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Driver at risk of 100 penalty points avoids totting disqualification. A driver who committed 23 speeding offences in quick succession, putting him at risk of a total of 100+ points, has avoided a six month totting disqualification at the Magistrates Court with the help of Patterson Law. The unfortunate driver started a new job in […]

Mobile Phone Use While Driving Law Changes – March 2022 When does the new law come into force? 25th March 2022. It will only apply to offences committed on or after that date. Offences committed before the 25th March will be prosecuted under the current law, even if they end up in Court after the […]

Changes to the Highway Code Major changes are being made to the Highway Code on the 29th January 2022 and all road users are being strongly encouraged to read the new rules. There is new focus around a ‘road hierarchy’ designed to give vulnerable road users a greater degree of protection and clarity provided over […]

CHANGES TO MOBILE PHONE LAW AND WHAT THIS WILL MEAN FOR PROFESSIONAL DRIVERS PATTERSON LAW MOTORING SOLICITORS RUNS THROUGH THE DIFFERENCES The government has finally announced imminent changes to the law surrounding driving whilst using a mobile phone. New regulations coming into force in 2022 will prohibit nearly all use of a mobile phone whilst […]

In just 3 days at Patterson Law, 12 of our cases have either been discontinued by the prosecution before trial or dropped by the police before Court proceedings have even started. Graham Brown had 2 cases discontinued by the prosecution, one allegation of driving a vehicle with excess drugs and the other a speeding offence. […]

UK Courts Remain Open In Tier 4 Restrictions During the lockdown attending Court is listed as an exception to the Stay at Home rule. Courts remain open and operating as normal. to provide emergency assistance, and to avoid injury or illness, or to escape risk of harm (including domestic abuse) to see someone who is […]

Penalty points reduced from 12 to 6 at a Crown Court appeal after being previously disqualified for six months without representation in the magistrates court.  Judge agreed that the offences occurred on the same occasion and the risk of totting ban removed altogether,  no need for an exceptional hardship argument

  Application to lift your disqualification early – Keyworkers may be given priority hearings Are you or someone you know a Keyworker who has been disqualified from driving for more than 2 years? Are you desperate to get your driving licence back to do your part during the Coronavirus crisis? Call us for FREE legal […]