Free Advice was Priceless

Rated 5* – Aug 2019

I am really sorry for bombarding you with emails and phone calls when you were on top of things but you have to know that from our end things are different. I have never been taken to court and was nervous and panicky. The process was a long and tedious which did not help me at all, but thank you so much for your dedication to my case and most of all, thank you for putting up with me during that difficult moment. This means a lot to me and my family. Thank you very much Rachel.

Emma – Thank you for putting me at ease during my first call. Your initial free advice was priceless and things turned out as you advised. i was also glad that I have decided about representing myself or being represented by others.

My last thanks goes to young Kirsty Day who was really, really brilliant at court. She initially tried to have the case thrown out but managed to nail a Not Guilty verdict which was a music to my ears. I had stressful and sleepless nights over the last 7th months.

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