Statutory Declarations

Frequently asked questions for making a statutory declaration


Second Statutory Declaration

Question: Speeding I had to go to court back in 2008/ early 2009 for a speeding offence I didn’t commit as my details were stolen and someone used them to do this offence with evidence I shown the court said …

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Convicted Twice In Absence

Question: I was prosecuted for a speeding offence in my absence in x 2009. I did not receive a notice of the offence from the police or the subsequent prosecution in a magistrates court. I was fined and court costs …

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12 Points?

Question: I was summonsed to court for this offence I could not attend due to health, I called court to inform them of this, but the case was heard in my absence and I was imposed with 3 penalty points. …

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I Moved House

Question: I moved house 6 years ago but still had a paper licence, I recently applied for a new licence (photo card) and it came back with 6 points. Obviously as I moved house I did not receive the letters, …

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Illegal Left Turn – I Didn’t Know About Proceedings

Question: I carried out an illegal left turn. My car was registered to an old address. I didn’t know of the PCN until bailiffs clamped my vehicle outside my new address. Court hearing 23 March and over £600 charge from …

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