Will I Get A Driving Ban?


Excess speeding

I am being prosecuted for traveling 96 mph on 70 mph duel carriageway

Being prosecuted for crossing double white line while over-taking

Both above offences on a motorcycle I am 51 years old have been driving for 33 years and never had any points or motoring convictions

I have an electrical business that requires me to drive my van

Can I get a driving ban disqualification for this????

Louise Says:

The speed alone would not normally lead to a driving ban, but it is aggravated by the suggestion that you crossed the double white lines at the same time. This may make the magistrates think that a short ban is appropriate. Do you have a hearing date at court or have you just been warned that you are going to be prosecuted?

The fact that you have a clean licence will help with your mitigation.

Would you like my help with this matter? I help over 95% of my clients avoid discretionary bans.

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