Two Bald Tyres – 3 Penalty Points Or 6?


Two bald tyres

My licence if over 3 years old and I have already got 6 six points on it. 3 points were for speeding and the other 3 points were imposed due to driving in the wrong lane.

Two weeks back the police stopped me and found two of my front tyres were bald. They gave me a prohibition form and asked me to change the tyres and re MOT the vehicle and show it to the local police station in order to remove the prohibition.

Which I did within next two days.

They also told me that they will send my matter to the court for penalty on the bald tyres. Its over 2 weeks but I haven’t heard anything from them. I’m a taxi driver and imposition of 6 points will total to 12 points which would stop my livings. Is there any way out?

Emma Says:

Bald Tyres Law

You won’t get 3 points per tyre if the offences occurred on the same occasion. You only get points for one of the offences – which means 3. This will mean that you are on 9 and you will have to be really careful to try and avoid a ban going forward.

They have up to 6 months to issue the court summons so you have got a little bit of a wait I’m afraid.

Keep my details and come back to me if anything else happens in the future and I will be happy to assist further.

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