62 In A 30 Limit!



I was caught doing 62 in a 30 limit about 2 nights ago. However the area was not built up whatsoever with the road leading up to a university, this was around 9.30pm.

I already have 3 points and have been summoned the court for the above, which I will plead guilty. My question is will I lose my licence?

Emma Says:

You will be at risk of a significant discretionary ban in relation to this matter. You will be expected to attend court because the magistrates cannot deal with you in your absence when you are at risk of a ban.

The court will adjourn for you to attend if you try to plead guilty by post.

You are off the scale for the magistrates sentencing guidelines (in a 30 limit) so the risk is very high and the ban could be for a few months.

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