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Coronavirus and the impact on Medical Revocation of Driving Licences by the DVLA

  COVID-19 and the impact on Driving Licence Medical Revocation As all aspects of life are changing our driving licence become more vital than ever before, especially for the most vulnerable / at risk. Our car becomes our bubble of …

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Auto Brewery Syndrome (relating to Drink Driving cases)

  Auto Brewery Syndrome What is it? Auto Brewery Syndrome (ABS) is a rare medical condition where alcohol can be produced through fermentation within the stomach or bladder. If a person has the condition it means that if they eat …

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Randox – An Explanation

Randox – An Explanation In January 2017 the Police opened an investigation into a company called Randox, a laboratory who used to test blood samples for the police in relation to drink and drug drive cases, as it was suspected …

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We Test Handheld Breathalyser Devices

Patterson Law’s “Scientific Experiment” in relation to over-the-counter breathalyser devices Parliament is debating reducing the legal drink drive limit so that it falls in line with European levels. The new proposed limit will be 22 µg in breath. At the …

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