Police Officer Called Me A Dick For Doing Donuts In A Car Park


Hi was wondering if you could help me? I was doing donuts in a new vehicle which I was insured for in a very large empty retail car park. Under cover police came and gave me 3 points and a 60 pound fine and also gave me a producer. The question is what’s code 124? That’s what they done me for.

They were very rude called me a dick and a few other things, stereotyped me also they only saw me do one donut (skid) I was more upset over the fact the way he spoke to me and the points, what shall I do?

 Emma Says:

Some might agree that the officer was justified in his comments…..

I myself share your concerns regarding the officers approach and it is never appropriate for an officer to speak to anyone like that, even if they are being naughty!!

The offence code is neither here nor there. Officers have a variety of different codes on the ticket and the only issue if whether or not you accept that you were driving without due care or inconsiderately.

I would just take this one on the chin if I were you. If you challenge the ticket you will get a heavier penalty at court.

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