The A20 is a wide dual carriageway. If you want to look it up on Google, it’s on the A20 Sidcup bypass where the McDonald’s is. It’s always been a 70 limit for about 40 years. In October 2023 it was changed to 40 mph. In December they switched the average speed cameras on and […]

  Warwickshire Police Dropping Speeding Allegations COVID19 Newsflash We have had a letter from Warwickshire police suggesting that in some circumstances they are dropping speeding allegations where people would normally be offered a speed awareness course or where the offence would normally result in a fixed penalty. Please call or e-mail urgently and we will […]

In January 2007 the Department for Transport issued guidelines for how and when speed cameras should be used, a large part of these guidelines discussed how visible the cameras should be. At the time of issue the guidelines stated that prior to fixed speed cameras there should be signs warning drivers that speed cameras were […]