Two No Insurance Cases Withdrawn Without Having To Attend Court – April 2015

“Dear Joanna and Emma,

I have received the fantastic news from Joanna that the cases against x and y have both been withdrawn.

As a law firm, you are simply “Amazing”. As the human side of your firm, your understanding, patience and humanity are admirable. You promise and you deliver! I thank you. On behalf of my children, x and y, and on behalf of my entire family, I sincerely thank you.

All members of my family have taken time off from work to attend court on Friday to support x and y. Those in London were travelling back to Sheffield and my Chika’s immediate elder sister has flown back from the US to also attend. But, with the great result you have achieved, I have told them to re-arrange their schedules and prepare instead for a huge celebration sometime in the future.

Again, I thank you for the result you achieved, I thank you for your patience and understanding throughout the preparation, and most importantly, I thank you for the promptness of your actions / submissions.

I will store your details for referral of anyone I know who is in traffic difficulty. My family and I will talk about you to family and friends who may need this type of service in the future.”

About Emma Patterson

Emma has built Patterson Law into one of the leading specialist motoring law legal practices in the UK. By carefully assembling a team of exceptional road traffic law experts Patterson Law has been able to out perform their competitors with high success rates in court.
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