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95% new drivers avoid revocationPatterson Law’s Success Rates

We believe in telling you how well we do on behalf of clients!

You need to know these things so that you can make an educated decision on who to instruct to look after your road traffic offence case.

98% saved from discretionary bansMost Solicitors do not keep track of their success rates. We are proud of what we achieve on your behalf and want to be able to back up our claim to be brilliant road traffic lawyers.

Patterson Law are not aware of any other firm of solicitors willing to tell you how well they do for their clients. We are happy to tell you. Whenever we finish a case we add the result to our database to enable us to keep track of how well we are doing.

90% saved from totting bans

* Figures as at 2.6.15

  • Patterson Law successfully defended 3229 out of the last¬†3439 clients where we advised them that they had a defence and that they should plead not guilty (93.89%).
    Ministry of Justice Figures from a 2006 (latest Government stats available) survey show that 69% of people are normally convicted when they try to defend a road traffic offence allegation.

    If you want to defend your case you stand a much better chance with Patterson Law on board. 2639 (80%) were dropped by the prosecution without the need for a trial. Only 210 drivers were convicted.

  • Patterson Law successfully avoided a driving ban for96.45% of people who approached us and who were at risk of a disqualification.
    75% of crown court appeals won
  • We have succeeded in 75% of Crown Court appeals normally where we did not represent our client in the magistrates court.
  • Patterson Law have saved 88% of our client’s licences from ‘totting bans‘.
  • We have saved over 97.98% of our client’s licences from discretionary bans. Of the 843 most recent cases we have represented, only 17 drivers at risk of a discretionary driving ban were disqualified.

* These figures apply to non-imprisonable offences.

If you are thinking of asking anyone else to represent you, you should ask if they can match these success rates. If they refuse to discuss this issue or don’t keep these type of figures you should ask yourself why?

Here at Patterson Law we believe in total transparency. How else can you make an informed decision about the which solicitors will do the best job defending your licence?

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