M4, Wiltshire, Alleged Mobile Phone Offences

Have you received s.172 request for driver information regarding a mobile telephone offence captured by the new AI Safety Cameras?


The offence of driving whilst using a mobile telephone carries six points and £200 fine.

We have been made aware that Wiltshire Police are sending out correspondence asking for driver information in relation to this offence.  The request for driver information is asking for confirmation of the driver and acceptance of the fixed penalty or take the proceedings directly to court.

Most of the photographic evidence we have seen so far does not show any evidence of use.  Some photo evidence you cannot even see a ‘device’ is being held.   The police are also being selective over who they are providing the evidence to at the time the request is sent.

The burden of proof for this offence is on the prosecution to show that you were driving, holding, and using a device that is capable of interactive use.

If you have received a request for driver information, call us today because we are confident, we can help you avoid the prosecution.