One Hell of a Job!

Rated 5* – July 2017

I would like to thank you and Patterson Law for what you did for me today and help me retain my licence. Your service is very professional and my barrister did one hell of a job.

Once again thank you Rachel and Patterson Law. All the best for the future! I will recommend anyone who may require your services.

Clarity & Confidence

5* Excellent Rating – June 2017

Today I won my case at Southend Magistrates Court.

I would not have done so without the professionalism that Patterson Law displayed from my very first telephone call.

I would particularly like to thank you Hannah for your first class effort on my behalf; you imparted relevant knowledge which provided me with clarity and confidence.

My barrister, Alban Brahimi, was sensational too!

I thank you all.

Absolutely Brilliant Job

Rated 5* – June 17

I would like to thank you all for your hard work and support about my road traffic matter. You guys have done an absolutely brilliant job. Keep doing your good work. God bless you all.

Caring & Client Friendly

5* Rating – June 17

Paula has been excellent throughout this whole ordeal. Paula has been professional; responsive as well as supportive too.

Paula has shown a very caring and client friendly approach from start to finish. Every time I called or emailed Paula she always put my concerns and worries to rest.


5* Review – June 17

Thank you so much for your help and support, you were all quite simply outstanding in every regard.

A Big Thank You

5* – May 2017

Graham, A big thank you for all help and support during my representation.

This is absolutely fantastic news, once again many thanks to you and your team.

Reassurance & Professional Advice

Rated 5 out of 5 – May 17

Just a short note to thank you for all of your help over the last couple months.

All went well yesterday. I am sure you heard from Imran. He was extremely helpful and put my defence very well, much better than I would have done. It was a real help to have your reassurance and professional advice.

Outstanding & Unexpected Result

5* Excellent Rating – May 17

A big massive huge thank you for all your excellent and professional help. The service you have provided me is outstanding.

I am very happy with the result which I did not expect.

I will definitely recommend all of my family members and friends in regards to any motor offences in the future.

Very Satisfactory Outcome

Rated 5 / 5 *’s – May 2017

Very professional and reassuring advice & a very satisfactory conclusion.

Very Pleased – Will Recommend

5* Rating – May 17

Many thanks for you efforts throughout the case. I am very pleased with Patterson Law, your efforts personally and those of Mr Phillips.

I would not hesitate to recommend you to others. Please feel free to use this testimonial on your website.

Simply Superb

5* Excellent rated – May 17

You were simply superb defending me, thank you.

You Can’t Improve On Perfection

Rated 5* Excellent – May 2017

Paula, I can’t fault the service I received. You were pro-active, professional and above all, brilliant.

My expectations were always managed & I always knew what I was paying & the risks involved.

Thanks for everything

Very Good, Will Use Again

5* Excellent Rating – May 17

This was very good and we are pleased with all your services. We will use this service again if needed in the future.

Help Throughout my ordeal

5* Rating – May 17

I’d like to thank you and your team for all your efforts on helping me throughout my ordeal!

5 Speeding & 3 Fail To Name Allegations!

5* Rating – May 2017

When it became clear last autumn that I was going to face a “totting up” disqualification I was extremely upset and worried that if I lost my licence then I would lose my job. Therefore I took the decision to seek legal advice on the matter.

I must have called at least 6 law firms before I called Patterson Law; one person said they could not possibly represent me, as I had no chance of avoiding a full 6 month totting ban. Some others quoted a price that I simply could not afford, and some did not seem to have much of an idea about motoring law! As such when I called Patterson Law I was becoming quite disheartened and had almost given up on finding someone to help me.

I was very quickly put straight through to Emma, with whom I was immediately very impressed. She was not fazed by my situation, and instantly came up with several possible solutions regarding my case that none of the previous solicitors I had spoken to had mentioned. I decided on the spot that I would use Patterson Law for my legal representation.

I was assigned Rachel Ballamy as my Case Progression Officer. I cannot speak highly enough of Rachel; she was incredibly efficient, friendly and switched on – in short a godsend. Like Emma, she was completely non-judgemental (even though we subsequently found out that I had two more speeding allegations in the pipeline that I had not been aware of, on top of my original three speeding allegations).

I won’t go into detail as my case was quite complicated; in short, at one stage I was looking at 5 speeding allegations and 3 failure to identify offences, on top of an original 6 points. By the time I went into the courtroom I only had 3 speeding allegations to plead guilty to; Rachel had succeeded in having my failure to identify allegations withdrawn and we had managed to avoid two of the speeding allegations.

I had discussed everything with Rachel at length and we decided that I should submit a plea of exceptional hardship. Going to court was nerve wracking to say the least, however it was incredibly reassuring to have a barrister with me, Mr Crumley, who had been fully briefed on my case by Rachel.

Mr Crumley invited me to go into the courtroom to watch the two cases before me. Neither of the gentlemen had legal representation, and they were both heavily penalised by the magistrates. I firmly believe that had I gone to court without legal representation, I would have undoubtedly been given a full 6 month totting ban and a much greater fine. However Mr Crumley put my case across in the best possible manner and the end result was that I received a reduced totting ban of 28 days, after which the points will be wiped from my licence.

I am absolutely delighted with this result; the 28 days is nearly over now and I am so relieved that when I am back on the road, the points will be gone. I cannot thank Emma Patterson enough and particularly Rachel who was a constant source of reassurance; always sure of the facts, utterly pragmatic, and always one step ahead.

I completely trusted her to do the right thing and felt that she genuinely had my best interests at heart. If I had lost my licence and job I would have been absolutely devastated – now my life is nearly back to normal and I am incredibly grateful to Patterson Law for this.

Clear Explanation of Complex Law

Rated 5* – May 17

I just wanted to say thank you for the truly excellent service yourself and the Patterson Law team provided me with.

Over several months you were totally professional,very reassuring, and‎ able to clearly explain to me what was quite a complex and involved process.

You instilled me with confidence and the outcome was far better than I had dared hope for. Ed Counsell, the Barrister was well prepared and very diligent on my behalf.

Overall I’m very happy with the result and would recommend Patterson Law without hesitation‎ to anyone with a driving related matter.

Avoided Disqualification

5* Rated – May 2017

The service and advice given was both professional and as it turned out, accurate, with me taking points rather than disqualification, as the Court chose not to disqualify (which was my preferred route), but the Court awarded 5 points rather than 6, so giving me some saving grace should I get a further offence.

Delighted With The Results

Rated 5* – May 17

Thank you so much for representing me recently and successfully defending 2x cases brought against me.

I was very impressed with your service throughout and delighted with the results you achieved.

You demonstrated your expertise on speeding matters and made short work of getting the issues resolved.

On that basis, you were an excellent choice and worked out great value for money.

Finally, thank you for arranging the reclaim of my costs and for the speedy refund.

I wish you prosperity and continued success for the future.

Absolutely Fantastic

5* Rated – April 17

I thought that Gurjeet was absolutely fantastic and it was really helpful that you spent some much time with me prior to the hearing. I am obviously very happy with the outcome and the work that you have done for me.

Hopefully I wont need to use you again but I will pass your details on if anyone friends need in the future.

Truly Outstanding Service

5* Rated – April 17

Overall I am very happy with all of the service I received. I was a bit wary at first but was kept updated and able to keep in touch, and get a response any time required.

I was made to feel like a valued customer who case was important on an individual basis. Truly outstanding service.

Glad I Had You On My Side

5* Rated – April 2017

Just a quick follow up to say thank you Hannah for all your hard work over the past few months.

As I’m sure you’ll be aware by now, Nigel was successful in presenting our case on Monday and we got the outcome we were looking for. I honestly can’t fault his professionalism, or your determination for that matter, you’ve both been brilliant.

Thanks once again Hannah, I’m certainly glad I had you on my side!

Helpful & Professional

5* Rated – April 17

Thank You!!! Most kindly, it was a real pleasure talking with you also and all the advice was very helpful and professional.

Career At Risk

5* Rated – April 17

For primary consultation with Ms Emma Patterson I felt like a positive outcome would be achieved and it was.

Daniel, without yours & Ms Helen Randall’s expertise in court it would have been a much different outcome & would have cost me my career & a financial disaster if I’ld have attempted to defend myself.

I have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone.

Beyond My Expectations

5* Rated – April 17

I very much appreciated the time you gave to my concerns on the verdicts after I raised those with you.
I was not wishing to appear belligerent and I believe you handled my expectations with curtesy and professionalism.

Please also pass on my best wishes to Emma and Laura.

From my initial conversation with Emma and Laura’s excellent representation in court I believe Patterson Law not only met but went beyond my expectations.

I am in your debt and would have no hesitation in recommending Patterson Law to friends and acquaintances

Outstanding & Highly Professional

5 Star Rating – March 17

Outstanding, I couldn’t have been happier and more pleased with the highly professional skills and caring approach that Mariam showed when she represented me in Court.

She is a very special person, and a tribute to her Chambers.

You Reduced The Worry

5/5 – March 17

Just a quick mail to let you know that things have worked out just as you said and I have been offered the course rather than getting a fine and points.

Your advice went a long way to reduce the worry of the situation and I am extremely grateful for the expert knowledge you brought to bear at no cost to me.

I will not hesitate in recommending you to all I come across as well as on social media. Thanks again to you and Hillary for the superb service.

Explained Everything With Clarity

5 * Service – Feb 17

Thank you for speaking with me today.

You explained with clarity and managed to add a human element which was very reassuring regardless of any outcome in my situation.

£500 Well Spent

5 Stars – Feb17

I was kept informed throughout. It was £500 very well spent, thank you.

You will struggle to improve, I was very happy with everyhing you did for me.


Beyond Expectations

5 * – Feb 17

Jade Finnimore and the team, are amazing!!! The professionalisms, level and mannerisms in which the case was handle was beyond my expectation. My case was closed in less than 2 weeks and I had the hearing a year later, for that I thank you.

Thank you I would recommend them to anybody that seriously wants to get their case sorted out ASAP!!

14 Day Ban & No Points!

5 / 5 – Feb 17

Can’t Thank Dan Parks and my Barrister Selected by them enough, I was facing a 6 month totting ban and 6 points for driving at 103mph in a 70mph zone.

I was at risk of loosing my job and with the help of Patterson Law they represented me at court and advised me how to plea after examining the evidence. I was given a 14 day ban 0 points and £423 fine, so overall it was so much more than I could ever of hoped for.

Relieved & Delighted

5/5 – Feb 2017

I was relieved & totally delighted by the outcome that Dan achieved for me.

I can’t imagine how you could do a better job than you did, thank you again.

Superb Result

5*’s – Feb 2017

Thank you Graham. Your sensitivity and understanding was of great help to me.

Never again!

Please pass on my thanks to everyone who helped me. I am on the mend finally.

Totall Excellent

5 out of 5 Rated – Feb 17

Totally excellent from start to finish. Am more than happy to recommend you to anyone with a traffic law problem.

Great Big Thank You

5/5 – Feb 17

I would just like to say a great big thank you as I now only have 5 points and I get to keep my license.

All your help had been very much appreciated, and I will highly recommend Patterson Law, once again thank you.

Exceptional Legal Help

Rating 5 / 5 – Jan 2017

We have been most grateful for your instant and exceptional help over a speeding fine problem recently.

We were unaware of the date of the court hearing and consequently given a large fine in our absence, which arrived out of the blue by post and was extremely distressing.

Your sympathetic and comprehensive advice was so much appreciated at such a difficult time, and as a result we were able to arrange a Statutory Declaration at the local Magistrates Court to set aside the original case and re-apply for a new date for the hearing on 18 January.

Although we decided at the last minute to change the not-guilty plea to a ‘guilty plea with mitigating circumstances’ we were grateful to receive the standard fine of £120 and the prosecutor generously agreed to waive his fees of £85 to keep our costs down.

The downside of course is the 3 penalty points, but at least we have been saved any more hassle and uncertainty of costs.

Motoring Law Expertise

5* Rating – Jan 2017

I just want to say thank you for your support through this, I would have broken down but was very helpful and reassuring.

I’m sure I will not need you again but will readily pass on your details to anyone else who may need your motoring law expertise.

12 Points & 6 Month Ban Removed From Licence

5/5 – Jan 17

I only contacted Patterson Law after Magistrates court placed 12 points on my licence & a 6 month ban. My solicitor was not a motoring law specialist even though he professed to be.

He didn’t represent me well in court & advised me not to appeal.

After you took over my case, you instilled a confidence to appeal, set out an excellent case along with providing a professional, experienced barrister to represent me.

At appeal, all the points were taken off my licence along with the 6 month driving ban.

I wish I had approached you initially. Without doubt, true experts in your field.

Patterson Law Really Helped

Jan 2017 – 5/5

The quality of service and help I received was excellent. My case handler, Kelly was very professional and did a great job in advising me and helping me gather all the right information needed to get the outcome I wanted.

I was very happy with level of communication and access available and was reassured by the quick responses to my queries and concerns.

I couldn’t afford to lose my license for an extended period of time due to the treatment my wife was going through.

Patterson Law really helped us get through this difficult period and got the result that we wanted.


Fantastic Result

Jan 17 – Rated 5/5

Paula was fantastic. I couldn’t have done it without your support, advice and knowledge. Totally worth the money, you are all stars.

Better Than Expected

5* Rating – Jan 2017

Excellent service & communication from start to finish. Took care of all the paperwork we received. Kept us up to date on all progress. End result was much better than expected.

We can’t think of any way that you could improve on all that you have done & the service you have given us.

Keep Up The Good Service

5 * Rated – Dec 2016

We would like to thank you for all your hard work on this case. From initial discussions, communicating our pleas, corresponding and putting forward mitigation. Without your help and guidance I can’t see how a sympathetic outcome could have been achieved. The result you achieved has made Christmas come early for us.

Thank you & keep up the good service that you provide.

We Know What We’re Talking About

Rated – 5* – Dec 2016

Just a quick message to let you know that during a conversation with *** at Basildon Magistrates’ Court, he turned around and said “I always like dealing with you guys, you always know what you are talking about”.

A Pleasure To Work With

Rated 5* – Nov 2016

Patterson Law, Graham Brown and his team in particular, were excellent making arrangement of people and places. It has been a pleasure working with them. On the one hand we hope we will not need there services but if so then we will not hesitate to contact Patterson Law. They do just what they say in their publicity material.

Drink Driving Allegation Withdrawn

Rated 5* – Nov 2016

Two Drink Drive Allegations in 2 years – Both defended successfully. First offence I registered 153 mg’s and faced a sentencing guideline of 12 weeks imprisonment, disqualification, fines etc. as it is over 4 times the limit – I received; 100 Hrs community service, £85 Costs ( The minimum the CPS can ask for!), £60 Victim surcharge, no points and no disqualification.

Second offence; a vehicle I & 9 others have access to was involved in a damage only accident. Police came to my house & I blew 149 which is over four times the limit, but I had been drinking all day out on foot and indoors prior to my arrest as it was new years eve. The case against me was immediately withdrawn in court, in that it failed the Crown Prosecution Service code for prosecution.

Without Patterson Law’s legal advice I would have been hung out to dry on both occasions. Thank you to everyone who helped me.

1st Class

Rated 5* – Nov 2016

1st Class from start to finish, thank you.

Discretionary Ban Result

Rated 5* – November 2016

Hi Rebecca, Thanks for your message and yes, as happy as I can be receiving a driving ban for 2 weeks. To be fair I think Ricardo did well with the challenge given that all my supporting documentation was pointing towards an allocation of points and not a ban. 2 weeks is a reasonable inconvenience that I can manage with work and personal life. Anything more would have been a real issue.

Thanks for your help and support leading up to today. Many thanks to Emma too for the guidance all those months ago (May !) much appreciated.

Now going to pay my fine!

Delighted With Our Outcome

Rated 5* – Oct 2016

Hi Philip, Thanks so much for everything. Delighted with the outcome. I feel so much better now that is out the way and start a new chapter.

Please thank the barrister again he was great.

Top Quality From Start To Finish

Rated 5* – Oct 2016

Overall service was top quality from start to finish. The free initial advice was very useful in deciding whether it was worth engaging assistance in the first place. Dan was very helpful and given the possible worst case outcome, I was extremely pleased with the final result from the courts.

Excellent Information & Guidance

Rated 5* – Oct 2016

An excellent outcome re: the information & guidance that I as a client felt I have recieved throughout the whole process.

I am not only relieved, but very thankful & can now look forward to a promotion in my new Job.

Many thanks for your empathy, efficiency & the professional way in which my case was handled throughout.

I would absolutely recommend Patterson Law to others for your expertise & outstanding knowledge.

I wish the business & you both all the very best in the future.

Many thanks again & kindest regards.

Successful Totting Up Defence

Rated 5* – Oct 2016

Hello Graham, I would like to thank you personally for all you have achieved over the last few months. It seems an eternity but the out come has been so successful and I am quite overcome!!

I do hope that it may have given you a boost too and may serve to help other people in my circumstances!!!!

Good Advice & Reassurance

Rated 5* – Oct 2016

Dear Philip, I was very impressed with the fact that in a single phone call I had a lawyer, some good advice and all the reassurance I needed that my case was in good hands. You were clear and efficient (and ultimately successful too).

Great Job In Court

Rated 5* – Oct 2016

Thank you so much for all the help and assistance and the barrister was excellent. I was wondering if you could pass a message on for me to the chambers she works for and or her manager to let them know she was excellent. I appreciate all the help from yourself and her and I am so happy that everything went well. The barrister did a great a job in court and I want you to pass this message on to her. Also a big thank you to you Rachel and Patterson law ☺

Extremely Pleased

Rated 5* – October 2016

Extremely pleased with the way my case was handled and the polite and courteous way I was treated by all members of your team that I spoke to. The Barrister was excellent too, I would highly recommend you all.

6 Month Totting Ban Overturned

Rated 5* – October 2016

Dear Dan, I would like to thank you all for the work and diligence you put into my case. The outcome was very successful and Laura was brilliant and very well prepared. If it helps the photographs of the letterbox were discussed for quite a while in court.

I will recommend the company to anyone with motoring offences.

Please pass on my thanks to Laura too.

Taxi Driver – No Insurance Offence

Rated 5* – Sept 2016

As a taxi driver, accidentally caught without insurance due to an admin oversight, my job was at risk. You managed to negotiate a 14 day discretionary ban and more importantly no points – which would have cost me my job.

A truly amazing outcome for me and words can’t convey how much this means to me, thank you so much.

More Than We Could Have Wished For

Rated 5* – Sept 2016

Hello Graham, A very big thank you for all that you have done for S**. The outcome was more than we could ever have wished for. I think it helped that I went along as well. Bernice Campbell was fantastic and would certainly recommend both Patterson Law and Bernice Campbell to anyone who is in a similar situation.

With kind regards and best wishes

Support & Peace of Mind

Rated 5* – Sept 2016

Dear Hannah, I presume the letter I have received from the police means the end of our collaboration as well.
Thank you very much for the support and peace of mind you have given me over the past months!
I hope not to need your help in the future:-) but I will warmly recommend you and Patterson Law to anyone who wants to make their voice heard in such events like mine.
I wish you all the best in the future!

Excellent Value For Money

Rated 5* – Sept 2016

Service was excellent, I couldn’t be more pleased. I am more than happy with everything you did for me. Excellent value for money.

Fantastic Service

Rated 5* – Sept 2016

Extremely grateful for advice. Fantastic service and appreciate you talking things through with me.

Saved Me Time & Money

Rated 5* – Sept 2016

We asked a question on this site not really expecting an answer but received an extremely prompt reply which was very helpful. This, in turn, saved an awful lot of waste of time and money on our behalf.

Will definitely be using them again if needed.

Absolute Legend

Rated 5* – Sept 2016

Dear Rachel, You are an absolute legend!

Thank you for everything and all your efforts, the case was dismissed.

Excellent Help & Advice

Rated 5* – August 2016

Excellent help and advice given to me, I can’t think how you could improve your service.

The Best Possible Result

Rated 5* – August 2016

Hi Ruby, Can I please pass on my appreciation for the work and commitment of the team in defending my case.

I cannot express enough how you have all worked for me.

I received 4 points and the exceptional hardship case was accepted.

This was the best possible result.

Once again thank you for your support and commitment.

Don`t take this the wrong way, I hope we do not have to meet again.

Kindest regards

Amazing Work

Rated 5* – August 2016

Dear Hilary, I’d just like to thank you and the rest of the company for your help, regarding my case.

I feel you dealt with it professionally and efficiently, and hope you continue on with your amazing work!

I wish you well on your future endeavours, and thank you again.

Excellent & Well Informed

Rated 5* – July 2016

Dear Phil, thanks again for your excellent, well informed service. Thanks also for going through it all with me so clearly.

Very Impressed

Rated 5* – July 2016

Very impressed & a great service. Will gladly recommend you, thank you.

Amazing Legal Service

Rated 5* – July 2016

Dear Rebecca, Let me take this opportunity to thank you once again personally for the way in which you assisted me. I received amazing service from you. Everything was handled so professionally and efficiently by yourself yet you put me totally at ease through out our correspondence and telephonic conversations.

I would highly recommend you to anyone in this situation.

Totting Up Ban Minimised

Rated 5* – July 2016

Glad to report that I received a 28 day ban and a £305 fine with no points. I was very pleased with Becky who made a ghastly experience as pleasant as possible and got the desired response even though it did not look likely at one point. We went in behind a 65 yr old taxi driver with an outstanding mortgage of £80k and an 89 yr old father with senile dementia and a brother with cancer, – I did not feel that my hardship was on the same scale. I will not be going to court again, feel I do not have the requisite tattoos, but I would recommend your services. Thank you for all your help

Very professional & Caring

Rated 5* – July 2016

Big thanks to Philip Milton, A very professional and caring service. Highly recommended for anyone in trouble.

Two Out of Three Charges Dropped

Rated 5* – July 2016

My case came to a conclusion at court yesterday. Sadly it didn’t go as well as we’d hoped, no thanks to some old friends of mine.

I really struggled coming to terms with the entire situation and still am now. I just wanted to say thank you so much for putting Paula Guest on my case. She was beyond amazing. She was so patient, kind and understanding but had a great fierce side too. I suffer with pretty severe anxiety and Paula put me at ease countless times. I am so glad I chose Patterson Law to represent me, although I have a driving ban longer than we had hoped, Paula still managed to get two of the three charges dropped and kept my fine to a minimum.

I honestly hope your help is not needed again but if myself or anyone I know are ever in need of legal assistance with motor law they’ll be coming your way.

Thanks again

Effective legal Representation

Rated 5* – July 2016

Dear Rebecca, Thank you very much for your support in our case. I am pleased the issue has now been resolved successfully.

As M*** said on when she called, you have been patient and supportive. The choice of the final Barrister was really good. Robert Harding came fully prepared with all the relevant paperwork to submit to the Judge and the Prosecution, which made the representation very effective.

First Class Service

Rated 5* – June 2016

Hi Rachel, Thank you very much for your excellent service and help with T****s matter. We found your services 1st class,very reassuring sound advice with great communication and Ann was the cherry on the cake.
Myself and T**** are obviously very pleased with the outcome and relieved it’s all behind us now. Thanks once again.

Delighted With The Outcome

Rated 5* – June 2016

I am very impressed and delighted with the outcome and cannot appreciate enough your help and effort. Rest assured that I will spread the word around my friends and colleagues on your professionalism and quality of service.

A Massive Thank You

Rated 5* – June 2016

Paula, I Just wanted to say again a massive thank you. You have all been great. An absolute credit to your company. A big high five from me.

Best Possible Outcome Achieved

Rated 5* – June 2016

Very good service, I will happily recommend you. You were very helpful & kept me up to date with progress & most importantly you achieved the best possible outcome for my case. Thanks again.

Very Happy with Result

Rated 5* – June 2016

Hi Carla, It went better than I expected and I am very happy with the result, especially the modest fine.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you, the Patterson Law team overall, and of course to my barrister. I am more than happy to write a recommendation to that effect on any referral website for such services, and I will be recommending you and your company to friends and family. Hopefully this will be my only experience with such matters but should that change I would hope to use Patterson Law for representation in the future.

Got The Best Result

Rated 5* – June 2016

Hi Dominic, I can’t thank you and Patterson Law enough, got the best result. I won the case for special reasons and got off without any penalty point and no disqualification. Only a £100 fine. Thank you very much for the work you all put in.

New Driver – 7 Day Ban

Rated 5* – June 2016

Hi Rachel, Thank you so much for your help negotiating the penalty down to a 7 day ban for a new driver / high speed offence. The service you provided was excellent.

Can I please check the date when A*** can drive again? Will this be next Tuesday?

I cannot thank your Company enough, you have been brilliant.

Unusually Refreshing

Rated 5* – June 2016

An unusually refreshing and effective service from a solicitors organisation

Efficient & Effective

Rated 5* – June 2016

Dear Ruby. My dear friend said “Oh I knew they would be sensible once they had met you”!
Yes I am happy to remove this all from my head now. Thank you for your efficiency and effectiveness. All the best

Excellent in Every Way

Rated 5* – June 2016

The service doesn’t need improving, just expanding into a bigger and better Solicitors, as it’s service is excellent in every way and Rachel has been a pleasant person and a pleasure to deal with at all times, which we thank her for.

Free Question Helped Me Greatly

Rated 5* – May 2016


I found your website with the opportunity to ask a free question by searching for help on Google.  Although my question was a straightforward one merely asking for clarification on a query I had, I was extremely impressed. A very prompt reply answering my question with good advice and given in a very friendly, personal and understanding way. If I ever have a more serious problem, I wouldn’t hesitate to make them my first port of call.

London Solicitors Review

Rated 5* – May 2016


Having been flashed for speeding & then not returned the S172 in due time, I turned to yourselves for help, despite being a London based Lawyer myself. Driving law isn’t my speciality but you reassured me that I had made the right decision. With your assistance, both allegations were withdrawn and I got my costs awarded too…… far better than I had either expected or had thought I might achieve myself.

Thank you all for a valiant job well done.

Absolutely Amazing

Rated 5* – May 2016


Michael, the barrister was absolutely amazing. He made what was a stressful morning very much better with his full command of the situation and total knowledge not only of the law but the workings of the magistrates courts at St. Albans and Stevenage.

I am very happy with the positive outcome of a 28 day ban.

Michael did explain all the procedure and the reasoning behind having this speeding offence heard separately. My understanding is that I still have the 9 points on my licence but we have not used the exceptional circumstance argument which he felt was the best way forward and luckily the court went along with his argument.

Thanks to all your team for a splendid outcome.

Prompt & Professional

Rated 5* – May 2016


The service I received was prompt and professional. And the advice I received was very good.

I would highly recommend Patterson Law.

Dangerous Driving Plea

Rated 5* – May 2016


Having been advised by another lawyer to plead guilty I almost did until I happened across your website and asked your opinion. Your reassured me that guilty would be the wrong plea and took control of my defence.

Next thing I know the case is dismissed and I can get on with family life again.

Please pass my thanks to Ann, Rob, Michael and the rest of the team.

Approachable & Helpful

Rated 5* – May 2016


I found all your staff approachable and helpful. You all did a great job for me and I wanted to say thank you.

Would Gladly Recommend

Rated 5* – May 2016


Both Dan Park (Lawyer) & Leanne Summers (Barrister) were excellent. I would gladly recommend you to a friend or colleague.

Avoided Totting Ban

Rated 5* – May 2016


Many thanks for all your hard work. So pleased to have avoided a totting ban. Your exceptional hardship argument was superb & I wouldn’t have gotten this result without you.

Couldn’t Be Better

Rated 5* – May 2016


I would like to quickly thank you for everything you did to help me with my case.  I am very pleased with the outcome as it wasn’t half as bad as i was expecting!  I could not have asked for anything better, or less! I appreciate all the work you put towards this, and thank you to the barrister that supported me, I was very impressed with him.  I will defientnly reccomend you in the future if need be.



Prosecution Offer No Evidence

Rated 5* – May 2016


I just wanted to thank you for the support and advice you have given me during the long drawn
out proceedings for the case against my company, hearing the news on Tuesday afternoon that the
Prosecution would ‘Offer no Evidence’ was music to my ears, it took a great weight of my shoulders

I would like to thank Emma as well for her original advice and to say it all stacked up really neatly, I would
certainly recommend your Company to anyone with a motoring problem with the Law knowledge you
specialise in.

Minimum Fine & Costs

Rated 5* – April 2016

Many thanks for all your help on our behalf.

In the end, it was very helpful for family reasons not to have had to attend court that day and we appreciate your success in keeping the fine and costs to a reasonable level.

The court papers have arrived and we have just paid the outstanding total of £270, so (apart from the likely additional premium when we tell insurers) all’s well that ends well!

New Driver Avoids Revocation

Rates 5* – April 2016

Just a note to thank you so much for your help with our sons traffic matter. He couldn’t have got a better outcome, he is so grateful he gets to keep his licence and I think he has now learned his lesson. He was so pleased he only got 14 days driving ban and a fine.

Thank you again for getting him through this, we couldn’t have done it without you. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who is in need of a good solicitor for a motor traffic offence.

We Fix The Mistakes Of Others

Rated 5* – March 2016

In the Magistrates Count the client was respresented by another firm of solicitors. The Court accepted that he didn’t get the original NIP. The Count advised the Prosecution to apply to change the dates to refer to the reminder letter. This was agreed. The Solicitor didn’t know what to do. They ended up presenting a reasonable diligence defence and lost.

The client instructed us to appeal. The CPS refused to withdraw the case, but our appeal was successful.

Excellent job fixing previous bad advice. You dug me out of a hole I got myself into by choosing non specialist solicitors to defend my case. Never again, I’m a convert now, you’re my experts. So grateful.

Totting Ban Reduced To 36 Days

Rated 5* – March 2016

Self-employed lorry driver needed to get back on the road quickly. We succeeded in achieving a 36 day reduced totting disqualification (and the 36 days our client had already served as time counted).

I couldn’t believe the outcome of my case. Thank you all a lot, especially Rachel Ballamy & Natasha Bournes.

From One Solicitor To Another!

Rated 5* – Feb 2016

(Advice given to a general soliciors practice)

We are delighted with the outcome and with your good work, for which we are most grateful.

We will most certainly recommend you and your firm.

Should we require advice on motoring matters in the future, we will have no hesitation about instructing you again.

Thanks and please pass on my regards to Emma.

Refreshing To Interact With Genuine People Like You

Rated 5* – Feb 2016

I can’t thank you enough for your excellent advice and while I have had some awful experiences with law firms in general it is so refreshing to interact with genuine people like yourselves who are just so ahead of the game. I can only recommend that anyone with a motor offense difficulty should contact yourselves to get the best advice and insight.

Law firms like yours deserve commendation and full support from the entire motoring community.

Peace and prosperity in abundance.

6 Month Ban Reduced To 7 Days!!

Rated 5* – Feb 2016

I was a new driver, caught driving at high speed, initially sentenced in absence – I received 6 penalty points and had my driving licence revoked.

After I instructed Patterson law to deal with his appeal sentence, mitigated for a short discretionary disqualification, I got a 7 day disqualification…. you are truly awesome!

Two Speeding Offences reduced To One

Rated 5* – Jan 2016

You may recall you kindly advised me recently in relation to 2 speeding offences 2 minutes apart on a vintage motorcycle. Your advice was much appreciated and helpful, and this is just to let you know that Thames Valley Police agreed to cancel one offence, and I have just returned from attending a Speed Awareness Course for the other, so, though suitably chastened, I am much relieved.

Straightforward, No Nonsense Advice

Rated 5* – Dec 2015

I am writing to say a huge thank you to you and Vanessa Long (Barrister) for the work that you did on my behalf.

As you know, I was hugely distressed and anxious when I first contacted Patterson Law. I had spent over a week trying to find someone to explain the charges, let alone represent me. In the event, my son found the website of Patterson Law and we took advantage of your ‘one free question’. The reply was very helpful and things started happening from thereon.

At first I was rather sceptical about using a firm that I had never heard of and that were based many miles from me. I certainly needn’t of worried. You, personally, have a very calming nature and I found it very easy to talk to you and, in return, you made everything as clear as possible to me.

I was concerned that I would not meet my barrister until shortly before my court appearance, but once again I need not have worried as Vanessa was very good at allaying my anxieties and was fantastic in court. The case was adjourned for a week – for very clever legal reasons that were far beyond me!

…and again, you and Vanessa made excellent preparations and, leading up to the final court case, guided me through the whole process. I was amazed and so fortunate to receive a ban of only two months and I am already a week into that.

I cannot thank either of you enough and I would certainly recommend Patterson Law to anybody with difficult driving offences. There is not a chance that I could have achieved these results on my own and Vanessa’s powers of negotiation where awe inspiring.

I wish you both the very best. Hannah, please pass this on to Vanessa.

Have a very Happy Christmas. Mine is certainly going to be better than expected.

Better Than Expected

Rated 5* – Dec 2015

Thanks so much, I was expecting the court to throw the book at me, but you achieved the impossible and limited the damage. I can keep my job and keep working, thanks again

Reduced Ban, Great Outcome

Rated 5* – Dec 2015

Thanking you for your professional services in dealing with my driving offence. Considering I was up to 12 points & a possible driving ban for 6 months, I’m very pleased with the outcome, at Least I’ll have sometime to finish renovation on the house before Christmas,so it’s not all bad! May I take this opportunity to wish you a very merry Christmas & prosperous 2016.

Extremely Efficient

Rated 5* – Dec 2015

I was very happy with the service provided & particularly Rachel who handled my case. She was extremely efficient and kept me informed. She was very easy to talk to & reassured me when I needed it. Excellent service & customer care, thank you x

Very Good Price

Rated 5* – Nov 2015

Excellent very professional and very good price to say what was involved and how quick my case came on they responded fast.

You Gave Me Confidence

Rated 5* – Nov 2015

Dear Michaela,

Thank you so much for your help, support and advice with this case and for the great outcome.

Having you gave me confidence.

Best wishes

I Can’t Believe The Outcome You Achieved!!

Rated 5* – Nov 2015

I write with regards to your recent help with my road traffic case and to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your assistance.

When I think about recent events I still can’t believe how the outcome came about, maybe you did something more behind the scenes, or maybe it was myself finding such an excellent Solicitor, together with an excellent company that did the trick?!

Whatever and however it came about, I’m so happy to be focusing on Christmas stress free, together with concentrating on becoming a better driver, who does not let other drivers force me into driving badly.

So once again, thank you so much, and please also pass on my thanks to Emma Patterson for such an excellent service, I’m sure she is very pleased to have you as one of her team.

Astonishing Result!!

Rated 5* – Nov 2015

I really would like to thank you for your efforts in this case, both of us are extremely appreciative and are absolutely astonished at the service we received from you on this occasion and the previous help we received from Patterson Law in the past.

Thankyou so much and if I ever need the same service again, hopefully I won’t, I know exactly where to come.

Was Kept Well Informed Throughout

Rated 5* – Nov 2015

The quality of the service provided by Patterson Law and in particular Dan Park was excellent. I was given good advice and kept well informed throughout the case. The barrister appointed by Dan Park was also very good and clearly experienced in her field.

Superb Effort All Round

Rated 5* – Nov 2015

Absolutely superb effort all round.

Amazing Result

Rated 5* – Nov 2015

Totally faultless service……. amazing result, thank you.

Perfect Outcome

Rated 5* – Nov 2015

Perfect service and outcome for me, thank you.

Down To Earth Communication

Rated 5* – Oct 2015

Really easy to deal with and felt that all communications were dealt with in a way I could readily understand.

I felt comfortable that I was in a clearly defined process and did not feel intimidated by “lawyer speak”. The barrister Ms Crighton was excellent – really down to earth and made me feel very comfortable.

Service Received was Excellent

Rated 5* – Oct 2015

Service received was excellent, thank you.

Professional Handling of Delicate Situation

Rated 5* – Oct 2015

Excellent service and professional handling of a delicate situation. Both Dan & Emma are excellent and sympathetic.

Money Well Spent

Rated 5* – Oct 2015

Rachel, you were excellent, kind and understanding .. Brilliant at sorting this whole mess & appointed a brilliant barrister she was real good !!

I can’t thank you enough I am so relieved and happy. The money was well spent I couldn’t have done this alone.

Help All The Way

Rated 5* – Oct 2015

The service I received was very professional. Joanna was very helpful and explained everything that would happen and what I would need to provide for her.

I was very please with the outcome….. you will struggle to improve your service.

5 Speeding Offences – No Ban

Rated 5* – Oct 2015

I thought from day one when the fines arrived that I would be banned from driving, I can not believe the result that has been attained, I have to take the copies to work tomorrow for my boss to see, I don’t think he believes me, I will make sure he uses your firm as and when we need your services.

Thank you so much for your understanding and expertise, I still can not believe the result, thank you very much.

Thank You For Your Good Work

Rated 5* – Oct 2015

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for your good work. I could not have asked for better.

All the best.

Thanks For Your Expertise

Rated 5* – Oct 2015

I would like to say thank you and your team so much for your expertise, time and your patience throughout the case.

Sue was great and she presented me really well in court, please make her aware I am delighted by her performance.

Thanks again Dominic, wish you all the best.

Fail To Provide Specimen – Not Guilty

Rated 5* – Oct 2015

I initially got in touch with Patterson Law for some advice and a quote based on my case. I felt so at ease when speaking to Joanna that it was an easy decision for me to instruct the company. Joanna was excellent throughout my case, giving me advice, replying to my emails and calls pretty much straight away and always making things as easy as possible for me. She was very personable and always put things in laymans terms for me.

A massive plus when going through such a period of uncertainty. Nothing was too much hassle. Massive thank you to Joanna and all at Patterson Law.

Very Easy To Deal With

Rated 5* – Oct 2015

Excellent service from my first contact with you through to the successful conclusion of all matters at the Court earlier this week.

Dan Park has been extremely professional and very easy to deal with and speak to; no issues whatsoever

Second To None

Rated 5* – Oct 2015

I found the service to be very professional and friendly, their expertise on this particularly abhorrent legislation is second to none.

From my experience, I can see what could be done to improve the service I received.

10 Out Of 10

Rated 5* – Oct 2015

Definately rated 10 out of 10. I can’t fault your service, thank you.

Outstanding Throughout Difficult Case

Rated 5* – Oct 2015

Firstly please let me thank you for all your help and effort with the extremely difficult case you was handed from myself and Paul, you have been outstanding throughout and never once have I or Paul questioned your professionalism.

Ted was brilliant, He really did know what he was talking about and managed to get us sentenced with the best outcome. I would most definately use/recommend Patterson Law to anybody that is looking for help in the future. Ted informed us that you would be able to just put our sentence in writing and what we exactly have to pay so if you could do that I would be very much grateful.

Once again thank you so much for your outstanding work.

Very Happy With Your Help

Rated 5* – Sept 2015

Thank you for all your help, time and patience over the past few months, it has been truly appreciated and you are a credit to your company!

You don’t need to call back if you are busy (as I’m sure you are). For a case being withdrawn am I right in thinking that I definitely don’t need to be there for that to happen? Either way, very happy and now fingers crossed again that I may be able to recoup some or a majority of my expenses so far!

Again, thank you very much!!

Professional & Helpful

Rated 5* – Sept 2015

A very professional and helpful service on every level from the initial contact up to court hearing and the barrister provided.

Peace Of Mind

Rated 5* – Sept 2015

Can I just say a massive thank you to you and the team as, although we are thankfully not going to court, knowing you were dealing with things has allowed me so much peace of mind – so thank you!

Amazing Outcome

Rated 5* – Sept 2015

Amazing outcome, a good explanation of the rules and regulations.

Good Services overall.

Absolutely Excellent

Rated 5* – Sept 2015

The help and assistance I received was absolutely excellent, thank you.

Excellent Service

Rated 5* – Sept 2015

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service that Patterson Law and yourself have given me over the duration of this case. I will definitely recommend Patterson Law in the future to anyone that would be in need of the services you provide.

Everything Was Excellent

Rated 5* – Sept 2015

I’ve been trying to think of how you could improve the service you gave me for my motoring offence. I can’t think of anything, everything was excellent. Thanks again.

Superb Job

Rated 5* – Sept 2015

Dear Dominic,

Just wanted to personally thank you for all your help in the success of my case. As you can imagine this has caused me a lot of stress and finally I feel at ease. Please pass my regards onto Lisa she did a superb job. Nice to see there is hope in the justice system.

Very Happy, Thank You

Rated 5* – Sept 2015

Very happy with the service I received. Thank you so much for all your help.

Well Worth Every Penny

Rated 5* – Sept 2015

I was surprised and upset to be charged with a driving offence five months after a road traffic collision. Perhaps an unusual case, I fully accepted I was at fault but as I had immediately stopped driving following the collision and surrendered my licence on medical grounds (Multiple Sclerosis) the prosecution seemed rather unnecessary.

Hilary, who called me following my online enquiry to Paterson Law quickly understood the situation, gave a sensible fixed fee quote and e-mailed an accurate summary of my case. Dan Park, who dealt with the case, worked methodically and calmly despite the court case being only a couple of days away. Dan was successful in asking the prosecutor to adjourn, giving us more time to gather information, following which the prosecutor agreed to withdraw the case. Dan has also applied to the court for some of my legal fees to be reimbursed, which would be very pleasant, although Dan has been well worth every penny.

Are there any ways you feel we could improve our service?

The service I received was exemplary, I cannot think of any way it could be improved.

CPS Dropped Case

Rated 5* – Sept 2015

I just wanted to take there time to say how grateful I am for the time and effort gone into helping me with my case without your help and persuasion it probably would of been a different story! Also a special thanks for Emma’s initial persuasion I honestly can’t thank everyone at Patterson law enough I can continue my driving life now and hopefully get back to work I can look forward to Christmas now properly!!!

Prosecutor Offered No Evidence

Rated 5* – Sept 2015

Dear Paula,

Just a quick thank you for your help, as you will know the prosecutor offered no evidence after we had a discussion before court he thought I would lose but let me off anyway. Thanks again for your help and keeping me on the right road!

Highly Recommendable Motoring Lawyers

Rated 5* – August 2015

Good quality service. Was contacted the same day I enquired and was all sorted even within the short notice I gave them (week and half before court appearance). Easy to communicate and good to work with. Highly recommendable

You Have My Total Trust

Rated 5* – August 2015

I had a really good service with Rachel, could talk to her about it all the time and had my total trust in her. It was nice that she understood all my problems and made me feel better when I was upset about it all.

High Quality Client-Focused Lawyers

Rated 5* – August 2015

Very impressive from start to finish. Shows the value of coming to a specialist. Took the stress out of the situation through effective handling and communication at all times and obtained a very good and fair result for me in a complex situation – a net of only three points on my licence.

Are there any ways you feel we could improve our service?

Hard to think of any in all honesty: it’s a very high quality client-focused business with a comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge of the motoring law and its interpretation. I felt extremely well supported and would strongly recommend the firm to anybody up against the law on motoring offences.

Will Happily Recommend

Rated 5* – August 2015

Will happily recommend you to anyone who ever needs legal help with a motoring offence. Graham was fantastic.

10 out of 10

Rated 5* – August 2015

The service I received was from the onset very reassuring, having never been in a similar position before I was very nervous and unsure what to do. After the initial phone call and then the first contact with Dominic I became more relaxed, each stage of the proceedings was always explained thoroughly and I knew exactly what was happening.

Are there any ways you feel we could improve our service?

The service is already excellent, one of the things that impressed me most was how quick and easy it was to contact and speak to the solicitor, if not instantly the call was always returned very quickly.

10 out of 10 to all the staff I had contact with.

Absolutely Fantastic

Rated 5* – August 2015

I can’t think of how you could improve on what you did for me….. you were absolutely fantastic, thanks so much.

Sterling Work

Rated 5* – August 2015

Dear Rachel, As you can imagine I am so very pleased with the outcome of the sterling work that you prepared in my favour and represented to Essex police, It was fantastic news when Hannah spoke to me during your absence, to advise me of the their decision.

I wish to thank you so very much for your great work and your colleagues who worked with you. It has been very much appreciated.

Very Professional & Diligent

Rated 5* – August 2015

The service I received was timely, very professional and diligent. I would not hesitate to recommend your service and would like to thank you for your excellent service that you provided.

Top Class Service

Rated 5* – August 2015

Dear Rachel, A top class service, very professional but treated on a friendly personal basis. I never had any problem when I wanted to speak to someone.

I was dubious at first when given a price but on reflection with the service and my result would have been worth double to me!

Insufficient Speed Limit Signage

Rated 5* – August 2015

Dear Graham

I have received a call today from one of your colleagues informing me of the refund for my costs for my alleged speeding case. I would like to thank you again for all your hard work in managing my case. This outcome is beyond all of my expectations. Thank you so much.

My new job as a student paramedic is going very well, I have truly found something that has made me happy. Your help in achieving this will always be appreciated.

2 Cases Dropped!

Rated 5* – August 2015

My thanks for the fantastic job Rob and the team have done over the last months, in getting the 2 S.172 court cases dropped.

Should I or any person I know in the future require your services I would have no hesitation in recommending Patterson Law, thanks once again for your help.

Quality Service

Rated 5* – July 2015

I would just like to thank you and the team at Patterson law for the quality service you provide and I would not hesitate to recommend you to friends or family should the need arise. Once again thankyou for being so understanding and polite every time I have made contact.

Professionalism & Diligence

Rated 5* – July 2015

I’d like to thank you for your professionalism and diligence in achieving such a favourable result. You personal approach and patience in answering our endless questions (often repeated) and your ability to rationalise a situation, explain the process and on-going sequence of events and alleviate our concerns made what was a stressful situation bearable.

Very Good Service

Rated 5* – July 2015

I was kept well informed by Dan from start to finish. Thank you all so much.

Best Possible Outcome

Rated 5* – July 2015

Thanks for your help and all your work.

Please thank Becky for us again, even though I did when I was there, she did really well for me. It was hard work to be fair, but worth it for the result, thank you all.

We couldn’t of asked for a better outcome.

A Big Thank You

Rated 5* – July 2015

Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and Nicholas for your support over the last few months. I am delighted and relieved by today’s outcome and looking forward to putting it all behind me and moving forward.

Thanks So Much!

Rated 5* – July 2015

I can’t thank you enough Dan, you have been brilliant.

Excellent Communication

Rated 5* – July 2015

Your communication was excellent and I was informed throughout, thank you so much.

Really Happy

Rated 5* – July 2015

I’m really happy. Everything I needed explaining to me, Dan did without hesitation. I can’t think of how you might improve the service you offer.

Very Professional

Rated 5* – July 2015

Graham Brown is very professional and is the right man for the job.

Thanks For your Help

Rated 5* – July 2015

Thanks for your help throughout the process, I appreciate your efforts

Best Solicitors I’ve Ever Used

Rated 5* – July 2015

Hi, I would just like to take this opportunity to to say thank you to Emma and yourself and everybody else involved with my case. You did more and above than I could have sincerely expected in 22 years of dealing with solicitors and barristers who in my opinion have pretty much let me down.

I can sincerely say you didn’t & I am more than greatful and would without a doubt recommend yourselves.

Excellent Communication

Rated 5* – July 2015

Excellent communication and more than helpful at all times, thank you.

Received The Right Decision In Court

Rated 5* – June 2015

Really good and professional service, without there help I don’t think I would have received the right decision in court, would have no problem in recommending Patterson law to anybody.

5 Star Service

Rated 5* – June 2015

I can’t think of anything you could possibly do to improve your service.

I Am Truly Thankful

Rated 5* – June 2015

A big thanks to you and to Angus for getting me a great result in court on Monday. Sorry it’s taken me a couple of days to contact you, but I was thrown straight back into work having not received a driving ban.

The result was the best I could expect and for that I am truly thankful. Needless to say from now on I will be driving at a snails pace.

Once again thank you for the work you have done in order to get me this result.

Great Value Legal Representation

Rated 100/100 – June 2015

I just wanted to pass on my thanks, firstly to you for you initial advice and guidance and secondly I wanted to pass on my gratitude and compliments to one of your team, Hannah Reynolds.

I have only enormously positive things to say about her conduct throughout what was a fairly stressful situation. Hannah was almost always available on the phone, if she wasn’t, she rang back the same day. Her knowledge of my case was faultless from start to finish. Communication was top class. I only ever felt she was striving hard to get a favourable result for me, and in fact got very close to getting the case dropped altogether. At every stage of my 6month case she was meticulous with her preparation and delivery of information to me, the Police and the Courts. On the day of the hearing everything ran exactly as she said it would do. All in all Hannah excelled at every stage. First class.

The Barrister who represented me, Mr Geoffrey Dunn (I think!!) was also very efficient. He somehow pushed my case to the front of the queue on the morning of the hearing, had the matter dealt with promptly and carried himself well in front of the dragons behind the desks! This was a particularly valuable move as it meant I could go out to work that day and earn the money to pay the fine off that day, something I couldn’t have done if I’d have been sat waiting around for hours. The result in Court was as good as I could’ve realistically hoped for and was no doubt achieved by a combination of both Hannah’s and Geoffrey’s tenacity and diligence.

As this was my first, (and hopefully my last) experience of dealing with Pattesons I have to give you a mark of 100/100. Needless to say If I ever need your services again I will not hesitate to ring you. Your company offers great value legal representation and I am glad I called you back in December.

Thank you to everyone who was involved. Should you wish to use some of, or all of my comments in any media marketing please feel free to do so.

In Good Hands

Rated 5* – June 2015

It was all dealt with very professionally and I felt in good hands throughout.

Clear, Concise & Professional

Rated 5* – June 2015

In general terms I found dealing with Patterson Law a simple process. The advice given was clear and concise which is always good in situations such as these. Access to those dealing with my case was straight forward and the response always prompt. A very professional service.

Amazing From Day 1

Rated 5* – June 2015

A big thank you to you and Patterson Law for representing me.

The barrister appointed to me was very good and ensured penalty that was on par with expectations.

Your firm has been amazing from day 1.

Possible Driving Ban Avoided

Rated 5* – June 2015

I am hugely grateful for the time and care put into my case(s) and Dan Park and Sam Jones did a great job in sorting it all out. It has been a difficult time for both my family and employers having a possible driving ban which would have severely impacted on all our lives. I would happily recommend Patterson Law to anyone for their skill and expertise in the motoring field.

Great Final Outcome

Rated 5* – June 2015

I was very satisfied with the overall quality of the service I received, and I think I got the best possible outcome resolution of the matter. Mr Dan Park was very knowledgeable of all traffic laws circumstances and applications, he asked me the right questions that allowed him to perfectly representing the case through the written response to the court. I’m now fully convinced that I made the right decision when I approached Patterson Law to act on my behalf in this matter. The other thing that I want to highlight beside the great final outcome is the peace of mind that I enjoyed immediately after my initial call with Dan as a direct reflection of the gained first impression of trust and confidence.

Worth Your Weight In Gold!

Rated 5* – June 2015

Worth your weight in gold! Thank you so much for all your help. I can finally move forward.

Also a big thank you to the rest of your team!

Losing Case Would Have been Life Changing

Rated 5* – June 2015

Thank you so much Dan & Emma for all your support throughout my case. It would have been a life changing event if the outcome was any different. I was really satisfied how I was kept updated. I felt looked after by the service I received from you and Sophie, which gave me the assurance I was in good hands – proven by the outcome of my case.

I have already recommended you to some friends who may need your assistance with their motoring offence.

Please extend my thanks to Sophie as well, as I was quite emotional after the verdict and wasn’t in a state to be able to say a proper thank you to her.


More Than Met My Demands

Rated 5* – June 2015

The overall quality of service more than met my demands and the expertise and professionalism became very apparent. Everything was explained very clearly, leaving me confident and at most times very relaxed (albeit I still had anxious moments along the way waiting for due process to be completed).

Although the comments I have made are applicable to Paula Guest, I would also like to mention my initial contact Hilary Moon and her secretary for their advice, and Paula’s secretary and Dominic Smith who all provided great continuity when Paula was otherwise engaged.

Considering the steps taken and my outcome, there are no obvious ways apparent in my case that you could improve.

Totting Up 15 Points

Rated 5* – June 2015

In my case, with 2 separate speeding offences needing to be heard at the same time and totting up a total of 15 points, I needed professional assistance. This was provided as if I had tried to make the case myself, I would not be driving now.

Excellent & a great result.


Thank You Rachel

Rated 5* – May 2015

Thank you for an excellent job. Very, very good service. I can’t think of any way you could improve what you do!

Sensitivity & Understanding

Rated 5* – May 2015

I would like to say thank you for the help and expertise you have shown in getting my mums case dropped. Especially the sensitivity and understanding you have shown with dealing my mum.

Once again thanks for all your help 🙂

Massive Big Thank You

Rated 5* – May 2015

So a massive big thank you to you and Michael.  Both extremely knowledgeable and explained everything in clear simple steps. Will definitely recommend you to friends and would not hesitate, heaven forbid, to pick the phone up to you immediately should we need your help again!

Efficient, Friendly & Responsive

Rated 5* – May 2015

Thank you so much, your service was efficient, friendly & responsive.

Support Was Exceptional

Rated 5* – May 2015

Thank you. Honestly, both Emma and your support during this period was exceptional. The teams excellent knowledge and unconditional support made me feel almost back in control of a situation which was initially completely in control of the police.

You Are A Lovely Bunch

Rated 5* – May 2015

Excellent service and best advice was given to me to argue mitigating circumstances & win it for me. You are a lovely bunch – great!

You are a thorough, professional firm with great service. Keep up the good work…. I will always recommend you.

Can’t Thank You Enough

Rated 5* – May 2015

Excellent. I can’t thank you enough. Without your help the outcome would have been totally different.

Daniel Park CPO is Cooking on Gas at the Moment – April 2015

“Thanks for all your help and support in this matter.  The Barrister did a sterling job. I have attached the feedback form – hope it’s ok like this, saves me posting it..  If the occasion arises, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to someone else.”

Of Course I Would Recommend You…… – April 2015

“Dear Robert, Thank you for your excellent work and results. I think the outcome would have been worse without your help and am very grateful for your expertise and attention. Very good result. If I should need your services again I would use you and your company again. Of course I would recommend you to anyone I would come across in a motoring problem. Thank you again.”

Two No Insurance Cases Withdrawn Without Having To Attend Court – April 2015

“Dear Joanna and Emma,

I have received the fantastic news from Joanna that the cases against x and y have both been withdrawn.

As a law firm, you are simply “Amazing”. As the human side of your firm, your understanding, patience and humanity are admirable. You promise and you deliver! I thank you. On behalf of my children, x and y, and on behalf of my entire family, I sincerely thank you.

All members of my family have taken time off from work to attend court on Friday to support x and y. Those in London were travelling back to Sheffield and my Chika’s immediate elder sister has flown back from the US to also attend. But, with the great result you have achieved, I have told them to re-arrange their schedules and prepare instead for a huge celebration sometime in the future.

Again, I thank you for the result you achieved, I thank you for your patience and understanding throughout the preparation, and most importantly, I thank you for the promptness of your actions / submissions.

I will store your details for referral of anyone I know who is in traffic difficulty. My family and I will talk about you to family and friends who may need this type of service in the future.”

“Timely, Professional, Clear, No Jargon. Excellent Service” – April 2015

Rated 5* Case progression Officer Ria Pleass.

An Excellent Example Of How A Law Firm Should Conduct Itself – April 2014

“The overall quality of the service I received was fantastic. Emma Patterson gave me accurate advice and direction throughout a couple of of telephone conversations allowing me to confidently decide how I wanted my case to go.

Following this Joanna Clark contacted me straight away. She gave me a clear goal and what we needed to do to get there. Joanna put confidence into two potential witnesses, whom due to her professionalism provided statements and attended court.

She also instilled confidence in me, regularly contacting me and keeping me updated on aspects of my case. She even rang me on the day prior and on the court date providing answers to any worries I had. A very good asset to this firm.

Thank you, you are all clearly an excellent example of how a law firm should conduct themselves.”

I Would Recommend You To Anyone That Has A Motoring Problem – April 2015

“Thank you for your excellent work and results. I think the outcome would have been worse without your help and am very grateful for your expertise and attention. Very good result. If I should need your services again I would use you and your company again. Of course I would recommend you to anyone I would come across in a motoring problem.”

Case Progression Officer – Rob Readfern.

We Enjoy Our Job – But Feedback Like This Makes It Even Better – April 2015

Dear Emma,

I wanted to compliment you on the excellent service provided to my daughter x by your firm and in particular the contribution of Dan Parks in gaining a favourable outcome without the need to attend court. The additional bonus of your application for costs on her behalf was unexpected but very welcome particularly as she is at university.

Although the initial speeding offence was not excessively worrying (34 miles in 30 mile zone) and she has a clean licence the additional charge of failing to provide driver details put her licence at risk as it was within 2 years of passing her test. X had in fact simply told the truth which was that in the chaos of the last few days before attending university and following a very difficult year with family illness we could not be absolutely certain whether it was x or I driving at the time.

X has always been an exceptionally compliant and socially aware young person. Her only previous contact with the police was when she received the High Sheriff’s Award for Youth in the Community, for work with disabled children throughout her time in 6th form college. This potential stain on her character was therefore particularly distressing for her.

I was distraught when I contacted Pattersons on x’s behalf as it was my poor health which had led to everything being done at the last moment and my need to use her car to take time out several times that day rather than provide the level of support she deserved. I was reassured by the sympathetic and professional response I received from you Emma during that first call and subsequent conversations with Dan Parks who demonstrated an excellent grasp of the situation as well as patience and reassurance in his communication with us both.

I would not hesitate to recommend your firm to anyone in need of first class representation regarding motoring offences and would be happy for this email in its entirety or in part to be used as a testimonial on your website.


“A relieved mum”

Paula Guest – “Life Saver” – April 2015

“Good morning Paula, Sorry I missed your call, I’m so relived. I called so say you and Miss Kavangh are lifesavers. Words could not express how grateful I am.  Thanks once again.”

Getting Justice Really Matters – April 2015

Rated 5* – “I was really worried about the situation. I have never been in trouble before and thought that telling the truth – that it could either be me or my mum who was driving the car when it exceeded the speed limit by 4 miles- was the best thing to do.

To then have a second charge of failing to provide driver details was a real shock. The service was really good – I could not have asked for better and the outcome was all I could have hoped for. Dan was really good in his communication and took a lot of pressure off which was great because I am in the middle of exams and assignments at university and my mum is in very poor health. I would definitely advise my friends to go to Pattersons if they need help with any motoring offences.”

Keeping Our Clients On The Road…

“Morning Ria – Thank you for your call yesterday.  I would just like to say how very pleased I am with how you have dealt with my case and managing to keep me on the road which was my preferred outcome and vital in order to keep my business up and running.

I am extremely relieved. No offence but I hope I do not need to make contact in the future! That said I would not hesitate in recommending your service or seeking your advice if required.”

This Client Knows A Good Solicitor – His Mum’s One! April 2015

Rated 5* – Fantastic service was a weight off my mind knowing you were dealing with everything. I have highly recommended you and passed your details onto my mother who is a family law solicitor. She is asked regularly if she knows of anyone who is an expert in traffic law. Thanks again for a great service.

Sharon Green CPO Gets The Right Result – April 2015

“Sorry I missed your call yesterday. Court agreed to waive a ban on exceptional hardship, uphold the points on my licence, so currently 9, and a fine.

So relieved but obviously will have to be very careful. May I take this opportunity to thank you for your work and support over the last few months, the process has been made a lot easier by your information and advice, responses and professionalism.”

“St Dominic” Strikes Again – April 2015

Rated 5* – “Thanks again for all the support and advice, True Legend!

I was exceptionally happy with the advice and support given in this matter that has caused me some distress and upset. Dominic Smith was appointed as my case officer and his work and support in this case was fantastic. Dominic would listen and was always available to talk to. Dominic was caring and showed compassion to my dilemma.

David Kelly my Barrister all be it he was 60 minutes late to court on the day. (This was due to unforeseen circumstances en route to court) (Fatal accident on motorway) David was very professional and was on hand to advise me on how to conduct myself in court and I was very pleased that he was available to represent me. I am very pleased with the overall quality of the service received.”

Are there any ways you feel we could improve our service?


Hannah Reynolds CPO Shows That We Really Care – April 2015

“Thank you for seeing me through the whole process you have been very professional but also a friend!”

New Driver Avoids Revocation With 14 Day Discretionary Ban – April 2015

Rated 5* – 5 out of 5 excellents on client feedback form. Client was at risk of revocation under the new drivers act for driving at 59 miles an hour in a 30 mile an hour limit. Desperate to avoid losing his licence and having to do a full retest. Very happy to take 14 days off the road in return for no penalty points and no revocation. Case progression officer Graham Brown.

Daniel Park Passes The Test – April 2015

Rated 5* – “100% from Dan Park, 100% excellent”

Positive Advice And Positive Outcome – March 2015

Rated 5* – “I contacted several firms before choosing Patterson Law. The most positive response to my case came from your Company this is why I chose you and I would definitely recommend you to anyone else wanting representation. The Barrister who you selected to represent me did an excellent job in court. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.”

Emma Patterson’s response – Sometimes lawyers will be over optimistic in relation to the likely outcome. We pride ourselves on being realistic. Our initial advice would have come across as far more positive than the other lawyers that this person spoke to because we know what we are doing and we have a proven track record in achieving these results in similar cases. It’s not a sales pitch when you hear it from us!


Wow!! What Lovely Feedback – March 2015

“Mr Graham Brown is a 22 carat gold asset to Patterson Law. I have worked in a customer based industry for 19 years and he has completely blown me away with his professionalism, attention to detail and reassuring approach. Graham has been an absolute rock for me ….huge THANK YOU Graham…”

“We Really Appreciated All Your Help” – March 2015

“Hi Hannah, I hope you’re well.

Thank you for getting the funds reimbursed – we have really appreciated all your help on this matter and would definitely use your services in the future and recommend you to any of our contacts.

I also wanted to confirm that we have received the cheque through the post.”

Case successfully defended and defendants costs order awarded by the Magistrates.

Daniel Park Is At It Again…Keep Up The Good Work – March 2015

Rated 5* – “Service was great and Daniel was easy to talk to and clear with his advice. Thanks”

Daniel Park With Another Happy Client – March 2015

Rated 5* – “Comprehensive and informative”

“I Cannot Thank You And Michael Enough For Everything That You Have Done” – February 2015

“Hi Graham (Brown)

I just thought I’d drop you a line to advise how this morning went in court and to say thank you to you and Michael for everything you’ve done regarding this matter!

It was found that exceptional hardship is clear for my family and my business, so was presented with 3 points and a £x fine, with no driving ban.

I can’t thank you and Michael enough for everything you’ve done for me, Michael was outstanding in court especially after the first case of the day went south! So for him to turn it around into this amazing outcome was a great success. He’s an asset to your business.

I will be recommending you if and when the occasion ever presents its self.

Please also feel free to forward this email to your Superiors/ Management/ Directors.”

No Insurance Case – Special Reasons Found And No Points Endorsed – February 2015

Rated 5 * – “Very good, factual and accurate”. The client thought that he had taken out insurance online and had completed the process. The online process stalled at the payment section unbeknown to the client. The magistrates found special reasons not to endorse his licence with any penalty points.

Very Good, Helpful At All Times – February 2015

“Very good and helpful at all times” and “no” suggestions as to how you could improve your service.

Received The Cheque For Reimbursement Of My Costs So Grateful Thanks – March 2015

“Hi Dominic, I have received the cheque for reimbursement of my costs so grateful thanks. I would just like to comment on what a superb Barrister Elliot was in defending me, so calm and assured.

I would most certainly recommend Patterson Law to anyone involved in a motoring case so please feel free to use this email as a testimonial. Once again, my heartfelt thanks in getting justice for me.”

Overall Excellent Service – Feb 2015

Rated 5* – “Helped in each and every stage of my case as well as easily accessible to my lawyer over the phone or by email. (Helped) me with overall process in the court as it was my first time in a court.”

Absolutely Excellent – Feb 2015

Rated 5* – “Your service was absolutely excellent. Prior to contacting Patterson Law I spoke with a number of solicitors all of whom told me that there was no way to reduce the charge of driving without insurance, and as such I would be subject to a penalty of 6 – 8 points. This would have resulted in me accumulating a total of 12 points, and being potentially at risk of losing my license.

Dominic was absolutely fantastic, and acted immediately to ensure the charge of no insurance was withdrawn and instead replaced with a minor charge in comparison of driving without MOT. Within days of Dominic taking on the case the no insurance charge was dropped by the CPS.”

Unexpected And Wonderful Surprise – Dec 2014

“Dear Graham, Thank you for an unexpected and wonderful surprise !! I have just returned home after working abroad …I can confirm receipt of your cheque (defendant’s costs order) and am very embarrassed as I have to reply by email and not even enough time to drop you or your staff a Christmas card!

However, I will arrange to visit you and thank you personally in the New year as surely we cannot keep being so busy throughout next year. At this late stage, May I wish you, your family and staff, a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.”

Extremely Happy With The Outcome – Jan 2015

Rated 5* – “Extremely happy with the outcome and to be frank that is the benchmark of quality that counts.”

Taxi Driver – Very Happy With The Service Thank You for All Your Hard Work – Jan 2015

Rated 5* – “Very happy with the quality of service you have given me. Will recommend your service to anyone who may need it. Thank you.”

What Can I Say – Absolutely Unbelievable Service – Feb 2015

“Graham (Brown). What can I say? Absolutely unbelievable service from my very first call to Emma to my court visit today,

Thank you for everything.”

(Exceptional hardship argument at very short notice. Ban avoided. Client happy!)

From Start To Finish The Whole Service Has Been Outstanding

Rated 5* – From start to finish the whole service has been outstanding. When I rang Paula in the first instance I was unfamiliar with the process and requirements and through the whole time (we are now at 6 months) Paula has been truly outstanding in her service and communication.

I have felt confident and at ease and even though I was successful in getting off my speeding conviction today my comments would still have read the same.

You Exceeded My Expectations – Dec 2014

Rated 5*

Dear Dominic

Thank you for your kind assistance. Your services exceeded my expectations. Susan was beyond words to express, super lady. Fantastic service.

Exemplary Service – Feb 2015

Rated 5* – Exemplary service on all counts. Daniel Park was a pleasure to deal with.

Uninsured Driver no Points And No Fines – Jan 2015

Rated: 5* – I thought my whole case was handled sensitively and realistically and most of all, professionally. It was a 360 degree good service.

The Magistrates agreed to find special reasons in this no insurance case and gave him an absolute discharge and no penalty points.

Very Experienced Lawyer, I Felt I Was In Safe Hands – Jan 2015

Rated: 5* – Licensing committee allow client to continue to work as a taxi driver after allegation of driving without due care and contravening a red light.

5 out of 5 excellent on feedback form.

Very Pleased & Will Recommend – Nov 2014

Rated: 5* – Excellent, very pleased and would recommend you to my colleagues and friends. Communication was great, not having to deal with the paperwork was great.

Excellent & Professional – Nov 2014

To be honest I had never expected to get this service. I was in a highly emotional state and Graham (and Hannah) are both exceptional lawyers. Not only did I get an excellent service, I got counselling too. I could not have got through this court case without having Graham on the end of the phone to assure me of our strategy and also to just be someone to talk to.

I cannot recommend Patterson Law highly enough. I am almost sad its over as I will miss my daily talks with Graham! Thank you all so much. You really do offer an excellent and professional service.

You Saved Me – Oct 2013

I want to thank you so much for counselling me through the hardest few months of my life.  You have been amazing – nothing other than a star.  I could not have gone through it without you – and Hannah. Both of you saved me – thank you.  You have been an incredible support.

I will be sending you both something in the post and I also  would like to drive and see you and take you for lunch?  I will let you know my availability and if you cannot get out – then we will do it in Jan?  But I owe you my life – you have no idea how much this means to me.  If I had lost my licence I amnot sure what would have happened to me – but I was scared.  I am not a well person and I would have gone down hill and I have you to thank for this amazing outcome.

You were incredibly patient with me and talked me through it every day – I am an emotional wreck but I appreciate all you have done – I will never forget it.

I will fill in everything you need – and one day I want to meet you.  Sooner than later pls.

Send on my love to Hannah and thank her too – Patterson Law have been outstanding.

Could Not Have Done Better – Oct 2014

I am very grateful to you and your firm, and to Laura, she was marvellous in her speech. She could not have done better, if her speech did not grant me the better outcome, it must have been me – maybe, I looked too smart (Chanel), and probably my incomings-ougoings form, I probably should have lied on it, but I just don’t do that 🙁

Anyway, I, again, would like to thank you for the job you have done. It was a real pleasure dealing with you personally and Emma’s firm in general.

Better Result Than Expected – Oct 2014

Rated: 5* – Very good service & got a better result than expected. I Would highly recommend to others.

Great Quality Of Service – Oct 2014

Rated: 5* Excellent – The quality of service is great, Patterson Law are competitent with advice and are trustworthy.

Three Offences Dropped – Amazing – Oct 2014

Upon receipt of the letter with 3 traffic offences that I was unaware of I was in shock and extremely nervous. I was persuaded to obtain legal advice and I am glad I did. I was a bit worried about the distance but I needn’t have.

From the get go, the advice was clear and sound and spoken in a language that I could understand with prompt service with excellent communication. When the offences were dropped I was so relieved that it lifted a huge burden off my shoulders Thanks!

Very Supportive – Oct 2014

Rated: 5* – Excellent quality. My case was dealt with in a sensitive manner and Paula really helped to put me at ease.

She explained all stages in an easy step by step way. Paula was very supportive throughout.

I Appreciate Your Help – Oct 2014

Thank you very much Ria for helping me with the case … I appreciate it … I hope I don’t but if I ever do have another driving matter or a friend that does etc you will be contacted or referred to by me …. Thank you

You Let Me Relax – Sept 2014

5* – Your service made me much more relaxed & took the terrible stress off me & guided me through the ordeal, thank you.

Thank You So So So Much – May 2014

I just want to say thank you so so so so much for everything you have done for me!! The last 7 months I have been so stressed and I could not stop thinking about the consequences I will have to face for something I did unknowingly! I think I have now learnt trusting someone to do something for you is a big deal.

Not to forget Victoria Reynolds!  I have no idea how she does her job! I was amazed however I had no idea what she was saying to the judge…  but it worked! So bright, friendly and polite! I was so nervous and she made me relaxed with ease!

You are both amazing people and very professional and I could not ask for more!

Exceptional – May 2014

Thank you very much for sending this through and for all the work that you have undertaken on this matter.
I have nothing but praise for you and your team. My experience has shown me that you are all highly proficient and extremely professional. Correspondance, guidance and approach has throughout been exceptional and straight to the point. My experience with other solicitors is that they do not come anywhere close.

As much as I wish that I do not have to I will have no hesitation on recommending your services to anyone.

Great Service – May 2014

Rated: 5* Excellent – Great service overall and Sophia was excellent.

Informative At All Times – June 2014

5* – Great, informative service, thank you. I’m very pleased and relieved with the way things turned out and am very grateful for all your help and advice.

Perfect Result – June 2014

5* – I’d never seen the inside of a court, so very stressed at the thought of it all. Many thanks for your advice and professionalism from the outset; and a reassuring voice down the line. Excellent service and perfect result.

Very Appreciative – June 2014

I would like to thank you for all your help regarding the case, I am very appreciative of the help and will be recommending to you anyone in need. I thank you again and all the team.

Thank You – June 2014

5* – Excellent Service & Result, thank you

Service Received Was Excellent – June 2014

5* – I feel that the service that I received was excellent. I was kept up to date throughout and was never left to felt in the dark re any matters regarding my case.

Truly Amazing – June 2014

This is really amazing news. Thank you so much, truly thank you for everything. I really cannot say enough for all the help you have given me on so many fronts. Truly amazing thank you so much. Your compassionate and professional manner is a level above any help/service I have ever had the privilege of being the beneficiary of. Thank you and I wish you huge success in all you put your skills to.

I really cannot thank you enough. Thank you.

Marvellous – June 2014

I just wanted to thank you for all your help and support with my traffic matter. You have been marvellous! It’s been pretty stressful and your professionalism and diligence has been amazing.

I look forward to hearing from you in due course regarding any cost reimbursement that I may receive. However, at this stage, the relief is quite unbelievable and worth every penny!

I’ll continue to drive more carefully and with the greatest of respect I hope we don’t have to do business again!! However, if I need legal support, there’s only one place I’ll be heading! And I shall recommend you to friends and colleagues that may be in a similar predicament.

Excellent Results – June 2014

Having used Patterson Law in the past and achieved excellent results I find their advice and expertise invaluable. The lawyers and case progression officers are professional and easy to liaise with and their client care skills are exceptional  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Patterson Law to colleagues and other professionals should they require assistance in Road Traffic related matters.

No Insurance – Special Reasons – July 2014

Thank you for all your support and skill.
I have to say that John did not only provide us with the professional
support but addressed the need to calm Troy, fantastic job. I will be happy
and willing to give you all a glowing reference in what has been a
challenging time for us all. I still feel the need to state that we  never
intended to do anything wrong, but you gave us the voice and confidence to
say so, justice was done and we owe that to you.

I appreciate that the wheels of Law turn slowly , but ultimately turn correctly with professional
guidance. If you are innocent court provides you with the chance to say so,
and your guidance is to prove that. I can only thank you personally for your
support, even though I wasn’t on trial, but you gave me the faith in an
audience that I was not familiar with. John Mannion should be knighted for
his compassion and professionalism, and we both wish to thank him.
I would be very grateful to commend your service to others, and highly
commend Mr Mannion as a notably advocate.
I thank you you personally again for all your support, and  on behalf of
Troy for the maintenance of his licence.
Thank you so much Hannah, I will never forget.

Constantly Excellent – June 2014

5* – My case was handled by Ria Pleass who was constantly excellent in all her dealings

relating to my case. I was continually kept informed as the case progressed. She was clear and precise with her knowledge and was a very reassuring presence during a stressful process. She achieved the best possible outcome for me and all charges were dropped, I highly recommend her and her firms services.

Extremely Good – July 2014

5* – Overall, extremely good and valuable service, thank you.

Good Value For Money – July 2014

5* – Overall the quality of service I received was excellent. It lifted an enormous amount of pressure off my shoulders knowing that I had experts guiding my case. I also think the service is very good value for money. Without doubt I would have had a much harsher outcome if I had gone solo.

No One Else Is In Your Ball Park – July 2014

I thought you may like to know, I spoke to a quite a few of your peers at other companies when selecting support in this matter and you were by far the most professional and knowledgeable that I spoke to (no one else was even in the same ball park).

I Was So Impressed – July 2014

Finally and once again  – I honestly cannot THANK you enough for all your careful, accurate preparation for my hearing, also for being so encouraging and empathic whenever we spoke.
I was so impressed with every aspect of your work and that of the company in general, including the ladies who took my TELEPHONE calls, and of course my initial conversations with EMMA was brilliant on the day too – thank you for asking MR BEN to represent me – he was great.

Highly Professional – July 2014

5* – I am pleased with the quality and would say the overall service was excellent and highly professional

Delighted – July 2014

5* Awesome – I was delighted with the quality of service from my initial phone call right through to a successful conclusion. Thank You.

Got The Result – July 2014

Thank you all so much for working on my file and getting the result I wanted! It has been a stressful time but I’m glad I can put it all behind me now! Thanks for all your hard work in pursuing this case and I’m glad I stuck in there and took heed to your advice!

Pleased & Relieved – July 2014

5* – Graham was patient with repeated requests for clarity. I was never left feeling misled or confused. I went to court with clear instructions and understanding of the possible outcomes. Pleased and relieved that the result was as aimed for. Got what I deserved but not what the law could have handed out.

The Best News In The World! – July 2014

No words can explain how I feel right now! Thank you so much! Honestly, the best news in the world.

Thank you!

I Was Expecting 12 Points – Received Only 6 – July 2014

5* Excellent!  – I really I can’t fault the service I’ve received from Patterson Law. Every aspect was exactly as they described with an extremely efficient and effective service.


I had asked another motoring lawyer to represent me but after a series of issues that raised doubts in my mind about that lawyer I contacted Patterson Law. Emma Patterson and Joanna Clark are extremely professional yet very straight forward and they provided me with practical advice about my case and a clear plan of action. If I had taken my previous lawyers’ advice their expected outcome was a 2 year driving ban, extended retest, a large fine and community service. After switching to Patterson Law the actual result of my case was that I kept my licence with just 6 points and a medium fine! Thank you to Emma and Joanna I’m now able to get on with my life!

Thank You – July 2014

Well what can I say that I haven’t already said except THANK YOU again.

I would certainly recommend Patterson Law to anyone in any driving matter.

I Kept My Clean Licence – July 2014

5* – From my initial conversation with Emma I felt I could put my trust in Patterson law. My senior progression officer Dominic was sympathetic but had every confidence that I had a valid case. How right he was!!

I can’t begin to thank you enough for your professionalism and encouragement. My case was dropped and I have kept my clean driving licence. Thank you and best wishes.

Prompt & Comprehensive Reply – July 2014

Thank you for your prompt and comprehensive reply, I am astonished at how quickly you replied, thank you!

Helpful & Efficient – Aug 2014

5* – Extremely helpful, efficient & quick to respond.

Three Cases – Three Wins – July 2014

5* – I have used Patterson Law on three occasions all with a very successful outcome, the standard of service is excellent I have total confidence in Patterson Law.

Thank You For Everything – Aug 2014

5* – The quality of service I received was amazing. Thank you all so much for everything you have done for me.

Appreciate Your Support & Assistance – Aug 2014

5* Again! – I would like to thank you and Patterson Law for the supporting letters that you wrote to the in the defence of my daughter.
We really appreciate your support and assistance and we will recommend your practice to our friends and family.

Thanks once again for such a detailed letter of support for my daughter.

Can’t Fault Anything – Aug 2014

5* – Cannot fault any stage of the proceedings.

Friendly, Honest & Direct – Aug 2014

5* – Friendly, honest and direct. Extremely efficient. The kind of communication I would not have the courage to use that most certainly should be used. I would not hesitate to recommend Joanna or Patterson Law to anyone.

Simply Excellent All Round – Aug 2014

5* – Just Simply Excellent

Brilliant, Fast & Knowledgeable – Aug 2014

5* – I would like to thank you for helping me out with my case, even though I got banned I appreciate the support your company provided, you were, quick, helpful know your stuff and I would most certainly recommend you to anyone looking for the same assistance/help.

Could you also thank Bianca for representing me in court she was brilliant, swift, fast and knows her stuff!

I could not thank you all any more!

Very Good – Feb 2014

Very good and In future I will be recommending Patterson Law to anyone who has a road traffic issue.

Thank You For Your Influence – Aug 2014

5* Service – I was very satisfied with the outcome of my case and for the influence you clearly had on it. I would have no hesitation in recommending your firm to others who find themselves in situations such as mine.

Lost For Words – Aug 2014

5* Excellent –

I am very pleased with the professional level of service. In fact I am lost for words because often you rarely get this type of service. Keep up the good work.

Sincere Gratitude – Aug 2014

5* Excellent – Hello, just to express my sincere gratitude to you and your team for your help in my recent court case, I have sent your feedback report into cyberspace trying to circle the appropriate answer however I have no problem recommending your good selves especially your chosen barrister, the boy did well !!

Helpful & Professional – Sept 2014

5* Excellent – Very good and helpfully and professional all the way through the time scale

New Driver Avoids Totting Ban – Sept 2014

5* Excellent –  May we thank you and your team for your services. A great result on the day. HUGE THANKS to Vicki who was a real star.

2 Speeding Offences Won – Sept 2014

5* Excellent – A good professional service

Advice & Support Was Excellent – Aug 2014

5* Excellent – Communication advice & support was all excellent, thank you.

Handled Superbly – Sept 2014

5* Excellent – Was put at ease when I first contacted yourselves for advice I never felt pushed into anything you took on my case and handled it superbly from start to finish and kept me well informed all the way im very pleased I contacted Patterson Law.

No Points – Costs Awarded – Oct 2014

5* Excellent – I approached Patterson Law after being hit with a ‘double whammy’ – firstly I’d been issued with a ticket and three points for using a mobile phone, when I had evidence that no call had been made or received, as I’d been using the phone’s Sat Nav facility. I thought this was unjust and wrong. Secondly I’d been hit with the threat of 6 points and a massive fine on another matter, for allegedly not returning the paperwork nominating myself as the driver. Once again I had what I saw as clear evidence that this was not the case.

No one is accusing the powers that be, or the Police, of misrepresentation, but people do make mistakes, and in this case two mistakes were likely to cost me a great deal of money and a possible ban based on totting up. This could have wrecked my business.

It seemed to me, based on the evidence, that any right minded person could have looked at the paperwork, listened to my story and seen the truth, however that’s simply not the way the system and the Courts work, and I felt isolated and victimised.

Emma, and her team, especially Dominic, gathered all my evidence, calmly arranged the dealings with the CPS and our witnesses, and arranged a Barrister.

The net result? On the first case, we attended Court, and the CPS offered no evidence, I walked out with no points and my costs awarded, plus a nice chat and a cup of tea with my Barrister who was excellent – friendly with me, hard as nails with the officials. On the second case, the CPS saw sense before we even came to court, dropped the case and I was awarded costs.

I had to pay fees upfront, but I thought relative to business layers I’ve used that Patterson Law were in fact quite low priced, plus of course they make the claim for you to recover your costs if you win the case. In the nicest possible way, I hope I don’t have to call on Emma and her team again – but I know that if I should be wrongly accused of a traffic offence again, or I feel that the whole truth isn’t being told about on a traffic matter that may cost me points or my licence, they’ll be my first call.

Extremely Pleased – Sept 2014

5* Excellent – Speed & assurance with every query. Knowledge of British laws & correct procedure fantastic & I was kept informed throughout.

I would have no hesitation in using this company again in future & would highly recommend them to all my close friends and family if they need impartial advice & professional support.

I was extremely pleased how Patterson law dealt with my case & in particular the welcome outcome.

Very Pleased – Sept 2014

5* Excellent & Good – Excellent service received and very pleased with outcome

Would Recommend You To Anyone – Sept 2014

5* Excellent – Just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help in resolving this matter.We were so pleased that the case was found in our favour and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in the future

Honest & Detailed – Sept 2014

5* Excellent – Excellent service, honest and detailed initial advice and then regular updating about my case, very good choice of my barrister at court.


Overall very very pleased.

Saved My Licence – Nov 2014

5* Excellent – Overall an excellent service, put my mind at ease and advice was clear and very good saved me from losing licence and my business I can not thank you enough.

Kind, Calm, Authoritative – Oct 2014

5* Excellent –  I am most grateful to Patterson Law for their kind, calm and authoritative support when I was in a great panic.
In the end, I was lucky (or innocent) and was not charged with anything, but I know where to go the next time such a situation arises.

Can’t Be Improved – Nov 2014

5* Excellent – From first contact The positive feed back was reassuring Dan Park was excellent he responded immediately. And always kept me up to date. Council for defence was also very good.

Excellent Service – Nov 2014

5* Excellent – I thank you for an excellent service & the provision of a barrister who properly knew my case.

We Won – Nov 2014

5* Excellent – The overall quality of services is excellent, outstanding. I am saying this because I won the case, it’s because the highly quality of services that I received from the day that I sent an email to them, a company which I did not know apart through internet and they replied to me straight away. The Lawer was every time keeping me informed of the process and what he was doing and the next step. If he needed to talk to me he will write to me with date and time and in most of time, he respected the time.

Safe Hands – Dec 2014

5* Excellent –  I felt extremely low about the incident, but Ria and the team made me feel so much better and reassured about things. Ria did this in a personable and professional manner. Katie, my Barrister was also personable yet business-like.


The overall experience was that I felt I was in safe hands at all times.

Exceptional – Oct 2014

5* Excellent – Ria’s level of knowledge and expertise is outstanding.


Fantastic – Nov 2014

5* Excellence

Great work ethic, professionalism, reliable & trustworthy. Dan offered a great level of service, kept us updated throughout the whole process & seemed genuine to help/assist.

We are extremely satisfied with his assistance & great level of patience he handled the case, and the outcome was fantastic, I kept my licence & have still got a job.

Fighting Your Corner

May 2010

“Many thanks for all your assistance and advice over the year or so. We have received a cheque for the £x as per below.

Many thanks again for all your help with this matter it’s been a great reassurance to me and my family knowing Patterson Law are fighting your corner. Best regards”

I Can’t Thank You Enough – Sept 2013

September 2013

“It’s been a pleasure having to have your firm to represent me throughout this my ordeal. I can’t thank you enough. Allow me to congratulate your office of a job well done?

Even when I was down and unable to afford the fee sometimes I made some negative comments on that, yet you still show a lot of professionalism by sticking with me. I wish your firm all the best in their future endeavours. I will not hesitate to recommend your office to everyone.”

First Class – Sept 2013

September 2013

“Can I take this opportunity to say thank you very much for all your emails and phone calls relating to my case. The way you’ve gone about my needs are first class so thank you again… all the best.”

Great Service – Jan 2014

January 2014

“Patterson have done a great service, I would definitely recommend you in future”

Helpful And Knowledgeable – Feb 2014

February 2014

5 out of 5 excellents on client feedback form.

“Sophia was very helpful and knowledgeable and was a great help. I am very grateful for her help.”

Sophia Damshenas – Case Progression Officer

Excellent Experience – May 2014

May 2014

5 out of 5 excellents

“From the outset it was an excellent experience I received from your company”

Case Progression Officer – Sophia Damshenas

National Expertise In Motoring offences

May 2014

“The service was very good. I was reassured that the firm has national expertise in motoring offences and vast experience in this area. The firm is geared towards processing cases rapidly and this again inspired great confidence.”

Case progression Officer Sophia Damenshenas

Very Impressed In Every Respect

5 out of 5 excellents on the feedback form

Would you be happy to recommend our services?

“Absolutely – I feel your help was invaluable to my case and I am certain I
would not have been able to come to the same conclusion if I had to defend

What are your views about the overall quality of service you received?

“Excellent – Highly professional yet friendly too – no-one made me feel like
a criminal and you were extremely supportive.”

Are there any ways in which you feel that we could improve our service?

“I think you’ve got it just about right – I was very impressed in every

Lawyer – Jemma Hurrell.

Second To None

“I received the most comfortable and confident response from patterson law in comparison with the various solicitors I got in contact with. Their advice, procedures and professional stand on my case was second to none, and I would like to thank you ALL for your help and support!

I think your services can only get stronger with the current level at which it operates”

Lawyer – Nikki Roberts

You Have Been Fantastic

“Words cannot express how happy I am with the service you provided.”

“By pure chance I came across your website and was not sure if I could trust a solicitor firm that was not local. How wrong I would have been if I went elsewhere. You have been fantastic!”

“You definitely get what you pay for with Patterson Law. I would be more than happy to tell anybody how professional, polite and organised you were from start to finish.”

“Words cannot express how brilliant you and your staff are at what they do. You are all a credit to the industry that you work in and there is always somebody at the end of the phone when you need them. Thank you so much – without Patterson Law, I would be without my driving licence.”

Lawyer Nikki Roberts

Excellent From Start To Finish

“Excellent from the first call to the last. Put my mind at ease straight away i would use this firm again without hesitation but hopefully i wont have to. Many thanks to the whole team for your help in this matter. The result we got was far far better than anything i was expecting”

You Guys Are The A-Team!

“Thank you very much! I am absolutely delighted with the service and the result. You guys are the A TEAM!”

Lawyer – Nikki Roberts

Outstanding And Brilliant Service

“The level of service from Patterson Law was outstanding and as I live in the North East of England, this did not detract from the brilliant service that I received”.

“Your company does exactly what it says on the tin! i.e. tries its utmost to protect clients’ licences as best as they are able to do so”.
Lawyer Jemma Hurrell

The Future Is Bright – The Future Is Patterson Law

“Very professional and expert advice, I would most definitely recommend to any one that needs professional help.

I am very proud of Patterson Law, due to the amount of effort they put not only in my case but every case they have in hand.

One of a kind, and i think that there is only one company in the whole of England that has such expertise on motoring Law.

The future is bright, the future is Patterson Law….”

Experts Win Again!

” Wow that is very good news I feel a weight has been lifted, although I do feel a little bitter about the whole ordeal. The first motoring solicitor I asked for advice told me I would certainly get the IN10 and 6 points but he may be able to stop me getting banned and said I should call him once I had a court date. I then thankfully called Patterson law, your approach was totally positive and here we are two month later with all charges dropped and discussing reimbursement of all legal fees incurred- Thank you”

A Credit To The Industry

“Bless you and your firm you are a credit to the industry and a blessing to those in distress – I can guarantee you I will refer anyone who is need of help in your firm’s direction.”

Amazed With Your Service

“Oh Jemma, I can’t tell you how amazed I am with your service in this case! I am thrilled to say the least and I am looking forward to filling out the questionnaire! Thanks again!!!”



Great Response, Great Advice, Great Service and … Great Result – Thanks.


I Received Excellent Service

“Having this been the first time I have had to consult with a solicitor in regards to a road traffic offence matter, I was pleasantly surprised at the relative ease and speed in dealing with a trained legal team who clearly knew what they were doing opposed to the previous solicitor’s we had been misadvised by. Hence I felt I received excellent service and expertise throughout the lead up and conclusion of my case and will definitely be recommending Patterson Law to friends and family should they need such a service in the future”.

Fantastic Service All Round

“Fantastic service all round, really helpful staff and always kept informed of updates etc. I will definitely recommend your services.”

A Great delight To Work With

“I write to you to confirm that I have received the cheque by post. I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for all your efforts and all efforts expended by Patterson Law with respect to my road traffic matter. You have been a great delight to work with in sorting this matter out. I wish you and Patterson Law all the best in the future.”

Saying It With Chocolate!

“I really can’t find the words so I am saying it with chocolate! Thank you Jemma for the compassionate, infallible and breathtakingly professional handling of my road traffic matter.”

Amazing Client Oriented Skills

“Patterson Law managed to select, recruit and retain staff with amazing client oriented skill. I was pleasantly surprised to see that everyone was able and willing to provide excellent, effective and efficient service in a cordial and easy going manner. Ms. Patterson appears to be one of the very few legal professionals having not only an excellent mind but also a very good heart. While dealing with my case Patterson Law demonstrated the highest competence, empathy and sensitivity I could have wished for and I take this opportunity to express my gratitude and to wish Patterson Law every success for the future.”

Fixed Fee Experts Won My Case – April 2014

April 2014

“Thank you Emma for taking my case on and thank you Hannah for working with me through the process and procedures which brought about such a positive outcome, namely, no driving ban and £235 fine.  This means that I will now tiptoe my way around the UK until these offences drop off my licence….one next month and one in August and then I’m back to six points.

You should know that I wanted to avoid a flashy, free phone, website because you don’t know what you are getting, i.e. will I be ripped off?

My case was held in Chorley Magistrates and I had seen two solicitor firms who would not commit themselves to the charges that I would incur overall.

When I found out that Patterson Law were based in the South West, I was all set for hanging up.

I was nicely persuaded to talk to Emma Patterson, herself, who listened and empathised very graciously. She fed me lots of encouraging information about my case and told me upfront that the cost will be £x including VAT as an ‘all in’ price for seeing my case through to attending the magistrates court and speaking on my behalf.

After a long conversation in which Emma put my mind to rest and answering all my questions, I was then passed to Hannah Reynolds who took care of all the admin details relating to my case.  She too, empathised and listened to all of the details which I shared with her and we worked through all the issues that I was to face.  She convinced me that I had a ‘good’ case, however, you never really know how it will go until they tell you.

Finally, I met with the local Barrister, at the court, on the day.  She had briefed herself well and knew all of my circumstances, based on what Hannah had sent through to her.  Lorraine Barton spoke, on my behalf, and mentioned all of the factors which would persuade the Magistrates of my ‘Exceptional Hardship’ case.  Tears came to my eyes when I heard the judgement because there was so much depending on this.

I am over the moon at this outcome and all my family and friends are too.  On top of all this good news, a family member has come forward to reimburse me all of my costs for this case and so I now have nothing to pay either.

Statistics Speak For Themselves – May 2010

May 2010

5 excellents on feedback form.

“Everyone I spoke to was most sympathetic and helpful. Emma and Louise had a very good understanding of what the next steps would be should things have gone that way. Most definitely proactive rather than reactive. Your success statistics speak for themselves and I am glad mine has contributed towards it. I don’t think there is much to improve on other than perhaps an oncall/out of hours, but apart from that great service and many thanks for the support”

Emma’s response – We would like to be able to offer an out of hours service and we will be working on that in the future. Thank you for your kind and constructive feedback.

Defective NIP Result

“I am emailing to say a huge thank you to Emma for her fantastic advice on my husband’s speeding points NIP. We followed Emma’s advice and wrote to them pointing out the defective NIP, we received a letter today to inform us that they are taking the matter no further as the evidence is in fact incorrect. I think to get the comprehensive advice we had from Emma is excellent and I hope she helps many more motorists with her great advice. I would recommend anyone else to contact her for any similar issues. Thanks a million!”

Professional, Knowledgeable And Supportive – March 2010

March 2010

“Throughout every stage of the process, from my initial contact with Emma to the final hearing where I was acquitted, each member of staff that dealt with my case, especially Louise, came across as incredibly professional, knowledgeable and above all, supportive”

In Court Yesterday And i Won – March 2010

March 2010

“Hi Emma…I was in court yesterday and I WON!…Thank you very, very much for all your kind words, help and encouragement to give me the confidence to fight this…..Superb stuff!”

Thank You – May 2010

May 2010

“I write to thank Emma very much for the time she spent with me giving a very concise and detailed explanation to all our queries…..We can assure you that one of the main lessons we have learnt over all of this is to seek legal advice immediately and we will do this if any problems in the future (your email is on our favourites!) Thank you once again”

Professional, Helpful And Concise

“Emma, I really appreciated the telephone conversation – It was professional & very helpful and concise. Again, my thanks.”

Courteous And Efficient Service

“Hi Jenna, … Once again, many thanks to you, Ria, Emma and Ann (and anyone else that may have worked on my case) for a great, courteous and efficient service, I really couldn’t be happier with the outcome which is the result of your work. All the best …”

Competence, Empathy And Sensitivity

“Patterson Law managed to select, recruit and retain staff with amazing client oriented skill. I was pleasantly surprised to see that everyone was able and willing to provide excellent, effective and efficient service in a cordial and easy going manner. Ms. Patterson appears to be one of the very few legal professionals having not only an excellent mind but also a very good heart. While dealing with my case Patterson Law demonstrated the highest competence, empathy and sensitivity. Just great service, thank you.

Integrity, Passion And Kindness – May 2014

May 2014

Some of the nicest feedback we have ever had…

“Hi Robert how are you I’m sure you have heard by now the outcome of the trial. Firstly could I just start by saying a big thank you for all your support in this matter. Your approach in putting me at ease when I was troubled with how quickly the case progressed was very much appreciated. Your mannerism in your kind words gave me the strength to go through with today was again a godsend. Lorraine (our Barrister) was brilliant in how she spoke on our behalf and her closing speech was outstanding. Her questioning to us was short and sweet and straight to the point. She is a credit to your firm in how she represents the clients. We were in and out before you could have a tea break. Again a very friendly person who knows how to look after people. Once again a big massive thank you and I really can’t find any more words but from myself and Salmaan. Keep doing what you do. You and Emma and Lorraine are simply the best…. and that’s my Tina Turner impression.

…could you please fill in excellent on the questions and yes we would recommend you to others. Don’t think there is anything that we would change as I don’t think you can get any better than excellent. We do give our permission to print our comments and id. Anyway now the big finale in our closing speech.

As its a new day and a beautiful day to have no worries and its all thanks to you. As you travel along lifes path you meet new people either by walking or on the phone and some you forget and others they leave an imprint in how they leave a lasting impression. Thank you for all your hard work your understanding your compassion in dealing with our situation. You were always honest and positive in reassuring us what our chances were its very rare you come across a firm with your integrity and passion and your kindness.

We will always be grateful and like I said I thank god for us coming across your website. All I can say that I wish you and Emma and the whole team all the best and good luck for the foreseeable future and may your lives be filled with health and happiness no less than what you all deserve. Take care and god bless…”

Salmaan and Shahida Sedaat.

Case Progression Officer – Rob Readfern

Instant Response For Free – Feb 2014

February 2014

“…congratulations to all concerned. I do think the fact one can get an instant response for free from Emma via the web is a very good way of winning the confidence of prospective clients in a field that has so many practitioners – as soon as I heard from her I knew I was dealing with someone who could pick out the main point at issue and express it clearly.”

Rob Readfern – Case Progression Officer

Fees Are Excellent Value – Jan 2014

January 2014

5 out of 5 excellents on client feedback form

“From the first exploratory conversation with Emma Patterson (5 minutes after I had completed an online enquiry form), to giving instructions to Rob Readfern, through numerous phone calls and emails and following his advice to finally win an appeal to reduce a driving ban from 6 months to 6 weeks (already served), your service has been first class.

I appreciate that mine was not a typical case, in that I had 9 points on my licence before acquiring 2 more convictions in different counties, so it had to be handled in a particular way to achieve the desired outcome at each stage in the process.

There has always been a reassuring voice at the end of the phone, to clear up any queries I have had and keep me totally informed and, more importantly, well advised. I would also consider your fees to be excellent value.”

Case progression Officer – Rob Readfern.

Thank You For All Your Help – March 2014

March 2014

“Dear Rob, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for all your help in this matter. I know it has been a very stressful time for you, especially when I am questioning legal process matters which to be fair I have no experience of. You have managed to stay completely professional through out, and offered the correct guidance and above all being the supporting ear when I really needed it.”

Case Progression Officer – Rob Readfern

I Am Delighted And Relieved – Jan 2014

January 2014

5 out of 5 excellents on client feedback form

“Superb, I am delighted and much relieved with the result.”

Case progression Officer – Rob Readfern

Professional Service Throughout – Nov 2013

November 2013

“Emma, I would just like to compliment you and your firm on the clarity of your advice and Rob in particular for the way he has handled this matter. He remained in control of the process from start to finish and provided a very professional service throughout. I will recommend your firm to others and not hesitate to seek your advice again should the situation arise. Many thanks”

Case progression Officer – Robert Readfern

Superb Representation Skills – Oct 2013

October 2013

“Good morning Rob, I assume by now you are aware of the result from my hearing of last Friday afternoon. Thanks to the superb representation skills of Barrister Nancy Marsh, I was given an absolute discharge (immediately spent conviction) with no endorsement on my driving license, no points, no fine, no court fees. I thank you for your support in achieving this best possible result.  Am able to breathe much more easily now.”

Case Progression Officer – Rob Readfern

Worth The Money – Aug 2013

August 2013

“I would like to say a big Thank you, for all the help and service you have done. I am very pleased with the work and it was worth the money. I would 100% recommend the firm to anyone.”

Case Progression Officer – Rob Readfern

Success Was Down To Your Efforts – Dec 2013

December 2013

“Just wanted to send you a very big thank you for preparing my case for Exceptional Hardship. As you may know, the court accepted the arguments for not disqualifying me despite my 12 points and I retain my driving licence. This success is entirely down to your efforts and that of the barrister you appointed, Louise Winter. Her approach in court was perfect and she was very supportive.

I sincerely hope I never have to use your services again but if I do, then I know you would do your very best.”

Case Progression Officer – Paula Guest

You Are great Solicitors – Sept 2013

September 2013

5 charges of failing to name the driver dropped….

I have to say I am still in a state of shock – are you? Can’t imagine the possible impact that this going against me could have had. Would have been catastrophic for my work and home life and whilst I trusted you as you know implicity, I couldn’t help worrying. So to get that news was amazing. I nearly rang you back after half an hour to make sure it was real! You are great solicitors – worth every penny and I would not hesitate to recommend you.? ? I appreciate you? Sending the questionnaire that I requested so that I can give you the great feedback that you deserve! Thank you once again for all your hard work.”

Case Progression Officer Paula Guest.

You Saved Me So Much hassle – May 2014

May 2014

“I wanted to thank you for all your help and I cannot express how grateful I am. You really saved me so much hassle and I cannot thank you enough.”

Case progression Officer – Paula Guest

Great Service – Sept 2013

September 2013

5 out of 5 excellents on client feedback form.

“You have provided a great service and rest assured I would not hesitate in recommending you and the firm to friends and family.”

Case Progression Officer – Paula Guest

On Your Side – May 2014

May 2014

Nice to receive legal support where you believe that they are on your side.”

Andrew McCormack.

Case progression Officer – Paula Guest.

Told I Couldn’t Win – But You Succeeded – Dec 2013

December 2013

“Very Very Good result, previously I had been advised by a different law firm that I had little to no chance of success in defeating this scurrilous action by Go Safe Wales, Paula succeeded!”

(A Company instructed us to try and get a fail to name the driver charge withdrawn. The vehicle was on long term rental, the company has various policies about using vehicles and keeping records.  Paula made representations about the company using reasonable diligence and it being reasonable not to have a record in the circumstances. She exhibited the various procedures that they had in place – the case was withdrawn at court at the first hearing.)

Case Progression Officer – Paula Guest

Great, Thanks – Oct 2013

October 2013

5 out of 5 excellents on client feedback form.

“Happy to say I could not have got a better service or advice anywhere. Great Thanks.”

Case Progression Officer – Paula Guest.

Informative and Supportive – Sept 2013

September 2013

5 out of 5 excellents on the client feedback form.

“Very informative and supportive throughout the process.”

Case Progression Officer – Paula Guest

Exceptionally Efficient – Sept 2013

September 2013

5 out of 5 excellents on the client feedback form

“Exceptionally efficient and highly customer responsive service. Objectives were rapidly clarified and identified and the outcome was most satisfactory indeed. Customer interaction and notification throughout the case was both frequent and highly beneficial.”

Case Progression Officer – Paula Guest.

Factual and Honest – Thanks A Million – Nov 2013

November 2013

5 out of 5 excellents on client feedback form

“I received the highest level of service possible from Patterson Law, regular communication from Paula. Factual and honest information given to me at all times without over selling or misleading me what so ever. Could not have asked for a better company to represent me. Thanks a million.”

Case progression Officer – Paula Guest

Keep Doing What You Do Best – Dec 2013

December 2013

5 out of 5 excellents on client feedback form.

“I could not of asked for a better service, Paula and the team did there utmost to help me in all of my queries. The end result was what I hoped for and can not thank you enough.”

Are there any ways you feel we could improve our service?

“Just keep doing what you do best.”

Case Progression Officer – Paula Guest

Simply Excellent – Jan 2014

January 2014

5 out of 5 excellents on client feedback form


Case Progression Officer – Paula Guest

The best Team Ever – May 2014

May 2014

5 out of 5 excellents

“First of all I have to thank the whole staff for supporting my case. Being more specific, Paula Guest has been the first lawyer I have to deal with in my life. She has been a FANTASTIC & IDEAL lawyer which brought me back to my normal life when I was very stressed. She dealt with my case as if it’s her own case. Very friendly, dynamic, energetic, enthusiastic, responsible, re-assuring, confident lawyer. Without her support I would have been in a great mess. I can not find more words in my dictionary to define what quality of service I have got from Paula Guest. All I can say is Thank you so much Paula and happy to know some one great like you. You will be always the highest recommended lawyer for all the people I know.

Anything we could do better?

“Absolutely NOTHING , except to continue the way you are doing, because the service you have should be an example to all the companies and shall be kept in code of induction of all companies. PATTERSON LAW TEAM IS THE BEST TEAM EVER THAT ANY ONE CAN WORK WITH.


Case progression Officer – Paula Guest

Superb – March 2014

March 2014

5 out of 5 excellents on client feedback form

“Just superb from start to finish”

Case Progression Officer – Paula Guest

The Biggest Thank You – Dec 2013

December 2013

Professional Driver Gets The Right Result!

“Just wanted to say the biggest thank you for all your help, I am confident I would not of got the same out come if it wasn’t for you.  Also Miss Rebecca Channon was incredible and she was worth her weight in gold.  Again if it wasn’t for your advice in bringing Miss Channon I would have been eaten alive, I was not expecting that but the way she examined the police officer was remarkable. No doubt being a taxi driver I will be needing your services in the future and will not hesitate in contacting you again.”


Case Progression officer – Paula Guest

Professional and Approachable – Oct 2013

October 2013

5 out of 5 excellents on client feedback form.

“Excellent – all staff professional and approachable.”

Case Progression Officer – Paula Guest.

Excellent, Efficient and Helpful – Sept 2013

September 2013

“I found the service to be excellent, efficient and very helpful. I would not have been able to receive the result I did without Paula Guests help. She was very supportive throughout the case.”

Case Progression Officer – Paul Guest

All 3 Offences Withdrawn – Aug 2013

August 2013

5 out 5 excellents on feedback

“From the outset when I spoke to Emma, I felt that I was being looked after – I was in a terrible state of anxiety. The case was then allocated to Paula who also was reassuring and helped to keep me calm. Paula’s representation to the police resulted in a very positive outcome for me with all 3 offences withdrawn!

I cannot describe the relief I felt when she advised me of the outcome. I cannot praise the firm enough and would recommend them to anyone – thank you all at Patterson Law. “

Case progression Officer – Paula Guest

The First Person I Will Call – May 2014

May 2014

“There is little left for me to say to you Graham except ‘thank you’.  I can honestly say that this whole matter has been one of the most stressful things I have had to deal with ever and, of course, the fact that I had to live with it for nine months didn’t really help.

For people in my position, the possibility of losing a driving licence with all its implications is quite terrifying.  I know you deal with this day in and day out but never once was I made to feel just one of a number which is testimony to your consummate professionalism. Your calm reassurance was so much appreciated throughout.

I hope the attached Feedback Form is helpful.

You will understand when I say that I hope we will never speak again.  However, you will be the first person I will call should I have the misfortune to cross the Road Traffic Laws in the future!

Definately Recommend Patterson Law – April 2014

April 2014

5 out of 5 excellents on client feedback form.

“Everyone from the receptionists to my case manager (Graham) have been superb. An amazing service provided by amazing people. Graham was always on hand to update me and explain what options were open to me, always took time to address my concerns.  I will definitely recommend Patterson Law. Professional, Friendly, and reasonably priced.  Thanks guys. Thanks Graham.”

Mr Wen Jing Jonathan Wu

Case Progression Officer – Graham Brown.

Very Pleased – Feb 2014

February 2014

“Thank you very much for all your help, I am very pleased with the outcome and appreciate all the help I have received from Emma and yourself. I called a lot of companies in reference to my road traffic issue and after speaking with Emma, I was very much assured Patterson Law was the best choice. In future I will be recommending Patterson Law to anyone who has a road traffic issue.”

Case Progression Officer – Graham Brown

Great Result – Dec 2014

December 2013

“Great result yesterday …way better result than I expected, thought I was for the noose! Thank you for all your help and also Matthew was great in court thank you again.”

Case Progression Officer – Graham Brown

Undoubtedly The Best May 2014

May 2014

I could not be more delighted with the service I received from Patterson Law as a whole but in particular from Graham Brown who was outstanding.  Reassuring, informative and understanding are but three of the superlatives I would use to describe Graham who was also utterly charming as he guided me through a particularly difficult time.

It was even more reassuring to be told by my Barrister that Patterson Law were undoubtedly the best and that Graham Brown was highly regarded by her and her barrister colleagues for the quality of his briefing.

That we achieved the desired outcome is a bonus but even if we hadn’t my view of the service I have received would not change in any way.

I would not hesitate to recommend Patterson Law unreservedly to anyone and should I or my family and friends ever require such a service again I will not hesitate to pick up the phone.  I will keep the phone number on speed dial just in case!

Case Progression Officer – Graham Brown (Superstar – Who now has a rather large head!)

Very Impressed – April 2014

April 2014

“I was very impressed with the service Patterson Law gave me.  As I’ve never needed a Solicitor before it was very scary.  But I really had nothing to worry about, when I first phoned and actually spoke to Emma Patterson I felt like I had known her for years.  Emma explained the in’s and outs for my case and put me at ease.

Emma then said Graham Brown would be dealing with my case, which once again felt like I had known Graham for years.  He was so helpful and if there was something I wasn’t too sure about Graham explained it in a way that I understood, I can honestly say everything that Graham explained would happen, did, there weren’t any surprises. The out come of my case was really good and I can not thank Patterson Law enough.”

Are there any ways you feel we could improve our service?

“I really have thought hard on this on, and there isn’t anything I would change.

The customer service was of a high standard and all I can say is keep up the good service you give.”

Case progression Officer – Graham Brown.

Exceptional – March 2014

March 2014

5 out of 5 excellents on client feedback form

“Graham was exceptional… he managed my expectations very well. He was attentive and fully understood every detail of my situation.  The barrister provided was exceptional in court and presented my case eloquently and to great effect.  The end result was the attainment of my desired outcome.”

Are there any ways you feel we could improve our service?

“No. My experience with Graham and Patterson Law was excellent.”

Case Progression Officer – Graham Brown

Very Nice Experience Nov 2013

November 2013

“Hi Graham, hope you’re fine. I have read the attachments thank you very much. Its been very nice experience with Patterson Law Firm as it was my first time in life. Because of your guidance and help I got my licence back. I’ll recommend to my friends and family. If unfortunately they ever face this kind of situation.”

Case Progression Officer – Graham Brown

Quality Of Service Was Excellent – Oct 2013

October 2013

5 out of 5 excellents on client feedback form.

“Overall quality of the service was excellent from the initial advice right up to the closing of the case.”

Case Progression Officer – Graham Brown

No Hesitation In Recommending Your Services

August 2013

5 out of 5 excellents on the client feedback form

“Brilliant, no hesitation in recommending your services…Have done in the past twice and both times the people used your services.”

Case progression Officer – Graham Brown

Clear, Concise and Very Informative

“I would like to note how impressed I was with your Paralegal. Clear, concise & very informative – if I find myself requiring legal assistance then I will be calling on Ms Pleass.”

Very Pleased With The Service I Received – Feb 2014

February 2014

5 out of 5 excellents on client feedback form

“I was very pleased with the service I received and the final outcome.”

Senior Case Progression Officer – Ria Pleass.

You Deserve A Payrise – May 2010

May 2010

5 out of 5 excellents on the feedback form. “Thank you once again, I have added the questionnaire to this e mail, pass this to Emma and ask her for a pay rise – you deserve one! :)” Lawyer Ria Pleass.

Emma’s response “Thank you for your kind feedback, we are always happy to get a great result, but please don’t put ideas in my lawyers heads about fancy payrises ! ;-)”

A Huge Weight Lifted From My Shoulders

“You gave me great advice on how to go about positioning my defence to the police and went about representing me in a professional and speedy manner. Ria thank you to yourself and Emma for helping me out. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders”

You Were Fantastic – April 2010

April 2010

“Please accept my apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Really just wanted to say a huge Thank you for all your help and support. You know I really would not have been able to go through with this case without your help and encouragement. You were fantastic. a true professional. Once again Thank You Ria”

I Would Certainly Recommend Your Company – May 2010

May 2010

“Hi Ria, I have just come back from holiday, which had been postponed for 1 week, due to the chaos. Thank you for letting us know the outcome of the Court. I am very pleased a cost order was granted as we have all been through so much stress over the past few months.
I would like to thank you so much for all your assistance, which was carried out very professionally but also in a friendly manner, I feel as if I have had a penpal over the past few months!!!

Keep up the good work and I would certainly recommend your Company to any unfortunate person who finds themselves in our position.” Lawyer Ria Pleass.

(The case involved due care, fail to stop and fail to report. Client was at risk of a totting ban if convicted. We persuaded the CPS to withdraw the proceedings without trial and a costs order was granted in our client’s favour.)

I Can’t Thank You Enough – May 2010

May 2010

“I just wanted to write and say thank you for your support last week in relation to a letter I received asking me to attend a driver alertness course instead of facing possible prosecution via the Magistrates Court.

Like you I was sure that this was a catch all type of letter that is sent to those who they are not sure whether they can prosecute but wanted to see if they would accept the offer of a course and pay the fees without challenging it to improve some figures! After reviewing my position with yourselves you gave me the confidence and belief in myself to challenge this offer.

I can’t thank you enough for providing some re-assurance and giving me the confidence to have faith in my own view in this matter, if I can write an endorsement or support you in anyway please let me know. I have already told friends, families and colleagues about you and can not speak highly enough of how you helped/supported me.

Once again many thanks.”

Lawyers Ria Pleass and Emma Patterson working together.

Result Is Fantastic – Jan 2014

January 2014

5 out of 5 excellents on client feedback form

Allegation of driving without due care and attention dropped without trial by CPS.

Professional HGV driver.

“Absolutely fantastic. Listened without prejudice even though 5 OTHER FIRMS would not even air my views and concerns.

Once again thank you so much for the work and effort that you have put into my case, the overall result is obviously fantastic however, had it gone the other way I would have been just as impressed and thankful for the service…without your service I would have been at a loss and with no other firm taking the time to even listen to my version I cannot commend and thank you all enough, especially Emma, for taking the initial call and yourself for the consistently high levels of professionalism and tact shown throughout – thank you.”

Ria Pleass Senior Case progression Officer

Thanks For All You Have Done

“Hi Ria – Thank you for the cheque, It was delivered to the neighbours house by mistake. Strangely as well, my driving licence got lost in the post after the court posted it back.

Can I say thanks for all you’ve done what an amazing difference between your team and Mortons. I’ve told all my friends about the way you’ve dealt with everything and I’m sure if they need they will be in touch.”

Supportive and Wonderful

“Apologies for the delay in replying. It is not a reflection on the service. In fact to the contrary. Please find attached. A BIG thank you from x and myself. You were very supportive and wonderful in your approach. Whenever I put the phone down after our long conversations, I was full of spirit and knew we were in good hands. Just Super. Safe and slow driving is the family motto.

Excellent. We were kept well informed at all times and very professional. Ria was very familiar with our case and the law around it. Even when the Magistrates made an error with the Fine, she quickly resolved the matter and had the fine reduced. A great, polite and a very frank approach from start to end”

5 out of 5 excellents on the feedback form lawyer Ria Pleass.

Fantastic and Caring – April 2014

April 2014

5 out of 5 excellents

“From the moment I contacted Patterson Law and spoke to Emma, I got that gut feeling that they were the right people to help me.  Plenty of others available but Patterson Law, I felt had the quality and reassurance I was looking for.  They put you first and acted without delay.  The outcome was bizarre and the police, prosecution and CPS let themselves down.  But that did not undermine the effort, total commitment, dedication and professionalism I received from my senior case officer, Ria Pleass.  Ria’s approach was totally non-judgemental, caring and supportive.  The advice was always on time and reassuring; friendly and approachable.  Ria worked very hard and always supported us throughout the case.  Ria provided a sense of self belief and trust at a time when things were difficult and gave me the confidence to believe in myself.  Although I am very pleased with the outcome, the ordeal was unimaginable – I now have my self-respect and dignity back, all thanks to Ria and the team at Patterson Law.  Well done for a great service and thank you for everything you have done for me and my family.  My sincere thanks to Mr Robert Sandford (Barrister) for his help too.  He was incredibly down to earth and extremely professional – just the tonic I needed on the day.

Fully endorsed and very highly recommended!”

Are there any ways you feel we could improve our service?

This is very difficult to answer.  The service I experienced and received was first class – from start to finish.  It’s a shame that others cannot learn from your organisation.  The people you employ are obviously fantastic and caring at what they do – probably don’t always get the right result all of the time but you guys show compassion and dedication.  This means a lot for most ordinary folk, like me.”

Senior Case Progression Officer Ria Pleass

You Guys Are Brilliant – March 2014

March 2014

5 out of 5 excellents on client feedback form

“The time and the service I received from Patterson law there isn’t much to say but excellent”

Are there any ways you feel we could improve our service?

“n/a as you guys are brilliant with what you do”

Senior Case Progression Officer – Ria Pleass.

A Big Thank You – Feb 2014

February 2014

Thank you for your excellent news that the CPS have seen fit to drop there allegations against me and that I do not need to attend court on Friday. Ria may I thank you for all your kind professional help in this matter.

Through the whole process you have given me confidence and dealt with all to give me the least worry, as this was a new stressful experience for me. I can now move forward with 3 points rather than a Death sentence of 9 points.  Again a big thank you to you and your team.”

Truly Exceptional – Sept 2013

September 2013

5 out of 5 excellents on client feedback.

“I would just like to say a big thank you to Rias Pleass for all your help during the whole ordeal. Everything was handled professionally and I really appreciate all your advice and support. Also please say a big thank you to Mr Ben Thomas who represented me in court, he truly was exceptional. I will certainly be recommending you to anyone who requires your services. Once again thank you very much.”

Senior Case Progression Officer – Ria Pleass

Far Exceeded My Expectations – April 2010

April 2010

“No doubt you will get sight of my feedback form in due course, but I just wanted to let you know personally that I thought that the quality of service Ria provided in getting this matter dropped was excellent and far exceeded my expectations.”

Excellent Outcome – April 2010

April 2010

5 out of 5 excellents on the feedback form.

“Ria Many thanks again for everything you did in order for us to get this excellent outcome and also to Emma for originally offering to take my case on.”

Outstanding Professional Service and Excellent Result – Nov 2013

November 2013

“Thanks very much for that. I’ve attached the questionnaire and thank you again for the outstandingly professional service and an excellent result!”

Senior Case Progression Officer – Ria Pleass

Thank You For Everything – Dec 2013

December 2013

Thanks Ria, I appreciate your time and expertise in my case. Thank you for everything, rest assured I will recommend you and your company to my friends, should they need you! All the best for the season and a happy and prosperous new year”

Senior Case Progression officer – Ria Pleass

Very Good Indeed – Feb 2014

February 2014

“Very good indeed.”

Are there any ways you feel we could improve our service?

“No. It was perfect.”

Ria Pleass – Senior Case Progression Officer

Superb – April 2014

April 2014

“Dear Ria , It’s done, hard but done! No doubt by now you know the result – and it was expected. Would you please pass on my thanks to Emma, and thank you to your good self! I was truly frightened this morning but David Freeland was superb!! And please pass on my thanks to him. He was excellent, and gave my invaluable advice regarding my employment situation also. Once again many thanks.”

Senior Case Progression Officer – Ria Pleass.

Driving Licence Still Unblemished – May 2014

May 2014

Hi Ria, I am going to printout the survey questionnaire you sent me and post it to you in due course and I would like to thank you personally for your fantastic help in getting my case dropped as Emma had previously stated would happen, I was unsure until the last few days before I was due in court but thanks to yourself and your team I didn’t have to go through that process and communication that myself and you had throughout the time I contacted you has been 1st class and you came across very friendly and professional on the phone or through emailing me.

Hopefully I won’t have to wait to long for the court to pay my costs but the main thing is I have my integrity and clean driving licence still unblemished so thank you once again really appreciate your fantastic help…

Senior Case progression Officer – Ria Pleass.

Simply Excellent – Feb 2014

February 2014

5 out of 5 excellents on client feedback form


Senior Case Progression Officer – Dominic Smith

Received Very Good Service

May 2014

5 out of 5 excellents on client feedback form.

We received a very good service and put our total trust in Dominic which proved to be right.

Senior Case progression Officer Dominic Smith

I Can Highly Recommend – March 2014

March 2014

5 out of 5 excellents on client feedback form

Many thanks again for your very professional help and assistance in my recent case, this has not been an easy time with this hanging over my head…. I am very grateful for the final outcome and will be extremely careful whilst driving in future.

Excellent from my initial contact through to the close of my case, I was very concerned and you put me at ease through the whole process.  I found you on the internet and when I noticed your location was unsure you would be able to deal with my case.  At no time was this an issue with you available to take my calls….  I can HIGHLY recommend Patterson Law regarding motoring offences.”

Dominic Smith – Senior Case progression Officer

Thank You Very Much – Feb 2014

February 2014

5 out of 5 excellents on client feedback form

“Thank you very much for a job well done.”

Dom Smith Senior – Case Progression Officer

Worth Every Penny – Jan 2014

January 2014

5 out of 5 excellents on client feedback form.

“Being that I am a prison lawyer needless to say I probably expect more than the majority of members of public do! I was very impressed with both Dominic and Patterson law and felt that the sum of money paid was worth every penny.

The day of the court case I was impressed with Counsel Mr Birbeck and felt he provided excellent mitigation and was clear with how he felt the case would go. He did not notify us of any false intentions.”

Senior Case progression Officer – Dominic Smith

Compassionate and Understanding – Aug 2013

August 2013

5 out of 5 excellents on client feedback form

“Dominic was very compassionate and understanding of my specific circumstances.”

Senior Case progression Officer Dominic Smith

Saved Me 9 Points – May 2014

May 2014

5 out of 5 excellents on client feedback form

“Overall very good advice and well executed with a sensible result saved me 9 points, a potential ban and a refund of the original fine.

I would use you again if the need arose.”

Senior Case progression Officer – Dom Smith

Our Lawyer Was Excellent – March 2014

March 2014

“Dear Dom, Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for your help, we very much appreciate the outcome at court and Abbie Kirkwood our lawyer was excellent.  It was a real relief and we are grateful to you and Abbie.”

Senior Case Progression Officer – Dominic Smith

All Excellent – Dec 2013

December 2013

“Dom…With reference to your questionnaire. Completed over the phone together with your secretary,  ALL EXCELLENT.”

Senior Case progression officer – Dom Smith

Extremely Helpful and Reassuring – Oct 2013

October 2013

5 out of 5 excellents on the client feedback form

“I was extremely pleased with the service I received from Patterson Law. Dominic was always extremely helpful and reassuring. Dominic gave me great advice and guided me through the procedures step by step. I really appreciate all he has done for me in regards to my driving offence.”

Senior Case Progression Officer – Dom Smith

Very Professional – Nov 2013

November 2013

5 out of 5 excellents on client feedback form

Would you recommend our services – “Yes definitely.”

What are your views about the overall quality of service you received?

“Very professional, helpful approachable and achieved the objectives.”

Senior Case Progression Officer – Dom Smith

Communication Exceptional – Nov 2013

November 2013

5 out of 5 excellents on client feedback form

“The overall quality of the service that I received was exceptional. Always prompt replies to emails and messages. Every member of staff I dealt with was helpful and courteous. I could not have done it without the support from all the staff that assisted in my case. When I was unsure of what to do there was always someone to help.”

Are there any ways we could improve our service?

“NO! Service excellent, communication exceptional and explained all the legalities in a way that I could understand. Highly recommended.”

Senior case progression officer – Dominic Smith

Very happy Client – Oct 2013

October 2013

Very happy client. His original solicitor had entered a guilty plea on his behalf without his instructions. Patterson Law helped him get the matter dropped without trial once the court was persuaded to reopen the plea.

“Hello Dominic, once again I’d like to thank you for your fantastic work. … We still can’t believe it and keep thinking about what our previous solicitors had instructed us to do…

We are very happy with everything not just the outcome. I felt very comfortable talking to you and explaining our concerns. We are so glad my husband found your company by chance over the internet.

But just one more thing, we would like to sincerely invite you and a partner to have dinner, at x, as a token of his appreciation and your hard work. If you are ever in the area of x, please do not hesitate to pop in. We would really appreciate it and would really like to meet you. It would be our pleasure and would make us very happy. Please check our website, for location and any information.”

Senior Case progression Officer – Dominic Smith

Very Professional Company – Aug 2013

August 2013

5 out of 5 excellents on client feedback form

“Excellent service, very professional company, and would recommend to friends and family.”

Senior Case Progression Officer – Dominic Smith

Appreciate Your Efforts

“I would like to thank you all for your assistance and help in preparing my case. I really did appreciate your efforts. Thank you”.

Lawyer Dominic Smith

Extremely Good

“The service was clear, efficient and I had the feeling that I was not being judged, but
supported. Extremely good”.

Lawyer Dominic Smith

Fantastic Service

“Thanks so much for a fantastic service. I am greatly indebted to you and
your firm. Please thank Emma on my behalf too. Best wishes”.

Lawyer Dominic Smith

Far Far Better That Anything I Was Expecting

“Excellent from the first call to the last. Put my mind at ease straight
away I would use this firm again without hesitation but hopefully I won’t
have to. Many thanks to the whole team for your help in this matter. The
result we got was far far better than anything I was expecting.”

Lawyer Dominic Smith

Achieve A Favourable Outcome

“Just wanted to thank you for your services and especially to thank you for the excellent work of Dominic Smith. He was readily available, very helpful, efficient and he has helped achieve a favourable outcome of which I wasn’t initially expecting.”


Excellent In Every Respect

“I feel the quality of service I received was excellent in every respect; far better than I would have envisaged. Thank you all again”

Lawyer was Dominic Smith.

Absolute Confidence

“Finally and once again Dominic – I honestly cannot thank you enough for all your careful, accurate preparation for my hearing, also for being so encouraging and empathic whenever we spoke.

I was so impressed with every aspect of your work and that of the company in general, including the ladies who took my telephone calls, and of course my initial conversations with Ms Patterson. Miss Sharma was brilliant on the day too – thank you for asking her to represent me – she was great.


I would recommend you with absolute confidence to anyone I know who needed a service such as yours. All that remains for me now is to warmly wish you all the very best for the future.”

Speeding Feb 2014

February 2014

5 out of 5 excellents on client feedback form

“From speaking to Emma and her secretary to the case being passed to Louise everyone was very reassuring, kind and helpful.  The matter was dealt with quickly and we got a phone call from you telling us the outcome within 2 weeks as we have not heard directly from the police as yet.  Thank you very much for helping us with this matter and giving us peace of mind in something that could have turned out very differently.  It is good not to have to keep waiting to hear the outcome and worrying about what might happen.”

Louise Kippax – Senior Case Progression Officer


“Hi Louise … Thank you so much for all your help on this matter, I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. Everybody in your office has been, well, amazing really! Please give my thanks also to Emma for all her advice.”

Excellent Work

“Dear Louise, thanks for your excellent work. You have really saved me from a lot of pain. I cannot explain how grateful I am. Please pass my thanks to Emma as well”

Thank You

May 2010

5 out of 5 excellents on feedback form. – “Thank you once again for your help with this matter I can’t exactly say it has been a pleasure but your advice and cheery attitude have made the best of it I am aware that in trying to ignore this I haven’t been the easiest of clients” Lawyer – Louise

Great Result

May 2010

5 out of 5 excellents on the feedback form. “Great Response, Great Advice, Great Service and … Great Result – Thanks.” Lawyer Louise

An Exceptional Service

August 2013

5 out of 5 excellents on client feedback form.

Senior Case Progression Officer – Louise Kippax.

“Having Googled for a solicitor who had expertise in the area of my alleged offence I found your firm and I have to say it I am so glad I contacted you. From the first phone call the attitude from your office was positive and informative. Once I instructed your firm officially I immediately felt that my case was at last being handled by someone who actually had an interest and knowledge and wanted to provide an exceptional service. All in all a positive experience. My thanks to all who had dealings with my case and especially to Louise for the expediency with which she dealt with the case saving me many sleepless nights.”

“Very professional, honest from the outcome, didn’t raise my hopes at getting case discharged at all. Very well done.”

First Rate Service

August 2013

5 out of 5 excellents on client feedback form

“It is extremely rare to do a web search and stumble across a firm of any profession, and actually receive a first rate service, but that’s what’s happened in this instance.

My hesitation was doubled by the fact they are located 200 miles away from me. From my initial contact through the web site, the call back was very, very fast, and the conversation put you in no doubt you were in safe hands. The contact with the secretaries was fast and efficient.

The information from both the Principle Solicitor Emma Patterson and the Solicitor and Senior Case Progression Officer Louise Kippax was professional, useful, thorough and pragmatic. I wish more people in all professional services sector were as down to earth, and say it like it is! Overall, I would have no hesitation in recommending this firm. Thank you!”

Senior Case Progression Officer – Louise Kippax

Very Pleased

“Dear Louise

I wanted to thank you for all the good and diligent work you have done on my behalf. I am very pleased with the final outcome of my court case and most satisfied with the level of service you provided.”

Excellent & Thorough Service

Dear Louise, I would like to express deep appreciation for all the work and effort you’ve put into my case and for ultimately getting me the decision that I wanted. Your professionalism, ease to communicate with, understanding of my problem and successful result are all testimony to your excellent legal services. I would recommend anybody with a Road Traffic Offence matter to your use your firm as they can be assured of an excellent and thorough service. Thanks again.”

New Driver Rules – Nov 2013

November 2013

5 out of 5 excellents on client feedback.

“I believe the quality of service I received from Patterson Law was excellent. I received timely advice in a clear but concise manner. I was kept informed at all times, even when my case solicitor changed from Vicky Lees to Louise Kippax, the transition was undertaken in a professional and reassuring manner.

The charges for the services I needed were made clear from the beginning that further helped me to be confident that I could move forward with what was essentially a damage limitation exercise. The brief I was appointed Ms Angela Kerner gave me realistic advice and helped me to decide my options, and I was extremely pleased with the result she achieved.

I am very satisfied with the high level of service I received from Patterson Law and would have no hesitation in recommending them should the occasion arise. I have emailed Ms Kerner to thank her personally and would like to thank Louise particularly for the reassurance and kindness she extended to me in what was a very stressful period.

I am very glad I made the decision to instruct Patterson Law and firmly believe that the result was far better because of the efforts of their staff.”

Senior Case Progression Officer – Louise Kippax

New Driver Rules – Jan 14

January 2014

5 out of 5 excellence on client feedback form

“I am delighted with everything.  Obviously I would rather have not been in my situation and the process was necessarily worrying – but Louise has done a brilliant job and kept me informed all the way and the end result meant all charges were dropped and I am even going to get court costs back.”

Senior Case progression Officer – Louise kippax

New Driver Rules – Feb 14

February 2014

5 out of 5 excellence on client feedback form.

“The service from the initial call to the conclusion of this matter has been excellent. I felt supported and informed of all aspects of the case and its progression.”

Senior Case progression Officer – Louise Kippax

Speeding – December 2013

December 2013

“Good service – Prompt and efficient!! I liked the way the call was handled from inception, it was like you had been my lawyers forever and just took over the matter straight away and realised the urgency of it too. Everything was dealt with super efficiency”

Senior Case Progression Officer – Louise Kippax

Speeding – January 2014

January 2014

“I want to thank all the people at Patterson law  for the wonderful work and support they gave me to keep my driving licence. I spent a lot of money but in the end it was money well spent, it enabled me to keep my job and my house. They gave me a fighting chance, if I know of anyone who is in trouble with their licence I would recommend them to you.”

Senior Case progression Officer – Louise kippax

Speeding – February 2014

February 2014

“I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts and guidance on securing this excellent result. Can you please pass on my heartfelt thanks to Emma and all your team at Patterson Law.  I think that you have a fantastic practice and I have been very impressed with the professionalism and genuine care that you have shown. Thank you again!”

Lou Kippax Senior Case Progression Officer