Success Stories

Ruby Morris successfully persuades the police to drop a no insurance allegation on 5th attempt. Client had an injured foot.  The officer in the case suggested that this would invalidate his insurance. The allegation was withdrawn after the 5th attempt without the need for Court Proceedings.

Dominic Smith gets mobile phone allegation withdrawn at court by making representations to the prosecution behind the scenes.  Officer suggested that holding the phone whilst using it as a satellite navigation device was an offence, crown prosecution service agree no interactive telecommunication use an dropped without trial.  Defendants costs order awarded in favour of client.

Jonathan Guscott helps client avoid the risk of a six month totting ban.  Allegation of failing to provide driver information/driving without due care.  Both allegations withdrawn after making representations to the crown prosecution service.  A defendants costs order granted allowing us to recover the clients reasonable legal expenses.

  We Go Further To Win For Our Clients We are fortunate to employ many great solicitors & case progression officers in our team, but every once in a while, individual successes stand out. This is one such exceptional performance. Our star case progression officer Jason Rosser had 5 cases withdrawn before trial in just […]

The Leading Motoring Solicitors In The UK Do It Again! We don’t publish stories like this to brag, but because achieving 6 victories for our clients in a single day is indicative of what we do all day every day. We are trying to show you what can be done if you have the expertise […]

Possibly our best day ever at Patterson!! 8 Cases defended/points avoided/withdrawn in one day.   Today’s Victories; 1/ Senior Case Progression Officer Nikki Clarke defended a mobile phone case by getting it withdrawn by the CPS without the need for a trial. They agreed that they did not have a realistic chance of convicting our […]

“I’m so proud of my team here at Patterson Law. They continue to go from strength to strength in terms of their skill and expertise in winning cases on behalf of out clients…” Emma Patterson, Principal Solicitor We’ve updated our statistics today (26.10.10). We keep a detailed spreadsheet of all our results to make sure […]