• Penalties for Dangerous Driving ( Careless & Reckless driving) include: a minimum 12 month driving ban, a possible retest and a possible prison sentence.

Have You Been Accused Of Dangerous Driving?

If so, we can help. Patterson Law represent clients across the UK in relation to all types of Dangerous, Reckless & Careless offence allegations throughout England & Wales.

Because Dangerous driving is a very serious offence, it carries the risk of imprisonment if convicted.

Our Critical Case Specialists deal with serious motoring offences like these.

Dangerous Driving Penalties:

  • 12 Month Minimum Ban
  • Possible Retest
  • Risk of up to 2 yrs Imprisonment

Driving offence Code: DD40, DD60, DD80, DD90

We have considerable experience successfully defending critically serious cases;

Causing Death by:

  • Dangerous Driving
  • Careless Driving
  • Careless or Dangerous driving when under the influence of drink or drugs

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The prosecution have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the standard of your driving fell well below that of the careful and considerate driver before they can convict you.

Dangerous related allegations normally include suggestions of driving erratically at unsafe speeds, or a police chase, or overtaking in an extremely reckless manner.

However, you can also be accused of dangerous driving if your vehicle is defective.

Dangerous Driving

If convicted, you will be automatically banned for a minimum period of 12 months. Additionally, you will be ordered to take a retest before you are allowed to drive again.

If you have been accused of dangerous driving you are going to need serious and expert advice!

You are at serious risk of being sent to prison if you have been accused of these allegations. Now is the time to ask a motoring offence specialist how to defend your allegations.

It is a high risk strategy to entrust cases like these to a non-specialist.

We provide free legal advice about dangerous driving allegations here. ASK US A FREE QUESTION and find out how we can help you.

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    Facing four charges and a possible ban I was left stressed thinking about my options.
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    … More Patterson law. I have to say it was definitely one of the best decisions I ever made! After an initial call I briefly spoke through my options with Dominic. Very polite and helpful! After going through my options I decided I wanted Patterson law to represent me! The advice given was amazing and was never pressured into being represented by them!
    My case handler was Mia Ashton! If you ever have the pleasure of having Mia represent you then you are in good hands! She genuinely left no stone unturned and not once did I have to chase her up on anything. I was regularly informed of the actions she was taking and the pricing structure was very clear with no hidden costs! She definitely knows what she’s doing when it comes to traffic offences!!
    Thank you ever some much for getting two charges dropped and me not even having to attend court which was daunting and playing on my mind. Thank you Mia for helping me through this stressful time! You have one happy customer here who still has his driving licence and would never hesitate to recommend you in the future. You actually achieved the most desirable outcome I could’ve wished for!!
    Thank you again
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    First time I've used this company, I'd racked up excessive points and needed expert help as I relied on a van for … More my work. Kris Nickels my solicitor was excellent.! Always available to take and return my phone calls and easy to talk to.
    I had great outcome in end and would recommend this company to anyone
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