In just 3 days at Patterson Law, 12 of our cases have either been discontinued by the prosecution before trial or dropped by the police before Court proceedings have even started.

Graham Brown had 2 cases discontinued by the prosecution, one allegation of driving a vehicle with excess drugs and the other a speeding offence.

Jason Rosser managed to persuade the CPS to withdraw a case of driving without insurance on the basis there was no realistic prospect of securing a conviction, and Rachel Saunders also had a charge of driving without insurance withdrawn as the offence was laid outside of the 6-month limitation period.

Mia Ashton persuaded the Police to agree it was not in the public interest to prosecute someone for speeding on the basis it was a genuine medical emergency, Maggie Czapiewskahad another speeding charge withdrawn due to a mix up with the fixed penalty and Becki Candlish got the Police to agree not to take any action against her client for driving without insurance.

Ruby Morris (twice), Jess Dolan (twice) and John Guscott all had allegations of failing to provide driver information dropped on the basis there was no realistic prospect of conviction.

That’s 12 cases dropped, and all inside 3 days!

But it’s not just the results that make us stand out, in the same time Becki Candlish secured absolute discharge for her client who was accused of driving without insurance.

Sophie Hornsby-Ruddenham had 2 cases at court in 2 days where her clients, both new drivers at risk of having their licence revoked under the New Drivers Act for accumulating 6 points, secured a short discretionary disqualification instead of points – thereby avoiding revocation.

A busy but successful few days at Patterson Law!