Revoked Under New Drivers Act By Mistake


My son passed his full motorcycle test in May 2008.

He passed his car test in January 2009.

He had 3 points in August 2006 for motorcycle offence.

Has just received 6 points in March 2010 for car offence.

Why has he had his licence revoked if he has had a full licence for over 2 years?

Louise Says:

I’m afraid the DVLA were right to revoke his licence. His probationary period ran from May 2008 to May 2010.

This is the first relevant test for the purpose of the new driver act.

The 6 points in March 2010 were within his two year probationary period – therefore if you accumulate 6 points (whether it be for a car or motorbike offence – it doesn’t matter which) you get revoked and have to do a complete retest I’m afraid.

The DVLA has no discretion after the points have been imposed by the court. It’s the date of offence that matters. If the offence was within the two year period then the revocation takes effect.

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