MOT Offence

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No Mot Doesn’t invalidate Insurance

Question: I’ve been pulled over and the police officer has correctly identified that my MOT has lapsed. He’s given me a fixed penalty for the no MOT offence but has suggested I will receive a summons to court because the …

MOT Offence – Petrol Station Forecourt?

Question: Hello, We are RRRA members and I read with interest your recent article in the RRRA news. I recently received a non endorsable fine of £60 from a police officer that was parked on a Tesco petrol forecourt. Basically …

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Driving Without An MOT

Question: I live in Somerset & collect vehicles for my son who has a garage in Cornwall. The cars are collected from auction sites & driven on Trade Plates. The auction sites can be anywhere in the country, but one …

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