Contravening Signs

Road Signs & Offences

Driving offence Code: TS20, TS30, TS40, TS50, TS60, TS70

The offence of contravening traffic signs includes;

  • Ignoring one way street signs
  • Turning left or right when a traffic sign says you are not allowed to
  • Going through red traffic lights.

These driving offences carry a fine of up to £1000 and 3 penalty points.

Traffic Light Offences

Driving Offence Code: TS10

It is possible to defend allegations of contravening a traffic sign. You will need to demonstrate that you did not contravene the directions given by a sign.


If you can demonstrate that the traffic sign or signs does not or did not conform to the rules (in relation to colour / size / illumination etc) as set down in the Traffic Signs and General Regulations.

Contravening a Traffic Sign

If you can present a good reason why you contravened a traffic sign (e.g. an emergency situation) then it may be possible to defend the allegation.

Penalty points on your licence can be avoided by using a special reasons argument.

If you have been accused of the offence of contravening a traffic sign then please ask us a question about your circumstances and we will be able to advise you…..

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