• National UK Motoring Lawyers
    We publish our success rates because we are proud of how many motorists we help…
  • Professional Drivers
    Taxis, Lorries, Van Drivers? If you rely on your driving licence for your living…. we can help
  • Mobile Phone Driving Offences
    Penalties for mobile phone motoring offences have recently doubled to 6 points per offence..
  • Fail To Name The Driver
    Section 172 offences cover failure to name or identify the driver when requested…
  • Driving Without Due Care & Attention
    Often called Careless Driving & carries a maximum £5000 fine, 3 – 9 points or a discretionary ban…
  • Speeding Offences
    Changes in speeding laws have increased points, maximum fines and driving bans you can receive…
  • No Driving Licence Offences
    Driving without a valid licence is very different offence to driving while disqualified by a court…
  • New Driver Rules
    For 2 years, new drivers only have 6 penalty points available for motoring offences… We can help
  • Fail To Stop & Failing To Report
    Also known as Hit & Run, Fail to Stop & Fail to Report are imprisonable offences with 5 – 10 points
  • Driving Without Insurance
    Driving without insurance & permitting no insurance are serious offences with 6 – 8 penalty points
  • Drinking & Driving
    Drinking and driving offences carry a minimum 12 month ban. Have you been accused? We can help…
  • Dangerous & Reckless Driving

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    Excellent customer service, initial advice was excellent, we are taking there experience knowledge and commitment to help … More Craig who I care for who needs there help with getting justice for Craig who has been given points for one occasion in which he provided driver details and now another matter which he was not the driver or gave permission for individual to drive , with out there experience he most definitely will get disqualified, hopefully they will get a no disqualification outcome , ring this firm who only deals with driving offences and have a excellent record in driving offences.
  • Avatar Afsana Begum ★★★★★ a week ago
    The best service and extremely reliable. I can’t thank Tom Clover enough for his service, patience and professionalism. … More Thank you to the whole team.

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Our Latest Success Rates

We are open and honest about our successes and failures. We think our clients deserve to know how good we are at what we do. If you need to drive can you afford not to have Patterson Law on your side?

92.92% Avoided Disqualification

  • Overall success rate at avoiding guideline disqualification (by defending the allegation / achieving a reduced period of disqualification according to guidelines / arguing exceptional hardship / arguing special reasons) – 92.92%

93.56% Successfully Defended

  • Case successfully defended when advice given to plead not guilty – 93.56% ( 75.27% withdrawn prior to trial by Crown Prosecution Service)

83.86% Exceptional Hardship Success Rate

  • Exceptional hardship found when at risk of six months totting ban – 83.86%

80.9% Allegations Dropped

  • Allegation dropped at the police station stage after being instructed to try and avoid proceedings altogether – 80.9%

99.94% Costs Awarded

  • Defendants costs order awarded by court when case withdrawn or defended at trial – 99.94%

90.59% New Driver Revocation Avoided

  • New drivers at risk of revocation for accumulating six points in the first two years after passing test – 90.59% avoided six points and therefore avoided revocation.

95.63% Discretionary Disqualifications Avoided

  • Clients at risk of discretionary disqualification, for example because of high speed – 95.63% avoided by getting penalty points instead.

90.16% Avoided Imprisonment

  • Clients at risk of imprisonment according to guidelines – 90.16% avoided imprisonment

*these statistics cover cases up until 30.11.2017

Our Legal Expertise


We don’t want your money unless we can genuinely help! Every case is initially assessed by Emma Patterson, our Primary Motoring Solicitor and legal spokesperson to the Association of British Drivers.

We are often referenced in the press in motoring offence related articles such as this one in the Daily Mail

Additionally Emma is often asked to take part in media interviews such as this recent BBC Radio interview with Mark Forrest discussing some of the more frequently misunderstood motoring laws and offences:

“Firstly, can I thank you and Emma for your time and help today. I called several legal firms … and to say that you stood out from the crowd is such a massive understatement. Right from my first call in you all acted so different to everyone else.”


Patterson Law Can Help You;

  • Avoid a 6 month ‘totting ban‘ for accumulating 12 points in any three year period

A Driving Licence Protection Service for Everyone

Patterson Law provide the most comprehensive free road traffic offence legal advice source on the Net!

We believe that every driver should be able to afford to defend themselves with the help of a motor law expert.

Whilst we are willing to provide our specialist UK driving law services at an affordable fixed rate we are not willing to compromise the standard of the service we provide!

Still not sure that Patterson Law are the best motoring solicitors to defend your driving offence?….. find out why so many motorists trust us to defend their licences

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Read What Our Client Say About Us;

“At first I was rather sceptical about using a firm that I had never heard of and that were based many miles from me. I certainly needn’t of worried. You, personally, have a very calming nature and I found it very easy to talk to you and, in return, you made everything as clear as possible to me.” “I was concerned that I would not meet my barrister until shortly before my court appearance, but once again I need not have worried as Vanessa was very good at allaying my anxieties and was fantastic in court."

"The case was adjourned for a week – for very clever legal reasons that were far beyond me!” “Overall service from everyone was simply fantastic. Everyone I spoke to worked extremely professionally and diligently in overturning my driving conviction. I would recommend you to all my friends and colleagues.” “Thank you so much Emma. The answer put my husband’s mind at rest. He now feels he can get a job without worrying too much about his driving licence. I am so glad to have found this service and hope to use it a lot more in the future.” “Bless you and your firm – you are a credit to the industry and a blessing to those in distress – I can guarantee you I will refer anyone who is need of help in your firm’s direction.”


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