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Blue Badge Misuse Allegations

If you are a holder of a blue badge it can be a lifeline. You may automatically qualify, for example if you are registered blind, in receipt of War Pensioner’s Mobility Supplement or you can’t walk more than 50 meters.

You may have undergone an assessment and your local Council has deemed you suitable. Either way, a blue badge can make day-to-day life a lot easier for the holder as you will be able to park nearer to your destination.

What if my application for a blue badge has been rejected?

Appeal. Here at Patterson Law we can assist you with the reapplication process. Your local Council should tell you why you have been refused and we will help you with your reapplication.

If you feel the Council, when refusing your application, haven’t taken into account all the necessary information or since your last application your mobility has reduced further and/or the problems causing your lack of mobility have become more serious, you have good grounds upon which to base an appeal.

It is being alleged that I have misused my blue badge or committed fraud. What do I do?

Most blue badge holders will have no problems during the time they hold the badge. But what if it is alleged that you are misusing your badge or you have been invited into the police station for interview because fraudulent use of the badge is suspected? Call us today.

S117 Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984 covers misuse of the blue badge. This covers situations where the badge is being used without the badge holder present. Remember the blue badge is only to be used when the badge holder is present or is being collected or dropped off.

Allowing your badge to be misused could lead to a fine of up to £1000 and confiscation of the badge. If you deny misuse we can help you challenge any decision to fine you and take your badge away.

Blue badges can also be used fraudulently used. If you have altered a badge, continue to use an expired badge or if you are not the rightful owner you could face prosecution under s1 Fraud Act 2006. If fraud is suspected you will be invited in for an interview at your local police station and, if prosecution and conviction follow you could receive a custodial sentence.

At Patterson Law we will ensure you are fully represented in interview and then afterwards send representations to the Council outlining why we feel you should not be charged if you deny the offence.

If you have been refused a blue badge or are being prosecuted in relation to misuse use or fraud please contact Patterson Law using the contact link below for a free, no obligation advice call.

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