• What is Reasonable Diligence?
    "Reasonable Diligence" is the process of care & attention that would be expected to be exercised by a ‘reasonable and prudent person’ under the circumstances

What is Reasonable Diligence?

Reasonable Diligence (often called Due Diligence) is the process of care & attention that would be expected to be exercised by a ‘reasonable and prudent person’ under the circumstances.

The offence of failing to provide driver information arises when you are sent a request to identify the driver of a motor vehicle after an alleged road traffic offence has been committed.

If you are the registered keeper of a car and you are accused of failing to name the driver you will be found not guilty if you can show that you used reasonable diligence to ascertain who was driving at the time.

There is no statutory definition of what amounts to reasonable diligence. Therefore, every case is decided on its own merits.

If you are going to try and use the defence of reasonable diligence you have to prove the defence on the balance of probabilities. This means that you have to show that “its more likely than not” that you have done your best to work out who was driving.

We have had cases where Judges have said that using reasonable diligence means “doing your best”. Again each reasonable diligence argument is judged on its own facts.

Reasonable Diligence Checklist

  • If you don’t know who was driving ask for photo evidence from the police. They don’t always agree to send it out by explain you are struggling and use your powers of persuasion. Even if the photo is of the rear of the car its important to show that you asked!
  • Ask all possible drivers whether they could have been driving the car on that occasion before nominating them.
  • Check diary dates/work commitments to try and jog your memory
  • Look at a map and check the route if it was a long journey and you changed drivers on route.
  • Furthermore, be careful about nominating people from abroad. This is because, the police rarely believe it and tend to think its just an attempt to avoid the points.

We are very good at defending allegations of failing to name the driver. Quite often, We can get the police to agree to take no further action or get the matter dropped without trial at court.

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