Am I Still A New Driver?


No Insurance

I was pulled over for not being insured driving a friends car. My Insurance had defaulted for non payment, but wasn’t aware. I passed my test x  and was pulled up 2 years later on x. I was given a FPN of £200 and 6 points.

I am unsure of how the limit from 6 points to 12 works? Should I have applied to get this extended from new driver ruling or will my points limit have already been increased?

I am worried I will have my licence revoked and cannot find the information online regarding this.

Many Thanks,

Paula Says:

During the first two years after passing your test you cannot get 6 penalty points or your licence gets revoked. Once you have passed your test for more than two years you can get up to 11 points (but not 12) without getting a ban.

Therefore you are not at risk of a driving ban because this offence happened outside of your two year probationary period and you don’t have any other points on your licence, There is nothing for you to do with the DVLA.

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