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Emma has built Patterson Law into one of the leading specialist motoring law legal practices in the UK. By carefully assembling a team of exceptional road traffic law experts Patterson Law has been able to out perform their competitors with high success rates in court.


Moving Home? Fail To Name Driver? Pitfalls

Failing to provide driver information carries the risk of six points and around a £7-£800 fine if convicted. A huge number of clients end up needing our services because they failed to keep their V5 up-to-date. Most people think that …

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If We Think You Can Defend Yourself We Will Tell You

We speak to around 20 new potential clients a day. These people have often spoken to other lawyers whilst looking for initial advice. They often report back to us about the difference in the advice that they receive. It’s interesting …

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Young Drivers And Comprehensive Insurance

Are young drivers being sold fully comprehensive insurance that is not fit for purpose? We have a significant number of enquiries from young drivers who claim that they were sold fully comprehensive insurance on the basis that it covered them …

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Big Monday – 6 Victories In One Day!

The Leading Motoring Solicitors In The UK Do It Again! We don’t publish stories like this to brag, but because achieving 6 victories for our clients in a single day is indicative of what we do all day every day. …

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8 Victories In One Day!

Possibly our best day ever at Patterson!! 8 Cases defended/points avoided/withdrawn in one day.   Today’s Victories; 1/ Senior Case Progression Officer Nikki Clarke defended a mobile phone case by getting it withdrawn by the CPS without the need for …

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Patterson Law Improves It’s Success Rates

“I’m so proud of my team here at Patterson Law. They continue to go from strength to strength in terms of their skill and expertise in winning cases on behalf of out clients…” Emma Patterson, Principal Solicitor We’ve updated our …

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Patterson Law, The Fifth Emergency Service

Instructed 4pm yesterday! Successfully won trial today at 2pm….! Patterson Law Lawyer Ria Pleass strikes again on behalf of motorist at risk of a ban…read on.. We took on a last minute case yesterday for a chap at risk of …

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Patterson Law Improves On Its Amazing Success Rates

As far as we know we are the only lawyers in the country that openly advertise our success rates. We believe that you have a right to know how well we do at what we do! We also believe that …

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Patterson Law Succeeds Where Others Fail

Crown Prosecution Service withdraw allegation at 11th hour – after rejecting initial representations…. This was a case handled by Ria Pleass under the supervision of Emma Patterson. Our client was summonsed for failing to provide driver identity. He did not …

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Farmer’s Field Not A Public Place

South West magistrates Court finds that farmer’s field used as a fee paying car park in the summer is not a public place! We were prepared to defend our client’s alleged driving without due care and attention on all grounds, …

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