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Patterson Law’s Success Rates

We believe in telling you how well we do on behalf of clients!

You need to know these things so that you can make an educated decision on who to instruct to look after your road traffic offence case.

Most Solicitors do not keep track of their success rates. We are proud of what we achieve on your behalf and want to be able to back up our claim to be brilliant road traffic lawyers.

Patterson Law are not aware of any other firm of solicitors willing to tell you how well they do for their clients. We are happy to tell you. Whenever we finish a case we add the result to our database to enable us to keep track of how well we are doing.

  • Overall success rate at avoiding guideline disqualification (by defending the allegation / achieving a reduced period of disqualification according to guidelines / arguing exceptional hardship / arguing special reasons) – 90%
  • Case successfully defended when advice given to plead not guilty – 92%
  • Allegation dropped at the police station stage after being instructed to try and avoid proceedings altogether – 62%
  • Defendants costs order awarded by court when case withdrawn or defended at trial – 95%
  • New drivers at risk of revocation for accumulating six points in the first two years after passing test – 88% avoided six points and therefore avoided revocation.
  • Clients at risk of imprisonment according to guidelines – 88% avoided imprisonment
  • Appeals won – 65%. Where defendants have represented themselves at the Magistrates’ Court or been represented by other Solicitors and lost, 65% of the time we have the decision overturned on appeal.

*these statistics cover cases up until 01.05.2023

If you are thinking of asking anyone else to represent you, you should ask if they can match these success rates. If they refuse to discuss this issue or don’t keep these type of figures you should ask yourself why?

Here at Patterson Law we believe in total transparency. How else can you make an informed decision about the which solicitors will do the best job defending your licence?

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  • Avatar pai wand ★★★★★ in the last week
    not recommend Patterson law enough for all the help and support I received from them. They really know what they’re doing … More and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. An exceptionally big thank you to Ashleigh Hannan and Phillip for their incredible work. They reassured me and told me that they could get me down to only a 2 week ban and a £300 fine rather than 6 points and they stuck to their word. I had doubts of winning my case but they went above and beyond my expectations.
  • Avatar Tony Bignell ★★★★★ a week ago
    Jonathan Guscott My case progression officer was amazing Professional helpful always kept me updated on my case.Damien Hayes, … More my advocate was professional knowledgeable, I can’t thank Patterson Law enough representing me at my recent court case. I was facing a six months driving ban Due to receiving 12 points on my driving license within a three year Period . Thanks to Patterson Law my driving ban was Rescinded . I Highly recommend anybody in the same situation that I was in is to contact Patterson Law.

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