Driving Without Due Care And Attention – Falling Asleep At The Wheel


I was traveling for 3 weeks to x and x, Didn’t realise 3 days later when I got home, you would still suffer with jet lag, fell asleep at the wheel, is there anything I can say in my defence? I’ve been driving for 30 years with no accidents against me.

 Emma Says:

The court will take this seriously.

Can you tell me more about the accident. The court treat falling asleep as the wheel as an aggravating feature and you could be at risk of a ban. Its good that you have a clean driving licence – that will help you – but you could be at risk of a discretionary ban for this.

I have tried to call you to discuss further in a free advice call. I’m afraid the number you have left does not seem to work. Would you like to call in for a chat and I will assess the likely sentence and if you need my help we can discuss representation at court.

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