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Read our advice to these frequently asked road traffic law questions.

Self Driving Vehicles  Self driving vehicles could be on British roads in the very near future after the government’s new flagship Automated Vehicles Act – referenced in the King’s Speech – became law on the 20th May 2024. The government has said road safety is at the heart of the legislation with automated vehicles expected […]

Speed Limiters From 7 July 2024 all new vehicles sold will need to have speed limiters installed. The law has been introduced further to an EU law enacted in 2022. The requirements came into force after various publications and research showing that exceeding the speed limit contributed to a significant proportion of road traffic accidents. […]

Drug Driving Lab Test Prosecutions called into Question Hundreds of drug-driving prosecutions have been called into question following a review of lab tests. More than 1,700 results where drug levels were reported to above the legal limit have had to be withdrawn’. This is not a loophole where guilty people are simply trying to ‘get […]

Charges dropped on the basis of private land Mr L was charged with offences of driving without due care and attention, failing to stop and failing to report. It was alleged that the defendant had a collision on a private driveway, and subsequently failed to stop and exchange details and/or report the incident to a […]

Drive whilst unfit dropped before Court Our client was charged with an allegation of driving whilst unfit through drink. They had collided with a bus stop post and knocked it over. The police attended the scene and breathalysed our client, who gave a positive reading for alcohol. When they reached the police station, the client […]

Before deciding to instruct Patterson Law, Mr X was asked to attend the police station under suspicion of dangerous driving after an alleged road rage incident. It was at this police interview that Mr X admitted he was indeed driving at the time of the incident, but he denied the conduct described. Whilst this was being […]

Seatbelts We all use a seatbelt regularly, whether it be in a car, on a coach, or various other modes of transports. But what are the actual laws and regulations regarding using seatbelts? And what about child car seats? We’ve prepared a quick summary of the laws around seatbelts and car seats for your convenience. […]

As of Tuesday 28-6-2022, the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022 came into force, changing some current laws and creating some new ones. The most important changes that drivers need to be aware of are below: Changes to offences of Causing death by dangerous driving, and causing death by careless when under the influence […]

Driver at risk of 100 penalty points avoids totting disqualification. A driver who committed 23 speeding offences in quick succession, putting him at risk of a total of 100+ points, has avoided a six month totting disqualification at the Magistrates Court with the help of Patterson Law. The unfortunate driver started a new job in […]