Road Traffic Offences – CRB Check


Hi, in x 2010 I received a fixed penalty notice for speeding by a traffic officer. I did not produce my license within seven days, in x 2011 I was given a court summons to a magistrates court and received 6 points by the magistrates and a £160 fine.

6 points meant that my licence was revoked under the new drivers act. My question is that does this constitute disqualification? And a criminal offence? And will it show up on the police national computer (PNC) and my CRB.

Louise Says:

It’s not the same as a ban. You have been revoked and this means that your entitlement to drive has been removed. If you pass a test again and get your licence back you can drive again asap and there is no time limit. A ban is always for a set period of time and you cannot drive within that period at all. You can drive again as soon as you pass your test.

It is a criminal conviction because it was in the criminal courts but sometimes the PNC/CRB don’t show road traffic offences…. it’s a little unpredictable.

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