Unable To Identify The Driver s.172 RTA 1988


Van registered in the company name.

2 possible drivers on the day in question so we are unable to identify the driver precisely.

Both vehemently deny driving. I cannot prove who is lying.

How do I complete the form please?

Dominic Says:

You need to name both of the potential drivers in your response to the police and explain the efforts that you have made to try and figure out who was driving at the time.

Were they both insured? Don’t want you to get into trouble for permitting them to drive without insurance.

Attach a letter to the form if the form doesn’t make sense in terms of naming two potential drivers.

I have a very good success rate at persuading the police to agree to take no further action in these cases. I do this on the basis of a fixed fee service.

If they do take action it will most likely be against you as the keeper of the car and you will be at risk of 6 points. Have you got any points already? If so, how many?

Have you asked to see the photographic evidence – if not please do just in case it helps.

Come back to me if you would like my help. I help over 96% of my clients avoid this type of conviction.

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