• National UK Motoring Lawyers
    We publish our success rates because we are proud of how many motorists we help…
  • Professional Drivers
    Taxis, Lorries, Van Drivers? If you rely on your driving licence for your living…. we can help
  • Mobile Phone Driving Offences
    Penalties for mobile phone motoring offences have recently doubled to 6 points per offence..
  • Fail To Name The Driver
    Section 172 offences cover failure to name or identify the driver when requested…
  • Driving Without Due Care & Attention
    Often called Careless Driving & carries a maximum £5000 fine, 3 – 9 points or a discretionary ban…
  • Speeding Offences
    Changes in speeding laws have increased points, maximum fines and driving bans you can receive…
  • No Driving Licence Offences
    Driving without a valid licence is very different offence to driving while disqualified by a court…
  • New Driver Rules
    For 2 years, new drivers only have 6 penalty points available for motoring offences… We can help
  • Fail To Stop & Failing To Report
    Also known as Hit & Run, Fail to Stop & Fail to Report are imprisonable offences with 5 – 10 points
  • Driving Without Insurance
    Driving without insurance & permitting no insurance are serious offences with 6 – 8 penalty points
  • Drinking & Driving
    Drinking and driving offences carry a minimum 12 month ban. Have you been accused? We can help…
  • Dangerous & Reckless Driving

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  • Avatar Jack Cousins ★★★★★ a month ago
    I was facing 10 points for a drug driving charge and the prospect of losing my job, my house and my license but Patterson … More Law expertly handled my case and have achieved a dismissal on all charges and I'm finally free to continue living my life. Could not recommend enough. Worth every penny without a shadow of a doubt. A special thank you had to go out to Jason who handled my case excellently. I was never in the dark, and they were so proactive with all of there responses and advice.
  • Avatar Tariq El-Sawad ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    I needed advice regarding a road traffic incident. The advice I received was professional and well informed. It put my mind … More to rest and allowed me to conduct my own response and successfully clear up the matter. I was even given a follow up call to check how the matter had progressed and check if I needed further help. I am truly grateful for the help I received. I would recommend to all friends and family this great service

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