I Didn’t Send In My Pass Certificate And Lost My Entitlement To Drive Whilst Banned


Hi I was banned for drink driving and have seen my ban out. On trying to regain my licence I was told because I was banned while still using my provisional licence even though I had passed my test, that because I hadn’t upgraded to my full licence with 2 years of passing my test I would have to retake my test.

I had been driving for about 14 months then banned for 24 months so I struggle to see how I was supposed to apply for my full licence after the point of being banned so it was impossible for me to obtain a full licence after being banned.

I have spoken to the DVLA about objecting to this but am trying to find out if there is any law that means I cannot get my license back? Many thanks, Steve

Dominic Says:

I understand your confusion. I’m afraid the ban didn’t stop you from sending in your pass certificate and technically the DVLA are correct in saying that unless you send it in within 2 years of passing your test you have to resit the test. The driving ban is a different issue.


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