He Claims He Was Not The Driver


I was issued with NIP back in May x. I provided the drivers details of who was driving my car (it was not me. This person has claimed he does not recall driving the vehicle at that time and was not the driver and has now been issued with a court summons for failing to provide evidence.

I have not been asked to attend the court to prove he was driving my vehicle at the time and all they have sent him is a photo of the back end of my vehicle. Will I have to go to court to say he was driving my vehicle? He genuinely doesn’t recall driving it at the time as he was going through a very stressful time closing down his business.

Dominic Says:

It’s odd that they summonsed him and not you. They would normally summons the registered keeper.

Has he got any points already? If so, how many?

You wont have to go to court.

He has to show the court that he gave all the information that was within his power to give as to the identity of the driver.

I can help him with this matter and maybe able to get it withdrawn without him having to attend for a trial.

Do you think he would like my help bearing in mind that I charge private fees for my services? We would have pretty good prospects of defending him.

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