No Licence Driving Offences

Driving Without License

The offence of driving without a licence does carry 3-6 penalty points depending on the nature of the offence.

Additionally you can also receive a fine of up to £1000 (rising to up to an unlimited fine if no insurance involved) for this offence so it should still be taken seriously.

No Licence Offence Codes: LC20, LC30, LC40, LC50

Driving Without a Licence Penalties:

  • 3-6 Penalty Points
  • Up to £1000 (isolated offence)
  • Unlimited Fine if No Insurance Involved

Driving without a valid licence is a slightly bizarre motoring offence. It would be reasonably to assume that it’s a quite serious offence and would naturally lead to a driving ban. However, that isn’t always the case.

Have you Been Stopped Driving Without a Licence?

Driving while you are disqualified is a different offence to driving without a valid licence.

If you drive while disqualified you run the serious risk of imprisonment.

This is because, by driving while you have been disqualified by the court, you are deemed as having ignored an order of the court.

Driving without a licence is however a lesser offence.

You can commit it in several different ways. Some are endorsable with 3 penalty points while some versions of the offence carry no points. Often referred to as “driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence“.

Endorsable Driving Licence Offences.

Driving without a licence is an endorsable offence if you have no entitlement to drive the type of vehicle.

A good example of this would be a person driving a manual car having only ever passed an automatic car driving test. This would carry 3 penalty points.

Riding a motorcycle without ever passing a full motorcycle test and without a motorbike entitlement is also endorsable with three points.

Without ever passing a full driving test you only have a provisional entitlement. So, driving without ‘L’ plates or without a qualified supervisor would also be an endorsable offence. This will also earn you 3 points.

If you’ve been caught driving a vehicle for which you don’t have the correct entitlement, UK courts will take a dim view of your offence.

Non-Endorsable Entitlement Offences.

These Driving Licence offences include;

Driving without a licence if you have passed the required test and have an entitlement to drive the vehicle you are using, but for some reason at that time you had been either revoked or suspended.

This can happen if you happen to be convicted of an endorsable motoring offence without being aware of it.

If, for example; the Driver Vehicle Licencing Authority have been unable to contact you so that they can add the relevant points.

If you fail to respond to letters from the DVLA they will suspend/revoke your entitlement to drive while they wait for you to surrender it.

In order to have your licence returned you just need to surrender it to the DVLA so your outstanding penalty points can be added.


Do you have any questions about being stopped for no driving licence offences? Please ask and we will gladly give you legal advice based on the specifics of your case and offence.

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