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We work as a team. We believe that you get a better service as a result.

Emma Patterson will oversee and supervise the running of your motoring offence case. As a team we will often get together in a meeting room and discuss open cases. We will mull over any unusual issues, new road traffic law legislation, case specifics, and discuss tactics in order to work out the best way forward to achieve the result that you need.

We recognise that every case is unique. Road traffic law is complex and cannot be dealt with by people who do not understand the law and the way that the court system works. Your case will always be dealt with by an expert lawyer who specialises in road traffic law.

Your Road Traffic Law Defence Team:

Emma Patterson – Principal Solicitor

Emma is an expert Road Traffic Defence Solicitor and one of the UK’s leading Motoring Lawyers. Emma began her career in the South West as a legal advisor to magistrates before moving on to London.

In her role as legal advisor she attended road traffic court daily, advising Magistrates on every aspect of traffic and motoring law.

Emma has presented training for magistrates at the Judicial Studies Board and has also advised magistrates with regard to statutory changes.

When Emma moved to private practice she built one of the largest general criminal departments in the South West of England. She has dealt with several high profile cases and in doing so has earned a reputation as an exceptional lawyer and excellent court room advocate.

Emma was chosen to represent clients who were facing multi-million pound money laundering charges, murder allegations (which included one of the largest in the SW) as well as representing a client during interviewing in connection with the Terrorist attack on the twin towers on September 11th.

Specialist in Motoring law

It is Emma’s belief that the best way to serve her clients is to specialize in motoring law rather than dabbling in many different areas of the law. Emma chose to specialise in road traffic law and is regarded by her clients as their expert in the field.

Emma is tenacious in all aspects of her work. It is her aim to fight your corner to deliver the best possible outcome whilst not antagonising the Crown Prosecution Service or the Court.

Emma provides road traffic law advice nationwide and has a team of barristers and lawyers in all areas of the UK to represent you if required in your local Court. She also advises the Association of British Drivers as well as being their officially nominated spokesperson with respect to road traffic law.

Emma also writes for “First Car” magazine offering legal advice for new drivers recently passing their driving test.

Emma also contributes regularly on the Pistonheads website on the subject of traffic law, as well as contributing articles to Auto Express.

“I am absolutely delighted by the service you provided. From my first contact with you via Roadside Lawyer I have been completely satisfied with everything you have done and I will be recommending you to everyone I meet. This is one of the few occasions when I don’t have an opinion on how a service can be improved because yours is perfect.”

Graham Brown – Senior Executive Case Progression Officer

Graham has a Law Degree from Plymouth University. He has worked exclusively in road traffic law for more than five years. Prior to this he worked at management level for a number of years in the retail industry.

His file management skills have seen him obtain fantastic results in respect of disclosure failings by the Crown Prosecution Service. He has extensive experience in a range of motoring offences and excels at driving in excess of the alcohol and drug limits and failing to provide driver information cases.

He has exceptional client care skills and is highly organised in his approach to helping the clients of Patterson Law achieve the best results in their cases.

Hilary Moon – Legal Advisor

Hilary has a Law Degree from the Open University where she achieved a 2:1 as well as over 18 years experience in the legal profession. Hilary moved from general crime to specialise in Road Traffic Law as she has an aptitude for this technical and often complex area of law.

Hilary’s knowledge of Road Traffic Law is extensive and she has the ability to assimilate the facts and provide advice in a calm and practical way.

“Many thanks again for all your help, I’ve been really impressed with the level of service throughout. I’ll be hanging onto your contact details, just in case……”

Paula Hadleigh – Senior Executive Case Progression Officer & Critical Incidents Team

Paula is one of the Executive Case Progression Officers at Patterson Law. She is a qualified Chartered Legal Executive and is in her sixth year with Patterson Law.

Paula’s background is in criminal law, she worked for a large South East firm and she has considerable knowledge and experience to enable her to deal with the more serious offences and as such is a member of our Critical Incidents Team.

In addition to working dealing with the cases Paula is also a Legal Advisor. She uses her extensive road traffic knowledge to advise on all motoring matters. She has a calm methodical approach and will give you honest advice on your prospects of success and likely outcome of your case.

Dominic Smith – Director – Chartered Legal Executive – Senior Executive Case Progression Officer – Critical Incidents Team

Dominic is a Chartered Legal Executive, a specialist in road traffic law and Head of the Critical Incidents Team.

He has a keen legal brain and an excellent ability to expertly analyse technical areas of road traffic law. Dominic has specialist knowledge in driving with excess alcohol, drug driving and failing to provide a specimen cases. He has obtained great results in very difficult cases where it has been his client’s word against that of a police officer.

“Just wanted to thank you for your services and especially to thank you for the excellent work of Dominic Smith. He was readily available, very helpful, efficient and he has helped achieve a favourable outcome of which I wasn’t initially expecting,”

Rachel Ballamy – Senior Case Progression Officer

Rachel has always worked in a legal enviroment. She started working with the Crown Prosecution Service in 1996, starting as a Case Progression Officer in the Magistrates’ Court department, progressing in 2006 to Crown Court Paralegal running a wide and varied caseload dealing with all aspects of crime including serious road traffic offences.

Rachel has a good knowledge and understanding of the Court processes and Crown Prosecution Service procedures and she uses this to her advantage when representing clients.

Hannah Reynolds – Legal Advisor

Hannah joined Patterson Law after graduating from University with a first class degree in Criminal Investigation BSc (Hons) and has become a specialist in road traffic law.

Hannah has a considerable insight into Police and Crown Prosecution Service procedure, which she has used to her advantage when representing clients, especially when trying to persuade them to withdraw before a trial hearing. She is highly organised and has exceptional client care and approaches each case with determination to achieve the best result.

Hannah has extensive experience in road traffic law and has progressed through the firm from managing a caseload to now offering comprehensive legal advice to prospective clients. Hannah will often consider solutions that many other lawyers may not think about. She has a good all-round knowledge of the court process from start to finish and can apply her specialist knowledge to any road traffic scenario.

Rebecca Taylor – Senior Case Progression Officer

Rebecca has a Bachelors degree in Law (2.1) and a Masters degree in Human Rights both from the University of Exeter. Rebecca previously worked for another national law firm where her outstanding client care skills were recognised and she won an award. Passionate about criminal law and human rights, Rebecca’s drive and organisational skills make her a valued member of the team.

Ruby Morris – Senior Case Progression Officer

Ruby has a strong academic background having obtained a 2:1 Law Degree from Exeter University. She started her career handling a large caseload of financial claims and she quickly progressed to management level. Ruby joined Patterson Law when the opportunity arose to follow her passion for criminal law.

Ruby has developed extremely good negotiation and communication skills which is an advantage to her clients when she is liaising with the Police and the CPS. Ruby has extensive experience in Road Traffic Law, after having handled hundreds of cases within this area. Her speciality is within section 172 (failing to Provide Driver Information). She is an expert in Road Traffic Law after handling a huge quantity of Road Traffic Law matters.

Katie Rushton – Senior Case Progression Officer

Katie joined Patterson law after graduating from the University of West of England with a 2:1 Law Degree. She has worked exclusively in road traffic for three years and has a passionate interest in criminal law and uses her determination and extensive knowledge of criminal law and procedure to the advantage of her clients by achieving excellent results.

Throughout her time at Patterson Law, Katie has developed a particular interest in taxi licence cases and has developed this area of road traffic in to her specialism as well as leading and managing her own team within the firm. Katie is highly organised and with her exceptional client care she is able to achieve the best results for her clients.

She is highly organised and has exceptional client care and approaches each case with determination to achieve the best result for her clients.

Conor Maher – Case Progression Officer

Conor has a joint LLB in Law and European Legal Study from the University of Exeter, and the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid. He speaks fluent Spanish and basic Mandarin, having studied Chinese Language and Culture at the University of Beijing. Conor has a real passion for criminal law and practice and uses his knowledge of the law and procedure in order to achieve excellent results for his clients.

Rob Carnon – Case Progression Officer

Robert joined Patterson Law, two years ago after studying law at Plymouth University, he has a very strong background in customer service and provides the highest possible standard of client care. He also holds a Chartered Institute of Housing Degree, prior to studying Law.

Robert has worked exclusively in Road Traffic Law and has developed a niche understanding of one particular aspect of motoring law. Robert is a mastermind when it comes to mobile phone offences and has thoroughly researched Regulation 110 and understands every technical detail including legal arguments on mobile phones and the usage of GPS, Bluetooth and two-way radio applications.

Robert has an unprecedented success rate in getting cases withdrawn either by the Police or the Crown Prosecution Service, culminating in being awarded “Specialist of the Year, 2018 at Patterson Law. Robert’s attention to detail and passion for Road Traffic Law is evident to his client’s and he uses his excellent communication skills to his advantage to obtain the best possible results.

Felicity Mansbridge – Case Progression Officer

Felicity has been part of the team for the last 2 years. She has worked alongside Emma as her secretary and PA as well as previously handling a case load and has excellent client care skills. She is able to use her knowledge from case work to being able to assist with clients questions and queries. Felicity has adapted the knowledge she gained while in the police to her advantage as she is able to provide all enquiries with the best possible care.

Jessica Dolan – Case Progression Officer

Jessica graduated from the University of Kent with a 2.1 LLB. Prior to joining Patterson Law, Jessica worked for a large national construction company, that won many large contracts. This was a hectic working environment with tight deadlines and she needed a clear head to think strategically and the ability to communicate. These skills she now uses as she works tirelessly to get the results her clients want.

Jason Rosser – Case Progression Officer

Jason has an extensive background in management and customer service, who has a great passion for criminal law defence. Jason believes in providing excellent client care. He aims to ensure his clients are comfortable with proceedings and have a stress free experience. His excellent organisational and communication skills set a strong platform for achieving the best results.

Samantha Morris – Case Progression Officer

Samantha has always had a passion for criminal law, and knew after studying law at South Devon College University that she wanted to work in criminal defence law. She uses this passion to ensure she gets the best results she can for her clients. She is determined to provide excellent client care and to work very hard to make sure her clients are kept fully informed and at ease during what can be very stressful proceedings.

Savanna Bonstow – Case Progression Officer

Savanna graduated from the University of Exeter with a Commendation in the Graduate Diploma in Law. Prior to completing her Law conversion, Savanna attended Durham University and achieved a 2:1 in her Social Science degree. Before starting at Patterson Law Savanna had a number of years experience in customer service, Savanna is able to provide her clients with excellent client care and works meticulously on her client’s cases to provide them with the best possible outcome.

Steve Waters – Case Progression Officer

Steve is a former solicitor, having practiced in the law from 2000 to 2011. He holds an LLB English and European Laws qualification and studied at the College of Law, Guildford. He speaks fluent German.

He understands the importance of putting a client at ease so that the right information can be obtained leading to him being able to offer the correct advice. Steve’s legal experience enables him to assimilate the facts and identify the issues quickly.

Kris Nickels – Case Progression Officer

Kris has a Bachelors degree (with Honours) in Law studied through the Open University and a Masters degree in Law (with Commendation) from the University of Law Bristol. Kris previously worked as a contracts manager for a construction firm, where he gained very strong client care and negotiation skills. Kris worked in the motor industry for many years, which gives him an added insight when helping clients with their road traffic matters. Kris has a passion for criminal law, which combined with his knowledge help him to get the best results for his clients.

Ivan Marshall – Case Progression Officer

Ivan entered the legal profession to pursue his lifelong interest in law after a varied career in which he gained important life skills and knowledge. He excelled in his legal education obtaining a Commendation for a Graduate Law Diploma from Nottingham Trent University. Ivan has an eye for detail and a dogged determination to obtaining the best possible outcome for our clients.

Siobhan Wellings – Case Progression Officer

Siobhan has a strong academic background having obtained a 2:1 History degree from the University of Exeter. Her degree has provided her with critical reasoning and analytical skills, as well as advanced research skills, which means she has an aptitude for understanding law.

She has always had a keen interest in criminal law and began working in the legal sector at the age of 16. Siobhan is passionate about getting results for our clients and strives to make the process as stress-free as possible by providing exceptional client care.

Clare Hudson – Solicitor – Compliance and Client Care Manager

Clare Hudson is a qualified solicitor with over 20 years experience in private practice. Clare was a family law solicitor for 10 years and became head of a busy family law department. Subsequently she managed a high street legal practice for many years and gained considerable knowledge in amongst other things compliance, firm regulation and client care. Clare’s extensive experience in practice management makes her an important and valued member of the management team at Patterson Law.

Jimmy Morris – Caseworker

Levi Le Vell – Caseworker

Ellen Steele – Caseworker

Your Administration Team

Ann Farbrother – Senior Legal Secretary & PA to Emma Patterson and Hilary Moon

Ann has been part of the team for a long time! She has worked alongside Emma at both Patterson Law and Emma’s previous firm where Emma was a partner. Ann has excellent client care skills and will look after you whenever you need her help. She is renowned for her good humour and friendly manner.

Hannah Murray – Head of Administration

Julie Hanks – Legal Secretary

Jessica Jane – Legal Secretary

Karen Parsons – Legal Secretary

Cally Williams -Legal Secretary

Helen Willis – Legal Secretary

Mia Ashton – Legal Secretary

Stephanie Steele – Legal Secretary

Jade Hopkins – Legal Secretary

Giorgia Routledge – Legal Secretary

Sabrina Campbell – Accounts Manager

Jessica McCamley – Accounts Assistant

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