Case Dropped

Rated 5* – May 19

I would just like to put in writing how pleased we are with the services of Patterson Law.
The preparations for the defence have been very thorough and detailed and we can’t fault that in any way. I was very impressed with the level and volume of detailed case law that you were able to bring to bear, including the changes prepared to mitigate the very late evidence that the CPS tried to introduce.

I would therefore just like to convey may heartfelt thanks for all of your efforts along the way keeping us informed on progress and which eventually lead to the CPS offering no further evidence and the case being dropped

Without the expert help of Patterson Law it could have been a very different outcome, which would have been a travesty of justice as there was never any intention to drive
I would also like to express our thanks to Joseph Byrne, the Barrister you instructed to represent Chris at the hearing.
He was extremely well prepared and VERY knowledgeable on our case and the points of Law surrounding it. He ran rings around the CPS Barrister who appeared to be very poorly prepared.

Once again to you and the team at Patterson Law and to Joesph Byrne, thank you.

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