Caravan On Red – I Went Through On Amber


Red traffic light

Hi. I’m expecting an NIP for tripping a red light camera whilst towing my caravan. My fault. The car went through amber but I’m sure the caravan went through on red. Should I accept it or is the caravan a trailer i.e non endorsable? Thanks

Graham Says:

Interesting question. the legislation talks about your vehicle or any part of your vehicle proceeding beyond the stop line whilst the lights are on red or amber.

If you car went across on amber then it would still be an offence – so this maybe an academic argument.

The only defence would be that it was not safe to stop. If you try and argue that the vehicle was heavier than normal then the court will take the view that you should have slowed down in anticipate of the lights changing as you approached.

If the car went through on amber my view is that you will have to take it on the chin even if it was only the caravan that went through on red.

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