Discretionary Bans

Discretionary driving bans can be given to drivers for various offences at the discretion of the Magistrate hearing the case.


62 In A 30 Limit!

Question: I was caught doing 62 in a 30 limit about 2 nights ago. However the area was not built up whatsoever with the road leading up to a university, this was around 9.30pm. I already have 3 points and …

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Discretionary Ban Risk

Question: I have received notification that i was doing 53 in a 30 zone on a dual carriageway. It was captured by a Lastec camera. I am quite quite concerned about the outcome. I have 3 points (Jan 08) and …

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Lifting A Driving Ban Early

Question: I got caught driving before I have even passed my test and I got a 12 month driving ban £85 fine and a 18 hours community service. I have finished my community service and paid my fine is there …

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Big Risk Of Driving Ban

Question: I have just got a summons through for speeding, I was doing 73mph in a 40. It is my first offence and have been driving over three year. I go to college the last week of every month which …

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Facing Driving Ban

Question: I was given a producer for speeding last year but due to stressful circumstances, I forgot to produce and was sent a court summons with no time to attend on there. I then was given some last minute work …

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