Dangerous Vehicle

Dangerous vehicle questions and answers that will help you to defend any allegations you face for the offence.


Overloading And Driving A Vehicle In A Dangerous Condition

Question: Our client instructed us to represent him at court when he was charged with overloading a hired minibus. He had hired the minibus as he had his extended family visiting for a holiday. At the same time builders were …

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Cannot Open Drivers Door – Dangerous Condition

Question: Using a vehicle in a dangerous condition The driver side door on my van could not be opened from either the outside or the inside. However I had access to the passenger side door and the van side door …

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Car Glass Too Heavily Tinted

Question: Percentage of visual transmission of light through the windscreen was less than required by regulation 32(10) of Road Vehicles (construction and use) Regulations 1986, namely 75%, in that it only allowed for the transmission of 33%. Contrary to column …

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Vehicle In A Dangerous Condition

Question: I have been told that my vehicle is not roadworthy due to having sharp edges. Can you tell me why this is? Emma Says: It’s an offences of using the vehicle being in a dangerous condition and posing a …

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My Two Back Wheels Fell Off – Vehicle In Dangerous Condition

Question: I was driving a lorry when my two rear wheels came off. Just wondering what fine will I get people say a may get a ban for having a dangerous vehicle? Emma Says: Yes you may be at risk …

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