9 Points On A New Driving Licence


A few years ago I stupidly drove without insurance on a provisional licence and got 6 points.

A few months ago I started taking driving lessons, and bought a car.

Stupidly I drove the car to work and was stopped by the police. (november 2010) He said if I passed my test before I went to court I should be OK.

I past my test on x January 2011, so I currently have a full licence with 6 points.

Today I was informed my case had been to court, and I was fined £110 and given 3 points.

I have a letter telling me to send my licence to the DVLA to get the points added.

Is there any way I can get the 3 points dropped? I passed a test only a few weeks ago, and informed the court of that, and told them I made a stupid mistake, but I had put that right straight away.

It fell on deaf ears.

If my licence is revoked I’m going to be out of a job.

Please, if you can help, I would be very grateful.

Louise Says:

You will not be revoked as the 9 points (in total) relate to offences that occurred before you passed your test. Your licence is only revoked if one or more of those offences during the first two years after passing your test.

All the offences happened before you passed your test.

Therefore you are going to be driving around with 9 points on your licence. Another three and you will get a 6 month totting ban and revoked – so be really careful and keep my details.

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