me it wasn't) she drove the car for no more than 20 yards and the police came by and took the car off me, charged both me and my sister for offences to do with no insurance, having no L plates, driving without a licence. Although I accept these charges, I feel I didn't set out to break them. I didn't think we where on public road and I simply didn't think about insurance and how long I'd been driving. it was a spur of the moment thing that lasted no more than 30 seconds and I have never regretted anything more! I have no previous convictions with driving or anything else for that matter and feel the punishment of revoking my licence is very extreme as I need my car to travel to and from work. Is there anyway I can keep my licence? should my sister still continue her lessons and tests? To top it all off I've just recently applied for the police, my S.E.T exam papers are on the x. is there any point of doing them now?
This all could not have happened at a worse time, I am £-1000 into my overdraft as my car cost £900 to fix. I had no car for 5 weeks! and the day before I got it back this all happened. I accept the charges but still plead I did not set out to break them, I got a little to excited and didn't think of the consequences.
How many points have you got on your licence from the last 3 years: No
How long have you been driving: 31/07/2009 (11 months)
Jun 25, 2010
I was summonsed to court for this offfence i could not attend due to health , i called court you inform of this , but the case was heard in my absence and i was imposed with 3 penalty points. this is because i was driving whilst my licence was revoked under new drivers act which i was unaware of . i though i only had 3 penalty points for a fixed penalty speeding ticket. but after being informed by police that my licence is revoked i enquired as to why to dvla and relevant courts it appears they did not receive my fixed penalty reply and a case was heard and i was imosed with 6 points causing my licence to be revoked. i was unaware this case and to the fact of my licence being revoked i had not received any letters possibly due to theft of post fropm external post box. i have since signed a stat dec stating i was unaware of the case which imposed six points. I am hoping to be acquitted of the driving otherwise in accordance of licence offence based on the basis that i was unaware of my licence being revoked
Jun 23, 2010
I have recieved a conditional offer of fixed penalty notice. I am a new driver having just passed my test in october 2008. This is my second speeding offence and will mean a total of six points on my licence and therefore licence revocation. I was driving at 73 mph in a 60 mph on x. I believe I have mitigating circumstances but am unsure of what to do and need some advice. I am in the military and due to the nature of my job and location, it is essential for me to have a car, I cannot carry out my duty without one. At the time of the offence, I was on my way to visit my partner and as I was going through a relationship breakdown at the time, was perhaps overzealous in trying to get to my destination as quickly as possible. I am perfectly willing to accept guilt and pay the fine but am desperate to seek mitigation (or reduction to a lesser punishment) from licence revocation on the grounds that it will leave me unable to do my job.
Jun 23, 2010
HI i wanted to ask in behalf of a friend. She was driving back from buying a car. the car was not insured at the time but as she reached home the police stopped her due to her not having her headlights on. She spoke to the police and gave right information and explained her circunstances. The police took har car to compound fined her 200 pound gave her 6 points on her licence. wanted to ask if you could help in any way cause shes just recently passed and was driving home from there. please could you help..thank you
Jun 21, 2010
I have recieved a conditional offer of fixed penalty notice. I am a new driver having just passed my test in october 2008. This is my second speeding offence and will mean a total of six points on my licence and therefore licence revocation. I was driving at 73 mph in a 60 mph onx 2010. I believe I have mitigating circumstances but am unsure of what to do and need some advice. I am in the military and due to the nature of my job and location, it is essential for me to have a car, I cannot carry out my duty without one. At the time of the offence, I was on my way to visit my partner and as I was going through a relationship breakdown at the time, was perhaps overzealous in trying to get to my destination as quickly as possible. I am perfectly willing to accept guilt and pay the fine but am desperate to seek mitigation (or reduction to a lesser punishment) from licence revocation on the grounds that it will leave me unable to do my job.
Jun 18, 2010
Hi there, a couple of months after moving to the UK, clearly unaware of the driving regulations, i was stopped for driving without insurance, and given 6 points on my provisional license. About 2 years after, i was stopped for driving with a provisional license and was given another 3 points. the second offence was my fault and i accept responsibility. now (about 6 months after the 2nd offence), i want to apply for a full uk license and do my test. if i pass my test, will any of the points be removed and will my full license be revoked. please explain as i really want to do my test now.
Jun 16, 2010
Can you please read below and see if you could help me
x 2010, i did a No Left Turn accidentally as my Tom Tom guided incorrectly, this caught the attention of the police and i was stopped, insurance and licence was checked and okay. The officer explained 3 points etc, the officer were rude and unfair
However the officers asked me “what i was doing the in the city?, where was i going?, i said, im a delivery driver, the officer asked have you got business car insurance policy? i said no because i only started the job today it’s a work trial today so i might not even get the job. i genuinely did not know that you need business car insurance to work as delivery driver.
They disregarded any statement that i made and did considered any comment that i made. The officers explained i need to pay £200 fine and my car will be seized because i don’t have the correct insurance. I think 6 points Also i need to produce my documents to police station within 7 days.
x 2010 i collected the car however because i proven that i had insurance i was not required to pay the release fee, while i was there i produced my documents.
The penalty charge paperwork it stated “no insurance” but i do have insurance the lady at the counter said it might get cancel if the officer dealing the case agreed, the lady has taken the penalty charge paperwork.

My age is 20 and held driving licence for 18months, i have been unemployed over 7 months
I will be subject to the provisions of the New Drivers Act, i don’t want that because i looking for employment in transport logistics job sector, therefore having a clean licence is critical, also i am unemployable in any other job sector because I am stammer, I cant get good jobs in customer service

I have a couple of questions
• What is going to happen next what stage i am
• Can drive my car while this process continues.
• I am not sure whether the points is on my licence or not?
Jun 9, 2010
i had a driver with a full time licence (two years and 10 months) sitting with me. I drove my mother car and was unaware that it was not insuranced. I have car insurance for my own car and had a crash so my insurance insuranced my mum's car for a time. so i was assumed that I was insured to drive with a full licenced driver. I am also taking my driving test nect couple of weeks, should I still take my test? I also am a carer for my grand dad,and Nan. I take them to hospital appointments and do their shopping for them and if i am banned from driving it would effect them. I have received court date for the 20th July. Can you help or point me in the right direction
Jun 7, 2010
after my offences in 2008(in10 6 points)and 2009(cu30 3 points)i carried on driving,my licence and counterpart were returned to me no mention of revocking,after a early morning breathalyser i was just over limit and banned 12 months,did course to have licence back after 9 months only to get prov licence back queried this to be told licence had been revocked after first two lots of points(9)i understand now about revocking but was done for drink driving 7 months later handed licence to the courts no mention about it not being valid, shorely the police checked dvla about my particulars to see if i had got a licence and must have been confirmed but as i hadnt been informed im thinking dvla may have slipped up only relizing after i applied for licence back as they say in queries people should be informed(in writing)but cant tell me if i was written to what else can i i need another thery test and practical?do i ask police what to do only to be charged with driving with no licence when i was over limit or what
May 25, 2010
I have been to court and a decision has bin made that i get 6 points and a fine for no insurance.
I agree with the decision but I have only had my licence 4 a just over a year and getting 6 points get my licence revoked, I have a very sick pearnt who lives at home with me that I look after on a daily basis I have to travel to and from the hospital regulary, And also travel to back and forth from the cemist, I am the only person that is able to drive in my home,
what my question is, would it be possible for my licence not to get revoked on the basis that is my only mean of transport.
I look forward to hear from you, and thanks for taking the time to read my request.
May 24, 2010
My licence was revoked between Jan. and July last year and is now clean. I think I got caught on camera recently, will my previous conviction mean I automatically lost my licence.
May 6, 2010
: hi,i was stopped by the police on the 5th of may cos of no insurance on my car,whenever i intend to go out i always use the temp insurance,but on that day i was going to the garrage that is 2mins away from my house with my kids to check my brakes cos the lights keep on appearing on the dash board,was stopped by the police.i was given 6 points which means i ave to retake my theory and practical cos my lincence is not up to 2 yrs,i have never commited an offence in my life,just that i made a silly mistake.pls do you think i have a chance of getting reduced point or anything that will save my lincence.thanks
May 5, 2010
I was driving a vehicle on provisional license and no insurance, i was not aware i had no license as i was banned in 2005 for dangerous driving which ran out in 2009 i thought i had my license back but i had to retake test as one of the terms was not aware i got imprisoned for it, and my insurance was not renewed i was actually insured first but dd was missed and therefore no insurance anyway i am ready to take points and fine thats no problem i have a dilemma as soon as i found out i had provisional i quickly passed my theory within a week and now am contemplating to take my test or not as if i pass i will risk losing my license as i will recieve points for this offence and you get revoked if 6 points are recieved of first 2 years of licence, will i able to somehow pass now as i need a car to get to work and when points come as it was before i passed driving will they revoke or due to technicality of passing after the date of the offence can i just get points and keep my licence been a month still no summons and this is affecting my life so need advice you can also callme if needed on XXX thanks and what will the likely outcome be of no licence no insurance if i go guilty by post.
May 4, 2010
Hi, I am a new driver and my probation is up in October. I may have got picked up on a speed camera doing 36 in a 30 zone. The camera i'm sure was round a corner, I'd come off the M40 onto the A404 and did not see it in time, my reaction to it was slow as I took time to see if a car was close behind me and i'm worried i will get a letter stating that i'm banned, i already have 3 points on my license. If this happens i'm wondering how long a ban would be for. My first conviction I was doing 51 on motorway during roadworks where there was a temporary speed limit of 40 and i was a very new driver at the time and did not slow down in time as had been doing 65 along that road for over an hour. Any advice would be appreciated as i need to be ready to act if this letter does arrive. Thank you in advance.
Apr 21, 2010
I already have 3 points on my license, and the extra mandatary 3 points & £60 will diqualify me from driving. What do i do? Thanks.
Apr 21, 2010
During the month prior to my test I was insured on my parents car and passed on the 09/04/10. After informing my dad about passing he told me he would extend my insurance for a few weeks until I left the country on the 19/04/10 to start my new job in x (this job was the reason I leant to drive).
However, on Monday 12/04/10 I was stopped by traffic police in x for driving sheepishly. After a short chat the officer was about to let me go but ran my details through the computer. Apparently while the vehicle was insured in my Mum, Dad and Brothers name my personal insurance had run out on the 7/04/10 - 5 days earlier (I was completely unaware of my lack of insurance, having been told by my dad he would take care of it). I was informed by the officer that it was a 6 point offence and my license would probably be revoked since I only have a new '6 point license'. I am currently awaiting the summons.
The problem is that I am required to have a driving license for my new role in x. I have flights books for 19/04/10 and I am contracted to work 12 months. Without a license I would have to renege on these commitments and be subject to heavy financial penalties in regards to housing contracts and moving back to the UK.
Considering the context of this offence and the extreme hardship I will face is there anyway I could plead guilty but argue mitigating circumstances, avoiding the full 6 points, and therefore not having my licence revoked?
Any advice would be much appreciated.
Apr 21, 2010
I gained 16 points on my provisional liscense and
gained full uk in april 2007. I went to court and was allowed to keep my
full liscense due to hardship?
Message-Id: <201004211128171.SM04500@S72983>

Since becoming a full uk driver I have accumalted a further 3 points for
allegedly driving through a red light although this is contrary!

Please indicate what course of action to take

Provisional: (15 points)

Full UK: (3points)

14 points expire between June - October 2010!

I have now been instructed that my entitlement is revoked due to me gaining
the further 3 points.

DVLA STATED I only had to recive another point to lose entitlement, however
I was never informed of this,

Please provide feedback asap
Apr 21, 2010
i obtained a coach licence in febuary 2008--later obtained 6 points on my licence and had both my car and bus licence taken away--i had been driving with car licence for 20 years--treated unfairly by dvla --is it too late --i would like justice for the way dvla treated me
Apr 20, 2010
Hi my name is x, 34 years old,I have
a full uk licence for 8months,and was pulled over for driving without a
insurance.My car was taken to the inpound .the PC who pulled me over said I
will have to go to court ,and that my licence will me revoked.what can I do
I need my licence for work.I had 3 quotes for insurance but could only
afford to pay it the end of the month.I need help.
Apr 8, 2010

hi, firstly i would like to thank you for your time.

I was involoved in an accident aprox 6 months ago, where it was my fault. I was driving in the wrong lane, and decided to turn into the correct lane. (There was an arrow pointing to what i thought was a merge lane, but on further inspection on google earth was showing that it was infact the lane ending.

I slipped on the loose chippings due to being in the lane by the arrow, and crashed into some roadworks including a digger :(. This resulted in a highway agency worker being injured due to a flying crash barrier.

I have a full motorcycle liscence held for 2 1/2 years, unfortunaly gained 3 points for speeding whilst I had my provisional :(. I have also recently passed my car test within the last 7 months. Now my question is, weather when i goto court there is a probational period on my driving liscence, as i already went through that with my full bike liscence. If so I recieved 3 or more points, will i loose both liscences?? Baring in mind that my current job is a motorcycle courier and i do have a letter from the company detailing that i will loose my job if banned.

Apr 7, 2010

i have only been driveing a year and a half and was caught doing 50 in a 30 will i get banned

Apr 7, 2010
ive got ten points on my licence dvla took my licence and wants me to re do it.
Mar 8, 2010

I was stopped by the police whilst driving my girlfriend's car (with permission). At the time I believed I was insured to drive the vehicle as both myself and my girlfriend had misread the insurance policy on another car we own. I am a named driver on the other policy.

I am a new driver and subsequently, this offence has caused me to get 6 penalty points and therefore my licence will be revoked.

Would it be worth defending this in court? I now recognise that I had no valid insurance but genuinely believed I did. Is there a chance that I could accept the penalty points and fixed penalty notice but challenge the revocation?Thanks.

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