Very happy Client – Oct 2013

October 2013

Very happy client. His original solicitor had entered a guilty plea on his behalf without his instructions. Patterson Law helped him get the matter dropped without trial once the court was persuaded to reopen the plea.

“Hello Dominic, once again I’d like to thank you for your fantastic work. … We still can’t believe it and keep thinking about what our previous solicitors had instructed us to do…

We are very happy with everything not just the outcome. I felt very comfortable talking to you and explaining our concerns. We are so glad my husband found your company by chance over the internet.

But just one more thing, we would like to sincerely invite you and a partner to have dinner, at x, as a token of his appreciation and your hard work. If you are ever in the area of x, please do not hesitate to pop in. We would really appreciate it and would really like to meet you. It would be our pleasure and would make us very happy. Please check our website, for location and any information.”

Senior Case progression Officer – Dominic Smith

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