Drink Driving Allegation Withdrawn

Rated 5* – Nov 2016

Two Drink Drive Allegations in 2 years – Both defended successfully. First offence I registered 153 mg’s and faced a sentencing guideline of 12 weeks imprisonment, disqualification, fines etc. as it is over 4 times the limit – I received; 100 Hrs community service, £85 Costs ( The minimum the CPS can ask for!), £60 Victim surcharge, no points and no disqualification.

Second offence; a vehicle I & 9 others have access to was involved in a damage only accident. Police came to my house & I blew 149 which is over four times the limit, but I had been drinking all day out on foot and indoors prior to my arrest as it was new years eve. The case against me was immediately withdrawn in court, in that it failed the Crown Prosecution Service code for prosecution.

Without Patterson Law’s legal advice I would have been hung out to dry on both occasions. Thank you to everyone who helped me.

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