Big Risk Of Driving Ban


I have just got a summons through for speeding, I was doing 73mph in a 40. It is my first offence and have been driving over three year. I go to college the last week of every month which is far away from my house, I need my car to get there and back for the next 2 months until the course finishes.

In my plea of litigation do you think it would be worth saying about this? Do you still think there will be a big chance of getting a ban? Thanks for your time.

Emma Says:

You will need to attend court in person due to the speed and you are at serious risk of a ban for that speed I’m afraid.

Just so you get the terminology right at court – it’s a plea in mitigation (rather than litigation)…

Your arguments are good and hopefully the court will be sympathetic. The speed is high though and the court will be considering a driving ban of up to 56 days.

Come back to me if you would like me to deal with your mitigation in writing for a fixed fee of £300 plus vat. I help over 90% of my clients avoid this type of driving ban.

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