5 Speeding & 3 Fail To Name Allegations!

5* Rating – May 2017

When it became clear last autumn that I was going to face a “totting up” disqualification I was extremely upset and worried that if I lost my licence then I would lose my job. Therefore I took the decision to seek legal advice on the matter.

I must have called at least 6 law firms before I called Patterson Law; one person said they could not possibly represent me, as I had no chance of avoiding a full 6 month totting ban. Some others quoted a price that I simply could not afford, and some did not seem to have much of an idea about motoring law! As such when I called Patterson Law I was becoming quite disheartened and had almost given up on finding someone to help me.

I was very quickly put straight through to Emma, with whom I was immediately very impressed. She was not fazed by my situation, and instantly came up with several possible solutions regarding my case that none of the previous solicitors I had spoken to had mentioned. I decided on the spot that I would use Patterson Law for my legal representation.

I was assigned Rachel Ballamy as my Case Progression Officer. I cannot speak highly enough of Rachel; she was incredibly efficient, friendly and switched on – in short a godsend. Like Emma, she was completely non-judgemental (even though we subsequently found out that I had two more speeding allegations in the pipeline that I had not been aware of, on top of my original three speeding allegations).

I won’t go into detail as my case was quite complicated; in short, at one stage I was looking at 5 speeding allegations and 3 failure to identify offences, on top of an original 6 points. By the time I went into the courtroom I only had 3 speeding allegations to plead guilty to; Rachel had succeeded in having my failure to identify allegations withdrawn and we had managed to avoid two of the speeding allegations.

I had discussed everything with Rachel at length and we decided that I should submit a plea of exceptional hardship. Going to court was nerve wracking to say the least, however it was incredibly reassuring to have a barrister with me, Mr Crumley, who had been fully briefed on my case by Rachel.

Mr Crumley invited me to go into the courtroom to watch the two cases before me. Neither of the gentlemen had legal representation, and they were both heavily penalised by the magistrates. I firmly believe that had I gone to court without legal representation, I would have undoubtedly been given a full 6 month totting ban and a much greater fine. However Mr Crumley put my case across in the best possible manner and the end result was that I received a reduced totting ban of 28 days, after which the points will be wiped from my licence.

I am absolutely delighted with this result; the 28 days is nearly over now and I am so relieved that when I am back on the road, the points will be gone. I cannot thank Emma Patterson enough and particularly Rachel who was a constant source of reassurance; always sure of the facts, utterly pragmatic, and always one step ahead.

I completely trusted her to do the right thing and felt that she genuinely had my best interests at heart. If I had lost my licence and job I would have been absolutely devastated – now my life is nearly back to normal and I am incredibly grateful to Patterson Law for this.

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