Success Stories

Charges dropped on the basis of private land Mr L was charged with offences of driving without due care and attention, failing to stop and failing to report. It was alleged that the defendant had a collision on a private driveway, and subsequently failed to stop and exchange details and/or report the incident to a […]

Drive whilst unfit dropped before Court Our client was charged with an allegation of driving whilst unfit through drink. They had collided with a bus stop post and knocked it over. The police attended the scene and breathalysed our client, who gave a positive reading for alcohol. When they reached the police station, the client […]

Before deciding to instruct Patterson Law, Mr X was asked to attend the police station under suspicion of dangerous driving after an alleged road rage incident. It was at this police interview that Mr X admitted he was indeed driving at the time of the incident, but he denied the conduct described. Whilst this was being […]

Driver at risk of 100 penalty points avoids totting disqualification. A driver who committed 23 speeding offences in quick succession, putting him at risk of a total of 100+ points, has avoided a six month totting disqualification at the Magistrates Court with the help of Patterson Law. The unfortunate driver started a new job in […]

In just 3 days at Patterson Law, 12 of our cases have either been discontinued by the prosecution before trial or dropped by the police before Court proceedings have even started. Graham Brown had 2 cases discontinued by the prosecution, one allegation of driving a vehicle with excess drugs and the other a speeding offence. […]

Penalty points reduced from 12 to 6 at a Crown Court appeal after being previously disqualified for six months without representation in the magistrates court.  Judge agreed that the offences occurred on the same occasion and the risk of totting ban removed altogether,  no need for an exceptional hardship argument

Police Station representations successful at fourth attempt.  Case dropped by the police, no further action.  No need for court proceedings.  Jason Rosser tenacious as ever in getting the best possible results on behalf of clients.

Ryan Butler successfully persuades the Crown Prosecution Service to drop mobile phone allegation within a week of Patterson law making representations behind the scenes.  No need for a trial.  Defendants costs order awarded in favour of client allowing us to recover his reasonable legal expenses