Fail to name driver s.172


I had a hire car in my name another guy used it to travel home and back to work a speed camera clocked him speeding. I got a speeding ticket sent it back but must have filled it in wrong got another one and gave it to the driver to fill in and return I may have had another ticket same offence and gave it to him again got the summons to appear in court so I got a signed confession of fhim and posted to the court.

Now I have a letter notice of fine and collection £525 fine fail to drive ID £15 costs & £65 speeding fine what do I do next as I was not the driver of the car at the time of the offence?

 Dominic Says:

I am afraid that there is very little you can do in these circumstances.

You need to attend court in order to defend yourself. There was no point sending a signed confession from him, because the court proceedings were dealing with the fail to name driver offence – not his speeding offence.

When you are sent a request for driver identity you need to complete it. Its your responsibility – you should have given him the form. You should have completed it by naming him as the driver.

By the sounds of things he didn’t send it back in any event.

You could not have defended yourself at court even if you had attended.

You got a normal fine and the standard 6 points for this offence I’m afraid.

Come back to me if I have misunderstood anything.

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