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IN THE CROWN COURT AT HARROW NADER ELDARF v THE QUEEN On Appeal from Willesden Magistrates’ Court ——————————- JUDGEMENT ——————————- 1. On Friday 21 September 2018 we allowed an appeal by Nader Eldarf against his conviction by Willesden Magistrates’ Court on 23.05.2018, for driving a motor vehicle while using an interactive communications device, namely a […]

  Nothing in the following article is meant to suggest that as defence lawyers we do not want the Crown Prosecution Service and the police to have equality of arms in relation to prosecuting motoring offences. We want all lawyers involved in the criminal justice system, whether defence or prosecution, to have the time and […]

  Motoring Offence Penalties, Fines & Disqualifications Are Rising There are new sentencing guidelines coming into force on 24 April. The guidelines apply to all who are sentenced on or after 24 April 2017, regardless of the date of the offence. So for cases in court on or after this date, the defendant will be […]

Patterson Law’s “Scientific Experiment” in relation to over-the-counter breathalyser devices Parliament is debating reducing the legal drink drive limit so that it falls in line with European levels. The new proposed limit will be 22 µg in breath. At the moment the legal limit is 35 µg. We thought it would be helpful to conduct […]

Failing to provide driver information carries the risk of six points and around a £7-£800 fine if convicted. A huge number of clients end up needing our services because they failed to keep their V5 up-to-date. Most people think that the police track you down using your address on your licence. However when your vehicle […]

We speak to around 20 new potential clients a day. These people have often spoken to other lawyers whilst looking for initial advice. They often report back to us about the difference in the advice that they receive. It’s interesting to hear how we compare to the other firms that they speak to. Our general […]

Are young drivers being sold fully comprehensive insurance that is not fit for purpose? We have a significant number of enquiries from young drivers who claim that they were sold fully comprehensive insurance on the basis that it covered them to drive a motor vehicle belonging to another person with their permission. It later transpires […]

The Leading Motoring Solicitors In The UK Do It Again! We don’t publish stories like this to brag, but because achieving 6 victories for our clients in a single day is indicative of what we do all day every day. We are trying to show you what can be done if you have the expertise […]

Possibly our best day ever at Patterson!! 8 Cases defended/points avoided/withdrawn in one day.   Today’s Victories; 1/ Senior Case Progression Officer Nikki Clarke defended a mobile phone case by getting it withdrawn by the CPS without the need for a trial. They agreed that they did not have a realistic chance of convicting our […]