• National UK Motoring Lawyers
    We publish our success rates because we are proud of how many motorists we help…
  • Professional Drivers
    Taxis, Lorries, Van Drivers? If you rely on your driving licence for your living…. we can help
  • Mobile Phone Driving Offences
    Penalties for mobile phone motoring offences have recently doubled to 6 points per offence..
  • Fail To Name The Driver
    Section 172 offences cover failure to name or identify the driver when requested…
  • Driving Without Due Care & Attention
    Often called Careless Driving & carries a maximum £5000 fine, 3 – 9 points or a discretionary ban…
  • Speeding Offences
    Changes in speeding laws have increased points, maximum fines and driving bans you can receive…
  • No Driving Licence Offences
    Driving without a valid licence is very different offence to driving while disqualified by a court…
  • New Driver Rules
    For 2 years, new drivers only have 6 penalty points available for motoring offences… We can help
  • Fail To Stop & Failing To Report
    Also known as Hit & Run, Fail to Stop & Fail to Report are imprisonable offences with 5 – 10 points
  • Driving Without Insurance
    Driving without insurance & permitting no insurance are serious offences with 6 – 8 penalty points
  • Drinking & Driving
    Drinking and driving offences carry a minimum 12 month ban. Have you been accused? We can help…
  • Dangerous & Reckless Driving

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  • Avatar Claire ★★★★★ in the last week
    Excellent customer service, initial advice was excellent, we are taking there experience knowledge and commitment to help … More Craig who I care for who needs there help with getting justice for Craig who has been given points for one occasion in which he provided driver details and now another matter which he was not the driver or gave permission for individual to drive , with out there experience he most definitely will get disqualified, hopefully they will get a no disqualification outcome , ring this firm who only deals with driving offences and have a excellent record in driving offences.
  • Avatar Afsana Begum ★★★★★ a week ago
    The best service and extremely reliable. I can’t thank Tom Clover enough for his service, patience and professionalism. … More Thank you to the whole team.

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