Drug Driving Lab Test Prosecutions called into Question

Hundreds of drug-driving prosecutions have been called into question following a review of lab tests. More than 1,700 results where drug levels were reported to above the legal limit have had to be withdrawn’.

This is not a loophole where guilty people are simply trying to ‘get away with it’, consider this, ‘…the company (Synlab) analysed 4,255 samples. Of these, 2,181 had no drug present or a level of drug below the prescribed limit.’ So the people charged were definitely Not Guilty. This is not people getting off on a technicality!

We want to hear from you if you think you have been affected by a Synlab mistake. We can help set the record straight, get the ban lifted swiftly and any fines/court cost reimbursed. Please share and please call us if you think we can help. We will get to work urgently to set the record straight. 01803 359800.

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