Revoked Driving Licence


Driving otherwise in accordance with a licence

Hi, I’m having great difficulty getting any support with a situation I’m in. I’m due to go on trial in court on the xth for the above offence. I passed my test in x but was wrongly accused of not having insurance in x. I live in London but was unable to attend court in x, and was never made aware that the case proceeded in my absence.

It wasn’t until sometime in x that I was stopped by police and this came to light, I attended court with all my documents, licence and insurance (inc) which covered me for the x period I was wrongly accused of.

The court at the time found me innocent of driving while on a revoked licence, but I have been having great difficulty getting the DVLA to talk to me regarding the matter, the keep telling me the record says revoked and that’s that.

To make it worst x magistrates court say they have no record of their involvement so I’m not sure how else this could have occurred.

Paula Says:

If you were convicted of driving without insurance in x when you were a new driver and you did not attend court then I’m afraid its too late to do anything about that matter now. You needed to make a statement December in x when you found out about that matter to stand any chance of getting rid of the points.

If as a result of that your licence was revoked you will be convicted of driving not in accordance with a licence.

The key to this matter would have been appealing/ getting the case reopened at the time. It’s way too late to do anything about it now I’m afraid.

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