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Our Fees

Wherever possible we attempt to agree our fees with you in advance to give you certainty and peace of mind….

Sometimes we need to work on the basis of an hourly rate. Patterson Law work quickly and efficiently on behalf of you and we are very conscious that our time is your money.

We want you to be able to relax after you have instructed us and allow us to take the strain. You won’t have to worry about your legal fees mounting up.

You choose which level of service you want and we will get to work.

We want you to spread the word about our services and feel that you have received excellent value for money. We recognise that you are our most important asset in marketing our services and we will do our utmost to make sure you are delighted with our service.

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Our Services

Written Representations

Patterson Law will work on your behalf to try and dissuade the police from issuing court proceedings. Representation at court is not included. See our outstanding success rates in this regard – £1000 plus VAT

Written Mitigation

A full statement will be taken from you following which, we will analyse the evidence before mitigating on your behalf to try and persuade the court not to impose a discretionary ban – representation at court is not included. £800 plus VAT

Application to Remove a Ban Early

If you have been disqualified from driving there are occasions when we will be able to apply to the court to get your ban lifted. (You have to have been banned for at least two years and despite other lawyers suggesting otherwise you can still make an application where the Court have ordered a mandatory retest.)

This is not an easy application and you will need help. We will fully prepare the application, list it at the court that convicted you and send an advocate to court with you. £1300 plus VAT plus any fee that is is charged by the court (this is at the discretion of individual courts)

Fully represented Exceptional Hardship/Mitigation

All of the above, plus representation at court by a Barrister from our expert panel. This fee does not apply to imprisonable offences such as drink driving. £1300 plus VAT.

Contested Trial/Special Reasons Argument

We will fully prepare your case for trial.

Our team will take all necessary witness statements and make detailed representations to the CPS where appropriate to try and get them to withdraw the proceedings without the need for trial.

We will deal with the court and apply for adjournments where necessary.

On your behalf, we’ll deal with all issues in relation to disclosure.

We will provide a specialist Barrister to represent you at trial from our expert panel.

If necessary we will advise you on appeal.

Not included in the fee is the price of any expert. If an expert is necessary, for example a toxicologist, we will discuss the likely fees in advance and agreed these with you.

£1600 plus VAT to include a specialist Barrister to represent you from our expert panel at any preliminary hearing. Each further hearing or Trial will be £600 plus VAT and again will include a specialist Barrister.

Factors That Can Affect the Fixed Fee

We try whether possible to adhere to the fees set out above. However, occasionally if you instruct us at short notice just before a hearing or in connection with several allegations or the court dealing with your case is in a remote location, then there will be a slight increase to the fees quoted above. We will always discuss this with you in advance.

Additional Hearings

If we have included a barrister within the agreed fee and there’s more than one hearing necessary. There will be an additional charge of £600 plus VAT for each additional hearing.

Drink driving and Dangerous Driving Related Cases

Sometimes, if you are facing a very serious allegation with serious consequences or if the case is extremely complex then we will discuss with you in advance acting on an hourly rate basis. Our hourly rate is £300 plus VAT.

We will give you our best estimate when you instruct and continue to provide cost information and updates throughout the case. However, our fees can range from £3000 plus VAT to £10,000 plus VAT. This does not include expert fees or the cost of representation by a barrister at any court hearing.

* In order to give you the best possible service we will always consider the evidence in your case and advise you on whether or not there are any defences available to you. It will then be a matter for you to decide whether you want to plead guilty or upgrade to the full service and have a trial.

** If you have asked us to provide representation at court, this will be by an expert road traffic specialist Barrister local to the magistrates court in question. Your Barrister will be fully briefed in relation to your case and will have talked to your lawyer about your case before the hearing. They will arrive at court at least half an hour before the hearing is listed so that they have plenty of time to introduce themselves before the hearing starts. Over the years we have built up a panel of expert Barristers who represent our clients around the country.

Please Ask a FREE question without obligation and see if we can help your case?

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  • Avatar M ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    I had an excellent experience with Pattersons Law, specifically with Dominic Smith handling my case. He was very professional, … More informative, and straight to the point. Dominic was always willing to offer advice, and there was no limit to our discussions, reflecting their generosity in providing support. From the initial call for advice, discussing evidence, the barrister Patrick representing me in court, and the closing letter, everything was prompt and perfect. By following their guidance, I managed to avoid prison and achieve the best possible outcome for my road traffic matter. I highly recommend Pattersons Law to anyone in need of legal assistance.
  • Avatar Alison Jayne Maynard-Connor ★★★★★ 4 weeks ago
    I would most definitely recommend Patterson Law. From start to finish they were very good. From the initial free call back, … More after filling in the online enquiry, the advice you get is detailed and comprehensive. There was no pressure from Patterson Law to use their services, but I am so glad that I did. Jonathan Guscott, colleagues and appointed barrister's knowledge and expertise ultimately enabled me not to receive a driving ban under the totting up points penalty system. You will definitely benefit from getting in contact with them if you need help with a driving matter.

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