Corrupt Driving Test Examiner


About the decision to revoking my full driving licence.

Dear Reader

I have received a letter from DSA which has given below as received:

I (DSA) am writing to formally advise you (me) of the decision to revoke your full driving licence. This is as a direct result of an internal investigation carried out by DSA. We are not satisfied that your practical driving test on x at x Driving test centre was conducted in the appropriate manner.

Your entitlement to a full driving licence is therefore revoked in accordance with section 99(3) of the road traffic Act 1988. You must now returned your full car licence and counterpart to DVLA within next 14 days. Upon receipt, DVLA will automatically issue you with a replacement provisional driving licence.

As your driving licence is no longer valid you must not drive a category B vehicle unaccompanied. The other conditions of your provisional licence will continue to apply. DVLA will not process any application from you for a full licence unless you have taken your test in prescribe manner.

Although you may request a review of this decision you should be aware that in doing so, clear evidence must be provided as to why the decision should be overturned. Any request must be submitted in writing to the above address within 14 days

Section 100 of the road traffic act 1988 gives a person who is aggrieved by the Secretary of state’s decision to revoke a licence under Section 99(3) the right to appeal to a magistrates’ court .


Before I passed the driving practical Exam; I had appeared for it 4 times.

1st = In x with examiner Mr. A

2nd = In x with examiner Mr. B (Had a little chat, exchanging the contact mob.)

3rd = In x with examiner Mr.C

4th = In x with examiner Mr. B again and I Passed.

Then all over sudden I received called from DSA in mid x, 2010 that there is an investigation going on the candidates who has passed by the examiner’s. They mentioned that the examiner was corrupt and asking money to candidates for passing their test.

Then I had an interview in police station recording room by DSA. Then they interrogate me one and half hour; through this interrogation they were asking so many questions and the key attacking point was the examiner phone Dial list which was showing;

During the 2nd and 4th test Mr. B called me few times (my explanation was: regards my driving improvement and some of his personal matter not relate to DL) and two calls has been made by him to my mobile just day before the 4th exam.

This is the fact that make them to revoke my licence and the above mentioned letter has been issued.


Thanks for your time to read my case.

Emma Says:

I think you have to be very careful with this matter. The DVLA could have involved the police.

It’s very odd for the driving examiner to have calls on his phone to your phone and would indicate a corrupt examiner.

I think that you should take it on the chin and do your test again and don’t poke an angry dog with a sharp stick.

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